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Hello Its River Rat

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Well I am an Old Fart that still loves video games. I will probably die in front of my PC playing COD 4, LOL.

My first First Person Shooter game was Delta Force Task Force Dagger back in 1998, then Duke Nukem 3D, then Counter Strike and Day Of Defeat, then the Call Of Duty series.

I played Valve games before they launched Steam on the WON Servers and stuck with the WON Servers till Valve shut them down and have been on Steam since 2003.

I just got back into COD 4 Modern Warfare within the past couple of months and was disturbed to find that there was only 140 Servers running when I refresh my Server List I really thought it was over for COD 4.

Then I found out Steam ( I have the Steam version ) did an update last year and changed the version to 1.8, I really hate Steam, LOL.

Well I found the old iw3mp exe for 1.7, replaced the steam file, did a new Sever List refresh and woohoo 2700 servers with all my favorites from 5 years ago were back and here I am, woohoo happy again, LOL.

When I am not playing video games I am working, I hate work it is evil, LOL. I am tacking care of my exotic pets, 1 Leopard Gecko. 3 Asian black Forest Scorpions and 1 Red Bellied Piranha.

If I am not taking care of them and their food I try to get out to nature and hike, camp. and fish.


Well that is it for me for now and see you all in Freeze Tag. When I relearn all these maps you all are going to get.it.

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22 minutes ago, CW4 said:

Define "OLD"... Like older that Sally?  :thumbsup:  Welcome to the site.....

LOL, Probably older than  Sally. 😀

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18 minutes ago, SgT.Chris said:

Ah T-Rat's brother from another mother hey man hope to kill you some more on ftag 1

Nah, different Father, LOL. 😀

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