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Ark Server List -additional-

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For some reason the entirety of the ark topics are locked out so here's a updated list with the inclusion of the two new custom maps which are in testing

Xtremeidiots The Island

XtremeIdiots Ragnarok

Xtremeidiots Valguero

Xtremeidiots Genesis

Xtremeidiots Crystal Isles

Xtremeidiots Extinction

Xtremeidiots Abberation:

Xtremeidiots The Center  

Xtremeidiots Scorched Earth

Xtremeidiots The Island PVP

Xtremeidiots Glacius Custom map

Xtremeidiots fjordur Custom map

Important information on the two new custom maps on glacius and fjordur server both are in testing and as such i wouldn highly recommend not transfering characters dinos or items from exsisting clustered servers as it means they may be irrepairibly damaged

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