Our Servers

Want to play on professionally managed servers with the backing of a huge gaming community? our servers are the place for you!

We are a long-standing gaming community (8+ years) with over 20 servers spanning across 6 different game types. We have a huge player base and 550+ clan members. We have now invested in two Minecraft servers and have an awesome admin team managing them and developing new features!



Minecraft Theme
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In-Game Commands


/plotme  - Help information for plotme
/kit food - Replenishes various food items
/kit tools  - Replenishes basic tool items
/sethome - Set home location
/home - Returns you to your home location
/delhome - Deletes home location
/me - Uses third person in chat
/msg - Send a PM to another player
/pay - Pay a player with your in-game money
/rules - Display the server rules
/suicide - Kill yourself
/tpa - Request a teleport to player
/tpaaccept - Accept a teleport request
/tpdeny - Deny a teleport request
/tptoggle - Toggle teleport on/off
/warp - Warps you to locations saved by admins. example: market, casino
/spawn - Returns you to spawn location
/towny - Help information for towny (LOTS OF COMMANDS!)
/island Opens up GUI Islands panel 
(For use in skyblock only)

New Detailed Commands list under construction!