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Sign up for the COD4 Freezetag USA vs Everyone else match

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If there still is room, I would like to participate too. Ofcourse I am in Team ROTW!

If the team is full, then you can put me on the back-up list.

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16 hours ago, Ruggerxi said:

Thanks to everyone for playing. Sounds like it was a great time for everyone 

bullshit first map was all crying bs and oh yea same for the second. shoulda had a admin in spec like we use 2 do...but it was fun watchin how >XI< dosent know how to run a scrim anymore :)

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@Ruggerxi for future reference @Crack is correct.  We had some hiccups throughout due to players joining/leaving/changing teams.  In fact, the "Rest of the World" couldn't muster their full 15 person roster, and had a couple of LPB Americans on their team.

@KillerKitty of course I know there were others playing. I definitely recall knifing you at some point yesterday. ;)]

In any case next time we do this, since apparently we can't just play and have fun without some rules to govern said fun, we need to make clear rules so we can just play and enjoy it without all the bickering about teams.

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