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    Ben Porter A child asked his father, "How were people born?" So his father said, "Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies became adults and made babies, and so on." The child then went to his mother, asked her the same question and she told him, "We were monkeys then we evolved to become like we are now." The child ran back to his father and said, "You lied to me!" His father replied, "No, your mom was talking about her side of the family."

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I making some changes around here....
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: hxtr (Today, 12:55 AM)
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Last Reply: hxtr (Today, 12:55 AM)
I want to apologize to the clan. XI I love you...  and I always will. It is the members I...
New Admins!
Forum: XI Chronicle
Started By: brat (Oct 01 2014 10:14 AM)
Views: 119   replies: 17
Last Reply: blacksmoke (Today, 12:50 AM)
Congratz guys!
Happy Birthday Mekketom
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: LaRSin (Yesterday, 12:24 PM)
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A bit of Russia
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: maverick41 (Yesterday, 11:28 PM)
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Whats that?
What is your opinion of the worst TV show ever and why
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: Logan (Yesterday, 04:52 AM)
Views: 48   replies: 13
Last Reply: Damage_inc- (Today, 12:38 AM)
i had no choice but to watch old black and white tv shows growing up/i just cant bare to watch...
Women vs Men Scrim
Forum: COD4 Trny/Scrim
Started By: P!nk (Sep 16 2014 07:02 AM)
Views: 629   replies: 76
Last Reply: dwarfy (Today, 12:24 AM)
match de joli de salut    WEN COMME JE T ES APRIS BIEN Retenou le...
Shortwave listeners?
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: blacksmoke (Today, 12:17 AM)
Views: 0   replies: 0
Last Reply: blacksmoke (Today, 12:17 AM)
So I was wondering if there are any shortwave listeners here? if so what do you listen to? The...
Thoughts on "new" classic server - like it, don't like it, etc.
Forum: Battlefield 4
Started By: The Flush (Oct 29 2014 07:26 PM)
Views: 282   replies: 34
Last Reply: OddJob001 (Today, 12:11 AM)
It would be so cool if we had full control over modding the server.  Can you imagine an U...
Does water mix with oil? Yes it does!
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: hxtr (Oct 25 2014 09:59 PM)
Views: 523   replies: 93
Last Reply: TBB (Today, 12:08 AM)
* 500 *
Forum: User Announcements
Started By: Nisty* (Oct 30 2014 12:46 AM)
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Last Reply: TBB (Yesterday, 11:56 PM)
RealEstufa saying hello!
Forum: Call Of Duty World At War
Started By: RealEstufa (Oct 30 2014 08:40 PM)
Views: 113   replies: 11
Last Reply: RealEstufa (Yesterday, 11:49 PM)
My ban was lifted but I'm still banned from the server hours later =(! 
Jeep rebuild
Forum: Automobile Repair Help
Started By: Hemps (Oct 11 2014 10:32 PM)
Views: 156   replies: 16
Last Reply: KaptCrunch (Yesterday, 11:28 PM)
when is the video  coming  of you driving jeep out of the garage
For get the debating... the City of Cibolo is involved now!
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: hxtr (Yesterday, 12:28 PM)
Views: 66   replies: 18
Last Reply: eidolonFIRE (Yesterday, 11:07 PM)
Plan cul toulouse gratuit vaine de récupérer plutôt la bête.
Forum: Jokes and Misc stuff
Started By: kitoeseetains (Yesterday, 08:51 PM)
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Last Reply: Yop (Yesterday, 11:05 PM)
It's a spam in french
Question for my UK friends
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: mouselad (Yesterday, 07:27 PM)
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Last Reply: Bosun (Yesterday, 10:47 PM)
Hey Mouselad, I was looking at sending some alcohol to an acquaintance in C...
Happy Birthday jimboom
Forum: User Announcements
Started By: Hunter (Yesterday, 12:51 PM)
Views: 21   replies: 10
Last Reply: trekvinger (Yesterday, 10:28 PM)
Going to Disney World
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: pwrcrzy52 (Yesterday, 01:59 PM)
Views: 20   replies: 5
Last Reply: Tron (Yesterday, 10:28 PM)
Have fun. We just got back. Was there with the wife and kids from Oct 11-18th. We took my daug...
Happy Birthday Ripper
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: LaRSin (Yesterday, 12:25 PM)
Views: 23   replies: 13
Last Reply: trekvinger (Yesterday, 10:27 PM)
Poker Tournament Next Sunday!
Forum: Poker
Started By: BigPapaDean (Sep 29 2014 02:06 AM)
Views: 30   replies: 0
Last Reply: BigPapaDean (Yesterday, 08:47 PM)
I am posting this now as a reminder for those of you who want to play in the monthly tournamen...
Timing out trying to join WaW DM 1 server!
Forum: Call Of Duty World At War
Started By: BigPapaDean (Yesterday, 06:20 PM)
Views: 14   replies: 2
Last Reply: Mekketom (Yesterday, 08:25 PM)
DM server is restarted.. hung up on it self.
Happy Birthday ShadowLady
Forum: User Announcements
Started By: LaRSin (Oct 30 2014 12:35 PM)
Views: 30   replies: 14
Last Reply: Princess (Yesterday, 08:12 PM)
Happy Birthday to u
Forum: BF4 Ban Appeals
Started By: NoNo65700 (Yesterday, 07:58 PM)
Views: 20   replies: 0
Last Reply: NoNo65700 (Yesterday, 07:58 PM)
This user has created an appeal with the following information.
Its payday!
Forum: All other games forums
Started By: Dr_Ymath (Yesterday, 07:52 PM)
Views: 12   replies: 0
Last Reply: Dr_Ymath (Yesterday, 07:52 PM)
Ymath (And GenXTL) are looking for a few people who are interested in or own payday 2....
Update from My Baby
Forum: Computer Help
Started By: hellboy (Oct 25 2014 09:11 PM)
Views: 106   replies: 15
Last Reply: hellboy (Yesterday, 07:35 PM)
Perfect Toilet
Forum: Jokes and Misc stuff
Started By: Sonovabich (Yesterday, 02:58 PM)
Views: 28   replies: 2
Last Reply: TBB (Yesterday, 05:15 PM)

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XI is an adult clan with no prohibitions on use of language except for two primary rules: no racist remarks, and no personal attacks. You need to check your sensitive feelings at the door when you come here: if you don't like it, don't look at it or don't comment on it. If you believe someone has broken one of our rules, let an admin know and we will take action as needed. We also do not tolerate cheating or disrespect by members or guests, and insist on good sportsmanship. Violations can lead to permanent bans. We play for fun, we play with honor, and we strive to treat each other with respect and consideration. No one, member or guest, is above our Code.

>XI< Clan Membership

>XI< Clan Membership is by Admin invite only. If you are a regular player on our servers and are interested in joining >XI< then you will eventually get approached by a server admin.

Simple as that really... if you play with us, are fun and fit in you will receive an invite.

Our admins are not obligated to give out invitations and asking/harassing for them may harm your chances of becoming a member in the future.

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