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  2. Aren't you a cutie..... And Mrs Sabre isn't to bad herself... 🤣😎
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  4. Rotation #8a 22 maps Put in 04 09 20 by Pengy map mp_78workshop map mp_82ab_space map mp_82ab_trenchwarfare map mp_arkona map mp_arbor_day map mp_tempest map mp_blackrock map mp_hillside map mp_hhk_ballroom map mp_fallout map mp_monastery_b1 map mp_beltot map mp_blitz map mp_kstoujane map mp_grange map mp_lobby_fsd map mp_naout_s map mp_caen map mp_dhc_carentan_r map mp_disputed map mp_matmata_new map mp_osg_studio_2 Server restarted @ 8:31 p.m. EDT by Pengy Enjoy!
  5. You could do like me and get your sister-in-law to cut your hair. Blurred her face cause i am scared of her, she would probably kick my ass for posting her picture.
  6. Greets Heffa good seeing you in the forums !
  7. Yesterday
  8. A free blowjob? But the haircut itself cost 500 bucks perhaps?
  9. Here is a picture of my wife and I
  10. SABRE

    not really a difference that i really notice in the game when it comes to the curve. I like the fact that i can raise the monitor up higher on its stand.
  11. GG cut mine.. And I got free Blow job... Hate it for you...
  12. System requirements Minimal PC Requirements • CPU: Dual-core Intel Core 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 2.4 GHz • GPU: Nvidia Geforce 8600GT or ATI Radeon 3650 or faster with Shader Model 3 and 512 MB VRAM • RAM: 1 GB • OS: Windows 7-10 • HDD: 10 GB free space Recommended PC Requirements • CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon Phenom X4 or faster • GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 or ATI Radeon HD 5770 or faster with Shader Model 3 and 896 MB VRAM • RAM: 2 GB • OS: Windows 7-10 • HDD: 20 GB free space This is some info from the Arma II Website
  13. Merlin007

    How do you like the curve over the normal flat? Any adjustments you got to get used to from looking side to side?
  14. SABRE

    Whats up girl...its about time you get in here!!!! Now we need to have a serious conversation
  15. Sourtap

    After spending numerous years on the site and servers and being part of XI for the last 2 years, clanmembers never fail to surprise me. Whatever this dude is smoking, i'll pass on it, thank you very much. @FLDMARSHAL Hope your local grocery store isn't sold out on aluminium foil buddy!
  16. ShinyAbsol

    TL;DR Stay off the shrooms man.
  17. SABRE

    @Sharpe that link says i am getting 144FPS, 144Hz, 7 pixels per frame, and 960 pixels per second I did fix my graphics in my game and yes it makes a big difference, I can see so much better now.
  18. Sharpe

    @SABRE Looks sweet! Double check you are getting 144hz on this site : https://www.testufo.com/ (use chrome or firefox). Also remember to switch your ingame cod to 144hz in the graphics panel! Looks like a big difference in screen quality, I bet you are seeing a lot better at distance and in darkness.
  19. RobMc

    Yep, our very own prophet of doom
  20. Sharpe

    Aren't you the dude that posted that we were all going to die from meteor impact a few weeks ago?
  21. Holy fuck...you're HOT!!! teeheehee
  22. RobMc

    Thats my girl
  23. ShinyAbsol

    Always here to help Rob!!
  24. ShaunZAR

    Correct, seems like the only way to solve this is to uninstall and reinstall the game on the c:\ DRIVE. If there was a setting to allocate a path for the program it would have helped. Like on the COD4 demo manager
  25. Sammy

    Another copy/paste post like all the trolls on the various 'news' forums.
  26. RobMc

    What has your post got to do with anything ? life couldn't be better mate, I'm locked in the house worried sick about the stock market, gold prices and will pornhub collapse like Debenhams. My wife has shacked up in desperation with the local greengrocer, she's saying she's now getting her five a day, whatever that means? The dog has eaten my entire stock of food, but no worries, I'll eat the dog. My daughter rang and said after her Thai holiday she's got a virus, unfortunately not corona, and my son has come out of the closet. So, all good in Northumberland hinnie, just flamed your post on the fire.
  27. RobMc

    It's his tutor
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