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    Happy Monday peeps. Don't forget it's happy hour right up to midnight! Pints from only £2.60 and house doubles from only £3.70. Wow! Happy Monday indeed!

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Freeze tag server down
Forum: Call Of Duty World At War
Started By: Labob (Today, 02:44 PM)
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Last Reply: Hunter (Today, 04:35 PM)
Server is running now.
Sorry.. google .missing in action
Forum: User Announcements
Started By: google (Today, 12:05 PM)
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Last Reply: P!nk (Today, 04:30 PM)
hurry back you are missed here and in teamspeak you beeeeccchhhhhhhh
Kootra got "swatted' while streaming CS
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: mouselad (Today, 04:25 PM)
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Last Reply: mouselad (Today, 04:27 PM)
vice documentary about this bullshit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ziLjO...
WORLD BATL - Official Commencement - October 11th - 10am-2pm CST
Forum: Battlefield 4
Started By: OddJob001 (Today, 01:58 PM)
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COD5 admin team rearrangement Dos, Dirk out Mot, Bob in
Forum: User Announcements
Started By: Ruggerxi (Yesterday, 06:39 PM)
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Last Reply: LtLaszlo (Today, 03:20 PM)
Thanks for what all of the COD5 admins have done here. Don't play any others but the DM server, b...
FU P!nk
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: DramaLlama (Aug 30 2014 07:46 PM)
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 And while I am at it @
Lightning Photography - Dipping My Toes
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: Astronomer (Today, 04:58 AM)
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Last Reply: EXTRAKAMIKAZE QC (Today, 02:59 PM)
wow realy nice
My Dad was taking into hospital
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: Fire (Yesterday, 02:35 PM)
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Last Reply: EXTRAKAMIKAZE QC (Today, 02:58 PM)
sorry to hear that
Minecraft 1.8 - The Bountiful Update
Forum: Minecraft
Started By: Sitting-Duc (Today, 08:35 AM)
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Last Reply: Dukoo (Today, 02:54 PM)
Yes, that is because non of the * most * plugins * are working YET.  t...
Purge Oklahoma
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Started By: Flash (Aug 29 2014 12:51 PM)
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Traveling to Montana
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Started By: ozziesdark (Today, 02:28 PM)
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I'm sure everybody knows that I've been out of work for about 3 years now and have been lookin...
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: Sammy (Aug 27 2014 09:55 PM)
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I used to do it back in college. black and white only.
August Ladder Winner - GeneralXTL_XI
Forum: Battlefield 4
Started By: OddJob001 (Yesterday, 04:14 PM)
Views: 23   replies: 1
Last Reply: mouselad (Today, 02:25 PM)
congrats general 
PC Tech Corner
Forum: XI Chronicle
Started By: CobraBites (Yesterday, 09:40 PM)
Views: 21   replies: 3
Last Reply: DemonElf (Today, 02:19 PM)
I learned my lesson to this 2 years ago, ended up with that Ransomware virus that blocks every...
I gave my car Tags
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: hxtr (Today, 02:19 PM)
Views: 10   replies: 0
Last Reply: hxtr (Today, 02:19 PM)
So if you see it on the server.. please don't ban her... it's a Civic XI.
Check out these two sounds
Forum: Call Of Duty 4
Started By: Sammy (Aug 27 2014 10:06 PM)
Views: 86   replies: 16
Last Reply: hxtr (Today, 02:12 PM)
It's idiot story time
Forum: Jokes and Misc stuff
Started By: Noears711XI (Aug 21 2014 01:29 AM)
Views: 757   replies: 151
Last Reply: hxtr (Today, 02:10 PM)
eating out
I have a question for my British friends....
Forum: General Discussion
Started By: hxtr (Aug 30 2014 02:26 PM)
Views: 143   replies: 18
Last Reply: hxtr (Today, 02:01 PM)
mouse sensitivity, help.
Forum: Battlefield 4
Started By: ArticBlue87 (Aug 29 2014 08:33 AM)
Views: 118   replies: 27
Last Reply: OddJob001 (Today, 12:35 PM)
BF4 $15 on Amazon this weekend only
Forum: Jokes and Misc stuff
Started By: iboomboom (Yesterday, 01:45 PM)
Views: 47   replies: 8
Last Reply: iboomboom (Today, 12:29 PM)
Meet Loader, XI COD2 Head Admin
Forum: XI Chronicle
Started By: HarryWeezer (Yesterday, 10:15 AM)
Views: 66   replies: 9
Last Reply: kleinehexe (Today, 10:03 AM)
Very good Idea...we play many times with him and he killed me also most of times..grrrrrrrrrrr...
Mixed Mod Server
Forum: Call Of Duty 4
Started By: Bama (Aug 31 2014 03:12 PM)
Views: 59   replies: 4
Last Reply: ViPeR  (Today, 09:53 AM)
okay for 
AR15 M4 with Red Dot Scope and Collapsible butt stock
Forum: For Sale
Started By: JohnnieNashville (Yesterday, 11:22 PM)
Views: 39   replies: 2
Last Reply: BigPapaDean (Today, 09:37 AM)
Wiilie Nelson and old age
Forum: Jokes and Misc stuff
Started By: OhMy (Today, 12:31 AM)
Views: 23   replies: 3
Last Reply: BigPapaDean (Today, 09:28 AM)
Forum: Call Of Duty 4
Started By: R I P (Yesterday, 05:49 AM)
Views: 42   replies: 7
Last Reply: R I P (Today, 05:47 AM)
only pb folder

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>XI< Clan Membership is by Admin invite only. If you are a regular player on our servers and are interested in joining >XI< then you will eventually get approached by a server admin.

Simple as that really... if you play with us, are fun and fit in you will receive an invite.

Our admins are not obligated to give out invitations and asking/harassing for them may harm your chances of becoming a member in the future.

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