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COD4 Ban Appeal

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This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all.

  1. What server were you banned from?: All the XI CoD4 Servers
  2. When did you get banned?: Sometime over Christmas
  3. What was your in-game name?: LiveG
  4. What is your game GUID (if known):
  5. Why do you think you were banned?:

    I think I was banned purely due to repeated accusations of hacking over a very long period of time. I have been playing on XI CoD4 servers with my brother Exile for over a year and have never been banned before. I have been spectated by admins and mods countless times over the last year. I've even had admins reassure players that I'm not hacking. There has been a long campaign to get me banned simply because I'm good at the game. I've tried going pistol only and not using any killstreaks and still I am viciously attacked over the mic and no disciplinary action has ever been taken against those players. I believe that the reason these players think I'm hacking is because they are either inexperience or don't really understand what's going on. Rarely do I have the highest accuracy in the match but I have exceptional game sense which people confuse as hacking. I am not a hacker, I am a Cod4 purist. I have been playing Cod4 since 2008 and before that I played Cod2 since launch. If needed, I can provide game files. I am not sure what I can do to prove my innocence since I was banned purely based on accusations and not any actual physical evidence.

    My brother and I have really enjoyed playing on the DM server, he is not banned but it really sucks that we can't play together now. Normally in situations like this, I would move on but I have enjoyed the XI servers so much I really hope you guys consider my sincerest guarantee that I do not/have not hack or cheat nor will I ever at any point in time.

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As per our conversation with you and your brother, Exile, the head admins have agreed to lift your ban, with the condition that this is your only warning.  Thank you for your earlier cooperation.  Please give it a bit of time for the lifted ban to take effect.

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