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About This File

Map name : mp_operwes


Operation Weserübung


Creator: [OUTLAW]BlindSniper


Version 1




Game Types:  DM,TDM,CTF,SD,HQ



Map Size        MEDIUM 



 Map compatible mods:  


Extreme Mod 2.6 - Call of Duty 2

Extreme Mod 2.7 - Call of Duty 2

Extreme Mod 2.8 - Call of Duty 2


This is Operation Weserübung


Due to the invasion of Norway by Germany (Operation Weserübung) this castle has become a stronghold, but the British want to take it back. This highly detailed map is set insidea figurative castle that after years of neglect has become dilapidated, grass growing on the walls, cobwebs draped throughout. The fires are roaring again, thick smoke filling the air, gunfire replaces the sword clashing of old. Littered all over the map are subtle scripts, like targets that swing round, along with custom textures, effects and xmodels.  












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