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Map and Map Variants (From Us and You!)
Hello everyone,

We know many of you out there want to know when you can get your boots into some new maps, and we have some news about this across all fronts! First, thanks to our great modding/mapping community we’ve pinpointed an issue with the community SDK and hope to have a fix out shortly that will allow the community map projects to start rolling out.

We are now working on a new version of Song Be (and other existing variants), so that you will have new Territory and Supremacy maps before too long (as we continue to work on future content). We are aiming to ship a Beta version soon, via the Workshop (http://steamcommunity.com/app/418460/workshop/)! And, yes, there are already completely new maps in the works - but they’ll take a bit longer.

Most of you can stop here, but those of you who want to know more about Steam Workshop hosting and SDK upload tools carry on!

The following are the details server admins will need to set this up on the server: 
  • Make sure that the server is not running. If it is running, the Workshop setup will be overridden the next time you restart the server.
  • Add a new section to the ROEngine.ini config file: [OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.TWWorkshopSteamworks]
  • For each Workshop item you want the server to download, add a ServerSubscribedWorkshopItems=<number> line in that section. You can find the number by looking for the id= part of the the URL of the Workshop item in Steam. For example, the URL of the Workshop Test map is http://"http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952365960", so the line will be "ServerSubscribedWorkshopItems=952365960". There might be other text=number parts of the URL, so be sure to use only the number after "id=".

Example [OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.TWWorkshopSteamworks] section (This ID is for the Cousteau Plantation faction mod by Nymets1104):

To make clients download the Workshop item from Steam when connecting to the server:
This will only work for Workshop items that the server downloads itself, that are listed in the [OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.TWWorkshopSteamworks] section as described above. 
  • Make sure that the server is not running. If it is running, the Workshop setup will be overridden the next time you restart the server.
  • Find the section [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] in the ROEngine.ini config file.
  • Add the line "DownloadManagers=OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.St eamW orkshopDownload" to that section. If there are other "DownloadManagers=" lines, make sure this one is the first.
  • Do not delete anything from this section, except (optionally) other DownloadManagers= lines.

And for our content creators, we are also looking at updating the workshop upload tool to include both .ini and .int files so that servers and clients can better handle more complex mods (as well as have maps ship with configs so servers can pick them up more easily in the webadmin).

Thank you again for your continued support.

Tripwire Interactive & Antimatter Games



Thank you!





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