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  1. 8 hours ago, J3st3r said:

    Lots of negative reviews on that one on Amazon. PPL saying that you literally have to put your eyeball rite up to the glass to see through it and alot of ppl had problems with 1 of the lenses rattling loose inside of it after use. Some PPL had problems when flipping it and flipping it back it would be misaligned. 


    This is supposed to be pretty decent. People say that it offers 3"-5" eye relief which is better than what they say about the Sightmark. It's $20 more but only 3x. 3x is still good for 100 yards.  https://www.amazon.com/Bushnell-Optics-Magnifier-Matte-Black/dp/B06VXCFJSF

    Actually that was a major concern cause of my red dot placement.. I will look at that one.. Thanks bud...

  2. 3 hours ago, Giggles said:

    BITE ME TWATWAFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!  I not play much anymore because I am worn out and trying to come by sometimes but the ( fun ) has kinda run out for me on some of the servers :)

    You still whining about whiners ...?   :P😎

  3. 8 hours ago, RobMc said:

    Now before I start it's probably out of turn for me to post this, but I'm always curious and it's something that's puzzled me for about a year. I played for years on WAW with the same team turning up day in and day out, same in recent years on mw2 and to a lesser extent acemod. It is quite natural for people to move on, leave and of course die, but over the last year you cannot help but notice that players who regularly played no longer do so. Although these games are now old and things move on they still have a strong following, but a lot of people who played every day now rarely play - why? do you play something else, play elsewhere or just don't like cod any more, it would be interesting to hear. The acemod boys seemed to move to WAW, the mw2 people drifted away but the WAW people seem to still play, but less often. I could list names but hope that if we understand why, they may return, I miss them they were fun.

    About what did you start playing. Trying look back on my calender's when I left....😎

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