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  2. Biotech

    darn ... this place is turning into a loony bin. welcome Snake neck
  3. TBB

    Do you one better - been having 365 day weekends since 2012
  4. Today
  5. Mad Doc

    Nice to get back to playing today. Felt almost like usual.
  6. LtLaszlo

    Welcome to the clan!
  7. PimpedOutPete

    Hey Dawg! It’s great to hear from you again my friend. Are you still in Bonny Lake? I occasionally drive past that area when I am on my way to see family. Good to see you back!
  8. HarryWeezer

    - President Biden: "The idea that an 18-year-old kid can walk into a gun store and buy two assault weapons is just wrong." Agreed. In the last nine school attacks where there were multiple victims, all but two of 11 attackers were under the age of 21. Society has changed. The sale to and possession of firearms by persons under age 21 should be banned by federal law except when that minor is engaged in hunting with a person over the age of 21. - The House voted largely along party lines to pass a pair of background check bills this year, but they haven’t moved in the Senate. Those bills should be expanded and passed. They should require that the sale of firearms at retail outlets, gun shows or any other public venue must require a background check. - It should be an offense to fail to immediately report any threat of violence against schools or children found on social media. - The Uvalde police chief should be fired for failure to do his duty to gain immediate entry to the classroom and neutralize the threat . It is likely some of those children were slowly bleeding to death. The chief gave them an hour to do so by calling it a barricade situation. - The teacher who propped open the door should be prosecuted for endangering the welfare of children under her care. .................................................................................. • May 24: 18-year-old opens fire at Uvalde, Texas, elementary school, killing 19 children and two teachers and injuring others. • May 14: 18-year-old shoots 10 people dead at a Buffalo, New York, grocery. • May 2018: 17-year-old opens fire at a Houston high school, killing 10, most of them students. • February 2018: 20-year-old kills 14 students and three staff members at school in Parkland, Florida. • October 2015: 26-year-old kills eight students and a professor at Roseburg, Oregon, college. • December 2012: 19-year-old man kills his mother at their home in Newtown, Connecticut, then 20 first-graders and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary. • April 2007: 23-year-old kills 32 people on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, with more than two dozen wounded. • March 2005: 16-year-old student kills his grandfather and the man’s companion at their Minnesota home, then goes to nearby Red Lake High School where he kills five students, a teacher and a security guard. • April 1999: Two students, ages 17 and 18, kill 12 of their peers and one teacher at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. What’s most in common in this list is the age of the shooters: 18, 18, 17, 18, 20, 26, 19, 23, 16, 17, 18. Only two of 11 shooters were over age 21.
  9. lazymarcky

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Markoff

    Good to see you back ............................
  11. Mad Doc

    Cheer up Opto. Just look forward to kicking my a.. regularly and easily when I get back in after all this rust has built up. That will be a double energy boost I am sure.
  12. Johnny3Time

    I'm all for the right to own Guns but there has to be some repsonsibility. The Right is falling over itself to downplay this, deflect it and not make it about how easily a disturbed child was able to buy a gun and go on a killing spree. Responsibility he says ??? errr mah gurd they tryn ta take ourr gus away.... Nobody wants to take away guns we want responsible ownership, not excuses like guns don't kill people because they do. It is the sole purpose of any gun other than a hunting rifle.
  13. Johnny3Time

    It sure is and you're the one doing their work with posts like this, the GoP, NRA... your sheep herders herding you and you're being the best sheep ever!
  14. Johnny3Time

    You are an inexcusable piece of shit for even typing that, these were 4th graders gunned down in a classroom as the shooter told them it's time to die. What if this was one of your children murdered? Thoughts and prayers to them but oh well he has a right to his gun? Go suck dog semen from Alex Jones asshole you less than human pile of waste. Squawking fake news Stop the shooter from so easily obtaining a gun...problem solved. The real problem here is people kill people, give them an easily obtainable weapon that you can shoot a lot of children with inside a classroomin a short period of time and it just makes it easier for them to do so. Make it easy to obtain a mass killing weapon, and it's going to happen often as it is and has been. Squawking fake news dressed up in your Marjorie Taylor Green outfit...the only tool I see here is you
  15. bds1961

    Great to see you back. Can’t wait to see you back in game in COD2
  16. VHS2

    My cent: In France, you have to get a permit to buy a gun, only for hunting or for sportive shoot. Most kinds of guns are prohibited. Hence, an American is 30 times more likely to die from a gunshot than a Frenchman (it's a fact). Fortunately, in a free country, you have the opportunity to make a choice. Of course, there are good choices and others not so good... Some choices are good only for yourself, some opposite choices are better for the common good but requires to make a personal sacrifice. Yes, it's your/our choice to live in a worst/better world.
  17. Rotation 17a 25 maps w/ 5 new maps put in rotation 05/27/22 by Pengy map mp_cuf_scifi map mp_broadcast map mp_backyard map mp_gvft map mp_sugarcane map mp_grange map mp_gridiron map mp_hammerjacks map mp_slick map mp_mw3_vortex map mp_hanger map mp_hasinta map mp_hhk_ballroom map mp_skidrow map mp_bo2slums map mp_spbase map mp_stalingrad2 map mp_storageyardv2 map mp_township map mp_bo2paintball map mp_train map mp_twolevels map mp_toybox4 map mp_xi_lobbyb1 map mp_bo2drone Server restarted @ 11:20 a.m. EDT by Pengy Enjoy! mp_cuf_scifi mp_broadcast mp_backyard mp_gvft mp_sugarcane mp_grange mp_gridiron mp_hammerjacks mp_slick mp_mw3_vortex mp_hanger mp_hasinta mp_hhk_ballroom mp_skidrow mp_bo2slums mp_spbase mp_stalingrad2 mp_storageyardv2 mp_township mp_bo2paintball mp_train mp_twolevels mp_toybox4 mp_xi_lobbyb1 mp_bo2drone
  18. MikeB

    We have to blame lack of parenting too. Many times these demented individuals are a product of their upbringing. Or should I say lack of.
  19. so funny, I read bendy wings, and I go there --- YOGA (thought this post was about Yoga) lol Read further, then OH.
  20. window

    Welcome back Dawgy. Great to hear from you.
  21. Hoth

    Never heard of you? lol, Would be awesome to see you back in game. Maybe even cranking out some maps again. Hope you and the family are well.
  22. Dirk Diggler

    Dawgy is Cool and welcome back, see ya in game
  23. Dirk Diggler

  24. WldPenguin

    Wow, crazy.....just saw your name last night because we played one of your maps and now here you are! Welcome back, hope to see tags on you again
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