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Post pics of your pets

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My dog is stupid like I said earlier. And she hates me. Treat her great, she loves the wife and kids but hates me even though I treat her the best. Nothing like a rescue dog



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This is Kaya, my husky lady.....




And yes.. They shed!!!! Like crazy twice a year....




And Dirk.. Our 14 month old terrorist;




Here a bit younger, like 8 months...




This is Kaya when she hears her favourite music... (Yorkie we had to put down last year is in this also);


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I love it Olive. Thank you for sharing. Jay she is my baby.. I love her so much. She helps me. Keeps me calm if that makes any sense.


Dolly thanked me for that video but I am trying to explain it was yours. She does not always listen to me. lol


I love animals. Name one I lover it. I am an ultra liberal in them regards. 

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Ha ha, I'd forgotten what good taste your dog has Olive. My late great dogs at the end of that second video in the Holloween and Christmas pictures has always been one of my favorites.


Here are my current girls, Mo and Bailey.



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I've tried to get an ESA (emotional support animal) for years but they're so expensive. How did he get one? How much was it?



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1 go to war 

2 get brains scrambled

3 get uncle sam to pay for it

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