Oops I'm doing it again!!

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31 minutes ago, Icequeen said:

Okay so Saturday I am going to Verizon and I get a new phone. Yay! Yes I am a phone maniac.....hush you! So I'm in love with the s8 plus and note 8. Any advice on which is better?:unknw:

there goes another $35 activation fee  is what I would go for ;)

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9 hours ago, Bosun said:

Mrs Bosun just dropped her S6 Edge in the toilet ... so she now has an S8 and seems happy with it.

Unfortunately we have lost a heap of US/Canada/Fest pics as she didn't have them backed up.

Never had an issue losing photos or setting up a new device...




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@FUNky Even when your battery is dead after one year of utilization as it is the case for most of the Iphones? :lol: I know it because my wife and some of my children had one of each generation. :cry:

Keep on with Samsung, a phone that doesn't discharge before the end of the day after few months...

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