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  2. Preditor. He breaks everything. haha
  3. Yea we have lead bans in UK too, none left in my pencil
  4. Now that I think about it season starts soon.
  5. Just happen to me like the others just clicked back
  6. yeah... trying to figure that one out :/
  7. Lol. Don't know Angu5, is he a gun nut?In 2014-15, there was a lot of well-know Gun channel american youtubers that discussed the shortage. Even in Canada where I'm from, ammo was scarce. Some Obama-related bill or something being discussed. Price when up. Some folks were lining up at Wal-mart at opening to grab a few bricks. .22LR manufacturers were producing full tilt. so its people that started to stash ammo, for a rainy day I guess... I got about 10 bricks (around 5000) rounds. Nothing to write home about, but enough to plink for free for a little while. Now, in Canada, some enviro "tree huggers" are proposing a total ban on LEAD ammo. that would take care of people's stash and would impose hefty enviro fees to remediate the existing shooting ranges....
  8. Gefeliciteerd Marco
  9. Nice! An old handgun that comes with memories passed on to you. Definitely something that my potential purchase shall become one day! I'm sure they don't make then as sturdy as the old days tho...that is the problem. Pot metal and plastic bushings (on some, not all).
  10. Today
  11. back space back space we don;'t need no stinking back space
  12. RUGGER!!!!!!
  13. Must be backing up the web site. Back space worked for me too. LOL
  14. Error message - "we had a error logging into one of our networks" I hit back space and it logged right in
  15. Rugger
  16. Gremlins. They are nasty and mischievous little creatures.
  17. Who did it? tell me! Wasn't me.
  18. happy birthday
  19. Happy B-Day Mr. Roadkill sir that we have all the formalities out of the way .....just don't get too baked and take a late night stroll down to the quickie mart for some hostess crumb donuts and chocolate milk and get run over .....because then you would be know.... so just stay home for Heavens sake and just orororHell !! or just and Bingo !! have a good one Roadkill !!
  20. We were at Bethesda Cars & Coffee in Maryland.
  21. Yes we had a fantastic time!
  22. Dont mince words. Tell us what you really think.
  23. Yes it is the Helefant, or Hell Elephant vs a Hellcat.
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