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Having Heart Surgery March 15th, 2018

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Hey guys,

On March 15th 2018 I'm having heart surgery. No bypass . I have two holes in my heart and a valve that's causing some issues. I would appreciate prayers from all of you who do pray and well wishes from those who don't.  I don't know at this time what my down time will be but I'll be back in game as soon as I'm up for it. I'll try to get my son ZOMBIE to keep those who want to know about my progress.

Thanks to all my XI family in advance! :police:

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Best of luck to you @GUMP61  I have had bypass surgery and you out of the hospital in 3 to 4 days.  You should be back up and going in two or 3 weeks not like you were but most likely better than you were.

Send me a PM if you like and we can go on teamspeak if you want.

                                    Always here for you bud Hunter/ Darrell

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