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  1. Documentary: BLUE - Living with ADOA There are still members on the server who do not know that my eyesight is poor and that is why playing on the CoD4 is extra difficult for me. This short film focuses on ADOA, the very rare disease that is common in my family. I still have 7% light in my eyes, Nina is my Daugter
  2. Update! Ban is already gone. Must have been a glitch
  3. ??? Am I the only one seeing this right now? Wouldn't know what I did to get blocked now. Always go through the menu XI after this site to see who is online. Other than that I don't do anything there.
  4. Verkiezing RadioRing 2022 (avrotros.nl)
  5. My daughters podcast is nominated again for a new award (radio ring) Verkiezing RadioRing 2022 (avrotros.nl) stemmen.mp4
  6. Yes, the years fly by. Also active for more than 12 years on this forum and in this community. On to the next 12 years
  7. So very sorry to hear about your loss. keep strong old game buddy.
  8. Not necessary The damage is recovered from his insurance. Received a bunch of flowers yesterday and wished well.
  9. Update. Been to the hospital for a check-up. They removed the pressure bandage. Arm is badly bruised. Now that the pressure bandage has been removed, I have a bit more play in my arm. So can also do some gaming
  10. I went down with the scooter yesterday. Visited hospital and helped my injured elbow. Can't play games for a while
  11. For the Dutch speaking members. My daughter has a podcast together with 2 friends. They have been nominated for a podcast award in the Netherlands. Voting is still possible until the beginning of November. See the link and vote vrouwmibo the podcast that airs on Friday afternoon
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