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How do I rid myself of this hack?

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You will have to boot in safe mode and remove everything that points to it loading in your system startup etc. I would also try a virus remover sometimes it requires several virus removers to get it all out including some editing and removal.


Avast is pretty good 

SPYBOT Search and Destroy




Good Luck

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According to MS this is from a crack or patch file being used to activate a MS program.  Without knowing where Defender is pointing to we are just guessing what program is being affected.  Of course it just could be a false positive also.  I have MS's antivirus stuff turned off as there is, I feel, better free programs out there. 

Option 1:

Look in your control panel - Programs and Features and see if there is a AutoKMS listed.  If so uninstall it. But I don't know what it is trying to activate so something might not work after doing this.

Option 2:

Dump Windows Security and use a different AV solution.


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Click save when the pop up boxes for Malwarebytes and trend micro show up.

Do the 14 day trial of Malwarebytes first:

Do Trend Micro online scan second:

Here is the page to explain step by step for Malwarebytes:

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