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mw2 146b9 map rotation #68

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Rotation #68   25 maps by ShadyBrady   put in rotation 04/14/22 by Pengy

map mp_backlot_2 map mp_dedust map mp_jarak map mp_bo2frost map mp_atp map mp_disputed map mp_tigertown_v2 map mp_4nuketown map mp_lumberyard map mp_salaambad map mp_gitten_r_done map mp_convoy map mp_hk2 map mp_brokenroad map mp_creek map mp_cittadina map mp_78workshop map mp_countdown map mp_prisonblock map mp_ancient_ultimate map mp_sugarcane map mp_fritzberg map mp_noobville map mp_summit map mp_montargis4


Server restarted by LOCO


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1 hour ago, J3st3r said:

can mp_dedust be changed, fixed or removed please? It's the version with the Random spawns and getting lots of complaints about it.

Yeah it's not a bad map, but those random spawns are awful. Sorry, I forgot about that. Last time it'll be in the rotation for sure.

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