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RTX 3070

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Hate to say this, i see a issue with loop, it's cavitating those tiny bubbles are the sign of impending  disaster. need to slow down pump OR add a shut off ball valve on pump outlet, slowly close valve till bubbles are gone. 

NOTE: top rad is a AIR TRAP with connections downward position

how i know ? pioneer of water cooling  PC's ..guru Bill Adams was  plagiarizing  me.  

when comes to the loop "good looks don't pay the rent" 

what's heavier water or air ? 

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7 minutes ago, Sammy said:

An interesting development I guess


it will the only downpart right know is that corona shortage of hardware people buying more hardware and manufacterers stopped producing  in the beginning of the pandemic the demand is so high know that prices  went up the roof   this will take several years for that to drop down to what it was before the pandemic.   example my card rtx 3070 suprim i bought it for 570$  that was the normal price for a branded card MSI  same card right know if you can get it 1350$  time will tell   

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