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  1. I’ll be in my element
  2. FunkyJosh>XI<

    FU! FU! FU! welcome to forums buddy. Take a look round and enjoy. Shoot you soon...
  3. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Hi Recoiillz, you did the right thing by bringing it to the forums and keeping it out the game so thanks for that. When people make comments like that it is something that the Head Admins will look into just because of accusations. Ignore it and game on.
  4. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Respect that brother, hopefully can talk more on the next happy hour, is this Saturday isn’t it ?
  5. FunkyJosh>XI<

  6. FunkyJosh>XI<

    You’ll get a haircut you’ll never forget
  7. FunkyJosh>XI<

    got that right, bitches be crazy
  8. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Love you guys and girls
  9. FunkyJosh>XI<

    I just thought I'd put it out there, with everyone asking I couldn't keep it quiet.. Means a lot from the bottom of my heart to be quite honest thankyou.
  10. FunkyJosh>XI<

    So a few people ask me in game and I was asked on the Zoom meeting and it's difficult for me to physically word without feeling a bit of c**t and a mug. So here it is... You all know that I was due to be a father the beginning April of this year, well the girl in question blocked me from contacting her everyway possible then moved house I've been trying for 6 months to get into contact and to find out what is going on and I had no luck. I asked a work buddy to see if he could find her on any social media and he did, The due date of the baby changed to the end of may this year making this
  11. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Happy Birthday all!! FU @Cooper
  12. FunkyJosh>XI<

    I want to make it quicker like the DM I think it will be awesome @LOCO can we
  13. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Sorry brother maybe see you later ?
  14. FunkyJosh>XI<

    I am going to see if there’s anything I can do to try improve it and get more people in... bare with me on that, besides I’ve never actually played paintball in reality but I have done airsoft it’s pretty cool
  15. FunkyJosh>XI<




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