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    I’ve actually decided to cancel the previous topic if I get enough responds to this on players and members who want to play arma 3 exile and arma 3 altis life I will in the next month or so do that
  3. Funky-Josh>XI<

    Seeming the dayz epoch arma 2 server was a success ive had loads of requests for a dayz standalone and arma 3 exile if I get enough of you wanting either one of the 2 I will look into it if we get a lot votes on standalone I will do that if enough for arma 3 I will do that or in a case of both get high scores ill look into both of them
  4. Funky-Josh>XI<

    issue has been resolved
  5. Funky-Josh>XI<

    Server is offline due to a fault in the infistar license will try to get it sorted soon as I can any issues please message me
  6. Funky-Josh>XI<

    ok been working my tits off and the server is back up and running just like before but with more!!!!!!!
  7. Funky-Josh>XI<

    Server isn’t going to be up again for at least 12 hours as gtx were ass holes and fucked up whilst doing mods and deleted the dayz_code.pbo so I’m trying to restore files via a backup and if that doesn’t work the server files and data base is going to be wiped and everything is going to be installed and re configured ..... sorry about this
  8. Funky-Josh>XI<

    I was sticking with arma 2 either way .... people prefer arma 2 than arma 3
  9. Funky-Josh>XI<

    I’m currently editing all the traders and I’m doing custom missions custom loot areas and also battle events in selected vehicles spawned by admins
  10. Funky-Josh>XI<

    There’s still a lot of players but few servers as people don’t want to buy arma 3 or don’t like the game play
  11. Funky-Josh>XI<

    Do ?? In what way do you mean
  12. Funky-Josh>XI<

    It’s arma 2 dayz overpoch but for a few days I’m gonna be in progress of editing the traders on my pc then transferring them to server I can add standalone weapons / vehicles but I don’t really want to go back now and change to standalone as I’ll have to pay for mods again 50% of the cost
  13. Funky-Josh>XI<

    Feel free to come in the server
  14. Funky-Josh>XI<

  15. Funky-Josh>XI<

    Dayz Launcher - http://dayzlauncher.com/ you will need arma 2 and arma 2 operation arrow head in order to play (purchase from the steam store0 you will need to play arma 2 for a few seconds and the same for operation arrow head then download the dayz launcher in the search bar type in Xtremeidiots Dayz Overpoch and click on the down download button and the end of the server list to install the mods directly from the launcher wait for them to install reboot the launcher and join the server