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Call of Duty® returns to its roots with Call of Duty® WWII.

A breathtaking experience that gives a whole new twist to WWII games for a new generation. Take the landing in Normandy on D-Day and travel to the most famous venues of the European battle scene from the greatest war ever. Experience the classic battles of Call of Duty, the comrades and the hard fight.

On november 03 we (Foxy_Gaming) will start streaming this new Experience in gaming on Twitch, Youtube and 4 other gaming platform to show the world Xtremeidiots is and remains the world best gaming community for PC gamers. 

We are going to create one big fat platoon avalible to anyone who wants to join us in this new gaming Experience Named FOXI (Friends Of Xtremeidiots). 

Join us in this epic battle on November 03 November 2017 . 

See you on the battleground!


CLICK HERE if you would like to chat about this on the forums. 


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