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  2. John Martin from New Zealand is behind this game. The game is going to have dedicated servers and is for clans. Finally someone who makes a game thinking about clans as a priority. This is the email he sent, I'm currently chatting with clans and communities who have expressed their interest in helping us create the wider HLL community. We still have our Kickstarter to come, but we want to make sure we start this process now and engage with those who are as excited about HLL as we are. This may mean your clan/community will be invited to play on one of our test servers post Kickstarter, or even be given early access to the HLL server files to host yourself. I want to learn about your community, and would like to setup a quick chat with you or anyone who would take lead on this process. Discord is my preferred platform, please let me know your best day & time, and please make it apparent which timezone you are in. I will do my best to coordinate with my local time here in New Zealand - NZST. I sent him an email to set a date for a meeting. If the XI clan is interested PM me and I will give you his email address.
  3. Fixed
  4. Just another point, does anyone realise that even though we now have WOW forum that unless you actually go into the forums menu and search it out you will probably never know it exists, maybe this is why we keep posting here the "other games" forum, i made a post yesterday and it never showed up on the latest posts on the Homepage, think there is another post in there now too, i even bumped the topics but they just do not show, i asked Rugger if the forum had been activated, he said he would look into it but nothing has happened? is a link to the forum and the posts......i just bumped my "Show your Fleet" post again and it just don't appear on the latest posts on Homepage at all.
  5. Wouldn't i have to start from scratch again though with all level 1 ships?
  6. I still find it strange that the game don't allow this.
  7. Glad your doing better and its a very good time to quit smoking P-man
  8. Hey guys, have you seen this ? What are your thoughts, and could we make a squad or some ?
  9. My eye wasn't what I was worried about....
  10. I'm still but I love the pics !!! Btw girls @Gatorgirl, Penguin, Roxy : good job at the shooting range according to the pics on the previous page !! Good job "Ladies of XI" ... but I still have a little something for @Angus and @StormCrow's pic loll
  11. Look here @djMot
  12. Yes, he was there
  13. looks like I will be getting back into it
  14. Toes, kinda like that cruise idea. All you can eat, casino, duty free shopping, pool, places where all of us can just hang out. alcohol, nobody gets a DUI. Im in
  15. Is there a place we sign up for the match, or do we all just show up at the right time and hurt each other ?
  16. There is a Mod for Regions changer to allow you to play NA. If this game is new to you, you may want to just exclusively play on the NA server. I use Aslains mods for WOW's and there is a Regions changer on the mod if you chose to do so.
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