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G_FindConfigStringIndex overflow

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To those that got kicked with that, I know the problem. In that instance (there are other types with the same issue) there were too many unique sounds (voiceovers, effects, others). They all added up and overloaded the buffer. The more players there are the more likely that unique sounds will be played that otherwise wouldnt be. So its a matter of removing as many as possible that are already close enough to others or wont be missed and I will be doing that for the next 147 beta. There are a few things I have in mind that should help at the cost of fewer unique sounds. For example limiting some voiceovers so that for example ru/opfor will use the same dialog sound instead of two.

A similar issue happened because of too many hud strings. Usually seen on high traffic days when there are a lot of people joining and leaving. Mostly its the elements that say who is defrosting you (being defrosted by...), So that has been changed to a generic 'defrosting' without the player name to save on string assets. That info will continue to show on the printline. Might also put that on the big printline at the top for the defrosted player but it might be too obtrusive.

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