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Hi guys, for those who don't know me I was a long time XI server player on cod4/5 and eventually became a member. Due to real life stuffz/traveling I ended up losing my tags but I always loved the community (most of you :stuart:). This is my first attempt at making a montage using a bunch of clips from a normal WaW server but I plan on making an XI version soon. The edits aren't great but I figured I'd give it a go anyways =).

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I remember you well on 5, you were so good everyone screamed you were cheating ( which you weren't) but left the server as it spoilt the game for them no one would play with you, didn't you say once you were a professional gamer?

ps It still shows you as clan member? then registered user?

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15 hours ago, Damage_inc- said:

ns vid btw what cpu and gpu do u run?


Thanks =)!

I7 4790 + gtx titan X (old version).

I'm actually waiting to build a brand new system/monitor([email protected] **the dream**) that can run new games 4k @ 144fps; crossing my fingers dual gtx 2080 ti's can past the test!

Originally was going to get the 240hz monitors they have now because I like a ton of old fps games that truly shine at 240+ fps, however, I've seen what 4k @ 144fps on a 4k/144hz monitor looks like and it's truly magic =P

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