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  2. HarryWeezer

    Modern Warfare Voice Chat Bug | Why can't I hear people? – Guide Fall
  3. Streetcleaner

    I agree He even quotes Rocky (Balboa)
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  5. AthenA

    I happen to be listening to this (this post) and find the one in the other post... Same artist singer/guitarist, same song over a decade after, but two different style because he made it a new version. I like that idea !
  6. Ruggerxi

    XtremeIdiots would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. pitbullpete (53)chavez --
  7. Thanks Merlin ! I played some DM tonight and they were great maps. Btw, is it possible that the map "wolfsquare" in FT compatible ? I'm pretty sure that I played this map on Nam a couple of times... but a very long time ago !
  8. luckyriver

    YACCSter made sure he has a good head start! Great coming back! Any challenger? If he can make it, anyone can! Good luck!
  9. wildthing

    So in passing they are never forgotten because they are loved as family and that is what XI is one big family. If you want more pictures of members I pay monthly for the site for all the xi fest pictures at ericswan.smugmug.com
  10. wildthing

    These are some pictures with Cobra bites and family during the 2014 XI Fest
  11. wildthing

    This is in Vegas when I got to meet bubbles.
  12. wildthing

    Some of the pictures i have of Johnny DOS. I miss him dearly because he was one of the first I played against in XI. Was in the morning with the COD2. I was so glad to meet him in person because he was a al around great guy.
  13. wildthing

    In memory of those that have fallen. I remember killa best as he would say I am going to get you little piggy!! So I am going to share things that have been shared with me from another member here and that member is T-Rat.
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    Oinking Oinks [email protected]
  16. GhostfaceJim

    Oinking Oinks [email protected]
  17. GhostfaceJim

    Oinking Oinks [email protected]
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    Oinking Oinks [email protected]
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    Oinking Oinks [email protected]
  20. GhostfaceJim

    Oinking Oinks [email protected]
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    Oinking Oinks [email protected]
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    Oinking Oinks [email protected]
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    Oinking Oinks [email protected]
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    Oinking Oinks [email protected]
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    Oinking Oinks [email protected]
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    Oinking Oinks [email protected]
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