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49 minutes ago, Timmah! said:

Summmmbitch!!  How you doing, brother?  What server(s) can I find you in when you play?  What times of the day do you play?


I don't play anything this clan has servers for anymore m8, gave the Battlefield thing a go but of course everytime they bring a new game out everyone leaves the old game to go and play that, BF1 looked fantastic and even though i was pretty shitty at it i played solidly for about 3 months until i realised that actually even though i had paid for all the DLC's which costs a lot of money and i have never played at all it was fucking shit lol, played Insurgency for a while (will probably buy the new one when it comes out in the new year) last 2 years i have been mostly playing Rainbow six siege which i really like unlike these other games that rip you off making you pay for the game twice with DLC's this game keeps giving you all new Operators and maps for free, all you have to do is keep playing the game and earn your points in game, it is now going into it's third year, it's a great game...no silly run n gun but 5 on 5 on various maps, one team attacks one team defends and you only get 3 minutes to achieve your objective or kill all the enemy, Operators have many different skills which keeps the game fresh, if you play like a douche and run straight in like a COD player you will die and not respawn until round is over so you have to try and stay alive and work as a team to help your teammates win the game, also just racked about 105 hours up in Ghost Recon wildlands in just a few weeks, this is also a fantastic beautiful and massive game, we also very briefly had a Rising Storm Vietnam server which i played on but they got rid of it because we couldnt fill it even though other game servers are always empty but are left alone, the server was supposed to be coming back but after waiting for 2 months i think the bottom has dropped out of that one,  anyway enough about me sweety how are you doing lol.

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