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  1. Judge

  2. Judge

    Can not join Password?
  3. Judge

    Welcome back than
  4. Judge

    Works fine for me. windows 11
  5. This map is hard to play for me "mp_lut_gholein " dont like it.
  6. Judge

    Happy B Day old men
  7. Judge

    Happy B Day
  8. Judge

    Fijne verjaardag Drimpie
  9. Judge

    Habby B day Idiots
  10. Judge

    Happy B day Roxy
  11. Two different men, one Musk with sense and the other with the mind of an amoeba.
  12. Judge

    Welcome to the forums en Cod server!
  13. Judge

    Noooooooooooooo you must be an idiot that you want to join this. Welcome Midget!!!!!
  14. Judge

    Happy Birthday @Giggles
  15. Judge

    Happy B Day coolmd
  16. Judge

    Condoled with the loss of your father
  17. When can we organize another XI meeting in Europe ?
  18. Judge

    Welcome back idiot
  19. Judge

  20. Wishing all the best for you Rugger.
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