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  1. Sienimahonen

    To me it is simply part of the game and how it is build. Example Black squad that I play this happens often when you are in death match, cause there is no limit to players. Destruction mode you can instal sentry gun and some times enemy does it to the others spawn and it take while that it is gone/destroyed. It did first annoyed, bu now I am used to it
  2. Yes it does recover, just game reset. Other official servers there is no problem, if i remember right :D
  3. Why it is always that black screen in the middle of game, like game is collapsing or what?
  4. Sienimahonen

    All good in that surgery and I hope you recover well.
  5. I have noticed earlier and now that some time Game goes black in Xremeidiots servers.
  6. The password system and that can get through to be member in here
  7. I have played in other servers, but crew is different. I miss you guys to play... :'(
  8. Yeah, that side too, but if there is so much troubles as it said in first post "Our ban database has been acting up the past week", I think that if there where registered users using it, there would be less that problem.
  9. BTW why not put passwords to them? So you can monitor who can enter?
  10. O_O I just come and look where they are O_O
  11. Sienimahonen

    in server #2 there is right now one player having wall hackking program and other too. In spectator camera it show all friends and enemies through walls.
  12. Sienimahonen

    It is a hard topic. In other games like Black Squad, battle mode I have faced this phenomenon as one puts century gun middle of spawn. Then they camp waiting. But there is a little limit when you can kill spawned in there. I think 10 seconds. Insurgency is bit different because you just get some waves and so there is more little chance to win. I do get that it is more important to take a care that they got even slight a chance.
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