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Minecraft 1.7.10 pack server banned items

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This is a list of all currently banned items on our Minecraft server.





Security Station-Bypasses protection

Chunk/Spot Loader-Lag

ic Gate-Bypasses protection

World Anchors-Lag

Equal Trade wand focus-Bypass protections

Staff of Traveling-Bypass protection

Sacred Rubber Sapling-Instability

Flans bombs:Large,Small,Mills-Bypass protection

Carpenters Doors-Instability

Book Binder-Lag

Blast Resistant ME drive-Instability

Deep Dark Portal-Lag

Last Millennium Portal-Lag

All Imbued Fire-Bad

Cardboard Box-Duping

Mining Laser-Bypass Protection

Sacred Oak Sapling-Lag

Mega Rubber Sapling-Lag

Matter Cannon-Bypass protection

.50 Explosive Ammo-Instability

Portable Hole-Bypass protection

Mana Storm Charge-Bypass protection


Exchangers-Bypass protection

Mekanism Teleporter-Chunk Loading

World Hole Upgrade-Lag

BC Quarry-Lag

BC Filler-Lag

Ender Crystal-Bypass Protection

Shell Constructor-Instability

Shell Storage-Instability

Mekanism Flamethrower-Bypass protection

Slotted book-Bypass protection

Crane-Bypass protection

Warp Book-Bypass protections

All types of Firestone-Bad

Dislocation Wand focus-Bypass protection

Ender Collector-Duping

Traveler's Belt-Instability

Filing Cabinet-Duping





This list is a work in progress.

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Is it possible that, instead of banning teleportation items that let you force your way into protected areas, you might use something like LWC(Light Weight Chests) except specifically for inventories that can be accessed inside protections?

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Its not just due to inventories being able to be accessed inside claims its the fact that with some of those items you can get inside of people protected area. Once inside there is nothing saying that person is only going to check inventories. So lets say all inventories were protected we still wouldnt allow items that let you into other peoples claimed area.  And if i were you i would check plugin compatibility with towny since it would have to work in step with that plugin and group manager.

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also i have played on servers with LWC im against it. ive experience many issues that none of the admins on those servers were able to fix and when sharing items with others in your town, it will make it where only you have access to it. and thats even after unlocking for them to be able to use. plus thats just one of the incidents that have happened to me, there are others too. so Towny in my opinion is a much better option for us.

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Okay, this thread needs a serious update. A few of the items are no longer banned for various reasons, and there is a good number of bans that this list doesn't have, including the entirety of Flans and Mystcraft. If I can get a good comprehensive list of mods that are currently banned, I will a make a Google docs list of it and keep it maintained as things change.

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Because we've had a fairly steady influx of new players coming in, and I have seen on the chats in game players losing resources trying to make banned items due to the fact that they are not on the list, or wishing they could make an item that is listed as banned, when this is no longer the case but the list hasn't been updated to reflect that. That, and with the way my mind works I like info to be consistent and up to date. ?

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