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Asus Tuf 3070 for sale

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On 6/11/2021 at 1:07 AM, Sammy said:

And $450 over retail.

I dont know where you at but if you talking last years prices yes but know a days this is just reteail price  i am not saying it is good but this is where its at.  paid 550 for a msi suprim 3070 last year  100  above msrp price but i never ever got my hands on one of those.

the biggest store over here in nl 3070 go for 1300$  but they are not in stock  the 3070TI and 3080TI are at the moment in stock but lol   retaling at 1299 right know same goes for their amd rivals

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wow  insane greed  i can sell my gently used EVGA 1080Ti  SC 11Gb card for 1.3k USD  today if wanted too to be sleeze bag can reseal box and all protect film still on card ........na not my style

this soon going to fizzle out for tech has hit the wall @ PCi-e 4v

the greedy companys can BS so long and you see  NO card's  are being made for the gig is up 

@Rex i'm with you  pass on the new stuff for nothing happening only hype

fbi no offence to to your post  jusy saying how the Tech is going these days  splat 

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