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Happy Mothers Day

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Hope it's a great day .



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Mother's Day
Is Mother's Day an invention of the Nazis?

Clearly no. The Encyclopædia Britannica (1959, vol. 15, p. 849) already locates the origin of today's mothers' days in antiquity at a feast "derived from the tradition of the cult of the ancients in ancient Greece". Another religious forerunner of modern Mother's Day: At the time of the English King Henry III. (1216-1239) Sunday Laetare, also the fourth Sunday in Lent, was celebrated as a so-called "Mother's Sunday". Although the "Mother Church" was celebrating on this date above all itself. Nevertheless, it was quickly naturalized that the faithful on this day also did something good to their birth mother.

Let flowers speak

In 1905, the American Anna Jarvis discovered the idea for a "Mother's Day". That they have calculated this plan was mentioned only marginally. After all, the Mother's Day in 1914 for the US State Day and came across England, Norway and Sweden in the 20s also to Austria and Germany.

Here it was - unsurprisingly - the "Association of German flower shop owners", the propagation of the festival propelled. However, the florists attached the greatest importance to the fact that they were exclusively concerned with the "honoring of the mother". But it was not until the Nazis, especially the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Volksgesundung, used the age-old idea for their own purposes.

In the mothers they saw above all the "births, Aryan national comrades", devoted themselves to the Mütterweihespielen and rewarded their "services" by the award of the Mother Cross. After 1945, the spook was over and Mother's Day slowly took on those forms in which even today is still celebrated.

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