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    Maybe- if you don't already- make a conscious decision to, what I like to call, set your intentions every morning. Perhaps start by listening to this first thing: I make an effort to control what I hear, see, smell (occasional incense), taste (breakfast), & feel every morning to set my mood to be as positive as possible & help in my periodic resolve -to a greater or lesser extent- to establish & maintain a positive mindset to apply to any incoming stimuli over the day. Positive self-talk is important also, for me, throughout the day. Don't know what your internal dialogue is, but many peoples', about themselves, the outside world & their relationship to these things imbues their reality more negatively than is healthy. Intention, attention, resolve, perspective... it's work, but like the current program, becomes more automatic with practice.
  4. AyaqGuyaq

    LMAO, @Timmah!. Instead of "Mountain Mama," the lyric should be "Moonshine Mama." Damn country roads. Lol. Ayaq
  5. Timmah!

    Went to the concert in '89... was like a gigantic PARTY!!!
  6. Timmah!
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  8. SirThunder

    good luck with that
  9. SirThunder

    sounds like a good time
  10. SirThunder

    welcome to the fun
  11. SirThunder

    welcome to the fun
  12. SirThunder

    welcome to the fun
  13. AyaqGuyaq

    Hey, Hammer Time, I strongly suggest that you visit China Town in San Francisco; i.e., if you've never done. We've been to the "China Towns" in New York City and Honolulu, and the San Francisco China Town was undoubtedly the cleanest, non-smelliest, and non-bummiest (non-bummiest?). Classy place to take the family and enjoy incredible Chinese food. The shops are cool, too. Watch out for the apes across the bridge from San Francisco. Ayaq
  14. ANGU5

    Don't fall off the flat earth...
  15. Giggles

    So after speaking with my Dr she has info me the reason for my heart problem is cuz of to much stress for to long so I have to undo some stress .... Good Lucky
  16. Predat0r

  17. AyaqGuyaq

    Wishing very happy birthdays to both of yous. Ayaq
  18. J3st3r

    You can play Free to play to check it out. Your very limited on what you can do in the free to play version but you do play on the normal servers. I'm on Blackgate server.
  19. AyaqGuyaq

    Welcome to the club, Attila. Ayaq
  20. AyaqGuyaq

    Hang in there, FBI--you have many sympathizers here. Ayaq
  21. Nice posts, Sweet Cheyenne. Hey @Predat0r, sir: maybe you should change your name to "Prey." Just suggestin'. Lol. Ayaq
  22. RobMc

    I'm a virgin
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