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First encounters, the differences between Women and Men

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You walk into a venue, glancing across the room you see the person of your dreams


Wow, what a hunk, he seems too good to be true

The perfect body, tight buns in those faded designer jeans

He obviously takes care of himself, his careful hairstyle and manicured nails hint at a softer feminine side

Bet he smells lovely, sensuous yet manly

The slight stubble, carefully cut give him a rugged look

Judging by his watch he must have money

I'll bet he drives a .........

Obviously not an alcoholic, he is sipping a cocktail, so sophisticated

Those eyes, I could drown in them

Is that bulge in his jeans real?

I'm attracting his attention, what a sensuous smile, now go easy girl

Mustn't stare, act cool



Wow (leering), I'd love to shag that

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25 minutes ago, lTplkey336 said:

Rob, you ever thought of writing a book? With your imagination, bs, and your excellent writing skills  I'm sure you would have a best seller. 

Too busy entertaining idiots/annoying snowflakes, but I have thought about it my friend, however you have to have a particular sense of humour and as you see here very few have it, it's going to be a long winter in lockdown however. If I do it be sure you and Dot will get two signed copies, and the others who seem to have my sense of fun, the world is turning a dark and serious place.

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