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Yop yop/Hello all

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On 11/27/2020 at 5:36 AM, Ruthless said:

Wow you played us when we were B30, same Goku back on UT2k4? Hello again after all these years. Man I wish I had a translocator again. SCORE!!! 🙂

Yes @Ruthless, same one 😄
I'm sure some tried (and maybe managed) to implant a Xlocator-like option in the CoD game.  Of maybe in some like of a future-warefare mod...
Glad to see you too.

Nice 22° halo, @Timmah!
And when you have a lot of well oriented ice crystals (hexagonal form), you can have this kind of picture (taken about one year ago, form my lawn)
In this picture, we have:
The sun, around which is the 22° halo, with parhelic circle (big white circle), with sundogs, upper tangent arc, 46° halo and what we call a Wegener arc, which is kind of difficult to catch. Picture has been processed a bit, to enhance those halo forms.
All of this taken with a fisheye lens, for its wide field of view.

Ice halos, freezetag, see the connection 😉

@Yop Yop yop Yop.
Ah, le coup de la choucroute, je m'en souviendrai 😉

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NIce.  I just happened to notice the halo as I was out making deliveries & decided to pull over & catch it with my simple phone camera.  Happens here a handful of times a year.  Were there pillars visible during this event you captured?

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On 11/29/2020 at 3:35 PM, Timmah! said:

Were there pillars visible during this event you captured?

@Timmah! There were no pillars this time. By the way, most of the time, you see pillars when sun is low over the horizon.
But last month, I got my first light pillars, over the Saône river, caused by the lights of the cities in front of my spot. Usually happens when the temperature is really low (at least, in the cloud were the crystals form): Short time lapse
And there is one of the pictures I took, with Saturn & Jupiter really close to each other in the sky (was scouting for a spot to watch then on the 21st of december, the great conjunction)
Most of the time, you can have what is called a sun pillar, at sunset or sunrise, with high cold clouds (cirrus clouds or even contrails): The 3 towers

@a1rbud Yop yop milady. Fun playing with you too.

Bis bald.

Pilier solaire au coucher - Paris - 23 Septembre 2009 (7).JPG

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