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Dog Name's

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Hi all,


I search nice and short dog names, for my future dog! :) Its a Border Collie Tricolor

Its very hard to find the name what i want.

All suggestions are welcome.


Greets Bor2013


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You really should wait a day or two after you get him...then give him a name that fits him...for example...


If he is a real bad ass but handsome...then name him Johnny...

If he misses everything he tries to pee on...then name him Jay...

If he chases his tail all day then name him...B_Murdered...

If he licks his balls all day then name him...Hxtr



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Check this site out! http://idognames.com/DutchDogNames.aspx


And if turns out to be an Ass name it MULE!

Yeah i checked that site already but thx

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You can never go wrong with "Buddy," 'cause he'll be your unwavering, loyal companion.


Unless you end up kicking him a lot, so much that he develops a nervous tic every time you walk by.


If so, you could call him "Twitchy."


Just suggestin'. Ayaq

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Awe I'm too late! 

When I was a kid, that was a long time ago. My uncle always named his dogs "Askhim" as in the 2 words ASK HIM. He always got a kick out of people wanting to know the dogs name he always replied ASKHIM. After a bit everyone had a laugh!


He's a nice dog What's his name? ASKHIM! No really what's his name? ASKHIM.


When you are a kid it was quite funny.

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I like the name "5 Miles."


When people ask what you've been up to, you can always answer (and truthfully): "I walked 5 Miles today. In fact, I walk 5 Miles everyday . . . "


Maybe I'll name my next dog "20 Miles." Ayaq

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