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  1. The 'Brown Envelope' days! Well done!
  2. I hear you and I can love you as a brother fighting the same fight as I. My experience is VERY different than yours. Here in MB, the Vaxxed are the hospitalized (this might not show in the 'official' stats, but the docs and nurses will tell you a different story.) I am in 8-12 different homes per day in the course of my work. I hear it all. Today, I was in the home of a nurse who quit Boundary Trails Hospital on Friday because she was required to be vaxxed or tested 3x per week at the cost of $175 per test. She quit her job because she does not believe the vax is the best option for her and she cannot afford the testing ... and in tears told me she does not know how she will pay the rent for her two children next month. We all want to stay safe ... but what we are doing is NOT working. We can blame each other, but in the end we all have to live with each other. We cannot demonize each other as that is no solution ... even as Trudeau goes on about 'those people.' To relate to your situation ... I live in what is the most 'conservative' part of Manitoba. Over that past year, we have had 1/4 of the Covid deaths compared to the rest of MB and we are only about 40% vaxxed. So I live in an area that is both resistant to Covid and who is relatively unvaxxed. I could speak about ICU beds (or lack thereof,) but that would not help our discussion as the 'covid' part of Boundry Trails Hospital is full while the rest of the hospital is empty. They closed 10 ICU beds last week due to a nursing shortage brought on by enforcing vaxxes on all nurses at our hospital. How does that make sense to anyone?? We are a mess. But we need to work together. Your solution might not work here and mine might not work there. This will be my last post here on this situation ... it's all just too political and WAY too divisive. I regret making my opening post.
  3. I really did not want this to degenerate into a discussion about vax vs unvaxxed. That was NOT the purpose of my OP. We are fighting fighting the battle that 'they' want us to have. What I wanted to show is that there are two groups, two societies being created ... and the replies to this post is the perfect example of what is happening in real life. We all are the the same people we were before Covid. Those that think we all should take the vax and those of us who have come to the conclusion that we should not take the vax ... we were all together and of one mind a mere year ago. We were a clan and we were for the most part united. We all (no matter on which side,) love our families and friends ... we all want a united clan and more so a united country/world. We are being played. Don't turn on each other. Don't demonize our fellow members. We can respect each other and recognize that others might have come to a different conclusion about Covid than we have ... we need to understand and respect each others position. I gave up my coaching career ... not because I think that I'm right, but because the state has made it law that I am wrong. We should all resist totalitarianism. History is a wonderful teacher ... and no totalitarian state has ever produced good for the common people like you and I. That is history. That is factual. We should fight the urge to demonize each other. We can join as one, against the state that want's us at each others necks. I don't hate any of you ... and I hope we can all respect and love each other as we work through Covid IRL. Love and peace to all. - Yoshi.
  4. Yes ... I still think I made the right choice as I'm sure you are with your choice. There are pros and cons on both sides of the argument, and the time may come where the vax is right for me. Again, not the point of my post.
  5. Glad you agree. Thanks brother.
  6. Not interested in having that debate here. I get to have it every single day in real life. My post was not to build a case for remaining unvaxxed or to in some way belittle the vaxxed. It was to point out the dual society we are building through segregation. This will not end well .... for either side.
  7. Not an option here in Manitoba. Banned from all sporting facilities including schools. Banned from Reffing Association as well. Must be vaxxed to enter these buildings and to train youth which is considered a vulnerable sector here.
  8. In my local city, we are rapidly going down the path of building a parallel society. Its a F'ing shame.
  9. I am unvaxxed. I have chosen this position for me and my family for many reasons but mostly because I don't believe that the 'science' is as clear as the media and politicians want us to believe it is. In Manitoba, people like me are banned from all restaurants and sporting facilities. I had hoped this would change, but it looks like the marginalization and demonization is here to stay. Tonight I had to resign from my Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coaching position at our local city High School after 8 years. My last coaching season we finished 6th in the Provence and I had a well respected and successful program up and running. That is over now. I also resigned from my Level 2 FIBA Basketball Reffing position where I reffed many of the top HS and some University games in Winnipeg. (About 60 games a year.) I liked reffing and was good at it. That is also over now. I'm a little pissy about it all. Please excuse me if I play a little more angry than normal. It's coming to grips with the 'new normal' which is complete BS that makes me so angry. At some point, this all has to end ... right? Thanks for this clan and the folks that put up with me in game. Love ya all!
  10. Yoshi

    Sorry for your loss Thunder! Takes a strong man to carry on the family when one passes ... you are that man! Praying for you brother.
  11. Yoshi

    Welcome to the gang Hog!
  12. Yoshi

    Set up your life so you don't have to spend time in Walmart ... The Mall ... or any other place that shitty humans spend their time in. The games we play are the perfect way to avoid being in close proximity with people who are unhealthy. That being said ... - Walk a mile a day - Eat real food - Sleep 8 hours a night - Develop family - Find your faith Being healthy is the best attack against Covid ... or those that want to take your freedoms away in the name of Covid.
  13. Yoshi

    There are two kinds of hoppers on our servers: a. Those that hop around corners hoping to catch you off guard. Lots of us use this tactic ... b. Those that seem to hop/bounce across the maps and cannot be hit with streams or full clips of bullets. They 'hop' differently too ... they seem to be straight up and down in the air when seen on screen and when they land there is no jumping motion, they just bounce right back into the air again. These players ... there are quite a few of them now, I cannot explain, nor can I imitate their motion when I try to 'hop' across the maps. Those are the hoppers that we need to record ... to see what they are doing that regular players cannot do.
  14. Yoshi

    Can practically smell the old man spice from here. Welcome.
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