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Quiz on the United Kingdom

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OK, first for those who don't know it, the UK is Great Britain (Wales, Scotland and England) plus Northern Ireland

So how much do you know about this country?, history, culture etc etc, I'd wager the foreigners know more than the residents, lets see by the scores?

20 mixed questions in 4 minutes

Leaders Ranking

10 Players

  1. 1
    55% in 00:02:56 Kitsune
    11/29/20 07:04 PM

    55% in 00:02:56
  2. 2
    50% in 00:02:43 GhostfaceJim
    12/27/20 02:48 AM

    50% in 00:02:43
  3. 3
    45% in 00:02:32 Snap
    12/25/20 06:25 PM

    45% in 00:02:32
  4. 4
    40% in 00:02:23 Mzhyde0666
    12/01/20 04:11 PM

    40% in 00:02:23
  5. 5
    30% in 00:03:39 major-mark63
    11/21/20 12:44 PM

    30% in 00:03:39

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I guessed at them all and proved I don't know shit about the United Kingdom except your food I hear sucks, but they didn't teach us much about you guys except that we kicked your ass in a few wars and fought side by side in a few as well. Oh word has it you make really great beverages that relieve stress as well.

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Well, well, what a rant? I wasn't going to bother replying to another member of the small dicks club, but I figured it out quickly, you are the self proclaimed music maestro and your score sucked lol, just like our food, relieve your stress by watching this old video of how much we suck at fighting too? LMFAO, loser. Get your points elsewhere I'm giving you no more, sorry Crack no more quizzes for me to keep fckrs like this happy, spend my time elsewhere.

Representing Great Britain is Carl Richardson, SAS Instructor, Height 5'9, Weight 171 Ib. Representing USA is Matthew Ortiz, US Marine Recon, Height 5'11, Weight 168 Ib. Two elite soldiers but look who's the best lol.

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