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  1. Kissy Kissy Funky Mofo lol

  2. FunkJosh>XI<

    Happy Birthday to all of you !!!!!!
  3. FunkJosh>XI<

    @pwrcrzy52 thanks bud
  4. FunkJosh>XI<

    Thanks guys
  5. FunkJosh>XI<

    @Jog which Arma 3 server did you play
  6. FunkJosh>XI<

    Setting up the servers etc I’m cool with, just don’t have the time I used to have ?, Gina blast open an Arma 3 server Tomoz @iboomboom
  7. FunkJosh>XI<

    this is going to be difficult with the issues currently, I had to remove both arma 3 servers, I will be opening them back up in a weeks time so we can start from scratch any hows, I will need to explain to you how everything works on the control panel because dayz is difficult to do and mainly script work @iboomboom
  8. FunkJosh>XI<

    on your ban appeal form you have put your in-game name as ES-JAX, how come you just replied with your username is ZoaR ?? as WildPenguin said the easiest way to find out is if you send them your GUID.
  9. FunkJosh>XI<

    Only 1 arma 3 server is up at the moment, I am changing the mod on the other server
  10. FunkJosh>XI<

    Nice one @EDD THE DUCK cheers
  11. FunkJosh>XI<

    Yes @PainKillerI play the arma 3 a lot it’s very time consuming hahaha, @HudsoN I will speak to you on ts tomorrow
  12. FunkJosh>XI<

    I am in ts now and will be for a while, any issues or questions just jump in
  13. FunkJosh>XI<

    I will come on as FunkyChickn if you need me yes, as I said I have no screen until tomorrow ?
  14. FunkJosh>XI<

    Arma 2 server is survival, attack helicopters and jets are not in the server traders, I can’t work on them at the moment as I have no screen again
  15. FunkJosh>XI<

    Hope he’s good @iboomboom
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