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  1. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Feel free to try it out, starting money set at 30k so you can have a look around, do not join this server through the a3 launcher join through arma directly and choose to set up dlc and mods before playing the game. Server info is on the game tracker list any questions or issues drop them here
  2. FunkyJosh>XI<

    make sure all your windows updates are done to install the drivers, then go into your gpu software like I used g force experience for NVidia and optimize your games.
  3. FunkyJosh>XI<

    congrats river rat welcome to XI
  4. FunkyJosh>XI<

    I am going to set one up as coop already, arma 3 wasteland
  5. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Arma 3 is not visible yet rose, it will be once there at a playable level, the arma 2 servers are running well and have been for some time can always jump in and take a look at those until arma 3 is up on the site ?
  6. FunkyJosh>XI<

  7. FunkyJosh>XI<

    I'm in the process of getting a couple Arma 3 servers up and running with the current Arma 2 servers, your ideas and thoughts would be great to help me give the clan what mods they want to play most.
  8. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Happy birthday to you all 🥳
  9. FunkyJosh>XI<

    if its London I'm on it
  10. FunkyJosh>XI<

    I cant react to posts or give awards, anyone else ?
  11. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Congrats, might have to jump in with you one day
  12. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Doesn’t look like the map works so might try napf tomorrow...
  13. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Arma 2 server 2 will be up and running soon with a new map Sahrani Server info will be on the GameTracker list, the map is a lot bigger than namalsk that's being run on server 1.
  14. FunkyJosh>XI<

    No I think oster is right it might be a hardware issue
  15. FunkyJosh>XI<

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