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  2. Leave my personal nuggets outta this! Hey, I am the victim here I got my own back though, a few bashes on the head did the trick. No one fucks with me and my nuggets
  3. VPN

    I use a VPN Randall but not usually when i am playing games, the only time i have had it on when i have been playing is because i forgot to switch it off the night before, i have read that it can make your games and TV shows lag but i can't say i have noticed that at all, i use mine mostly when i am streaming TV shows and movies, i have my IP address set to Paris so i can shift all the blame on Frenchi
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  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. Happy Birthday!
  7. I checked his ebay rating -10 watch out all !!!!!!!!!
  8. Happy Birthday to you¨¨¨°º¤ø¸„??Happy Birthday to you??ø¤º°¨¨¨¨°º¤øHappy Birthday,Happy Birthday¸„ø¤ ¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø¸„??Happy ...Birthday to you??ø¤º°¨¨AGAIN!¨°ºHappy Birthday to you¨¨¨°º¤ø¸„??Happy Birthday to you??ø¤º°¨¨¨¨°º¤øHappy Birthday,Happy Birthday¸„ø¤ ¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø¸„??Happy Birthday to you??ø¤º°¨¨¨°
  9. Happy Birthday Pete!
  10. Joe, buddy, you Canadian wankers spell "harbor" funny. You should take your Webster's Collegiate Dictionary "oot and aboot." Eh? Your strip ladies scoff at my "two-nie (two "loonies")" tips--they prefer the paper with a picture of Queen Victoria on the front ($5). Lol. What's wrong with Plumped Out Pete? It's his birthday, isn't it? Happy birthday, Pete!! Ayaq
  11. VPN

    don't play games on a vpn. VPN's can be horrible to your bandwidth.
  12. Wasn't it your birthday a week or so ago too ? .... I don't know how old you get today, but you must be getting older fast ! Anyway, I hope it's a great one and many more to come ! @Timmah! will be happy that I thought about you and I hope he takes 2 minutes to send you wishes too ......
  13. Happy Birthday
  14. VPN

    I use Windscribe ( ). It is free and it works awesome. I found this video on youtube that shows how to get an IP on steam. If I was understanding it correctly it can only be done to someone who is on your friends list. I am not sure it was you that was a target but maybe the server you were in was being ddos.
  15. A side note for the boss, can we get rid of @PimpedOutPete, ?How many signatures do need to get in order to demote the Pimp? He's a negative influence and a bad example to all prospective and current XI members.
  16. FDR said once that "Pearl Harbour", was a "date that which live in infamy". I love you my american bros but you should be aware that Pete's b-day is a shameful day for all Canadians. Most of us, half mast our canadian flags, get drunk and call in sick. Canadians are genuine people who don't like commies (like Pete) who are engaged in prostitution and human trafficking. Haha, fuck you Pete, you have become an NDP ass kisser. You will not take advantage of my pot smoking, tree hugging province. Give me your cell number to enlighten you bastard! haha Pearl Harbor a “date which will live in infamy,”
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  18. happy birthday Jim
  19. Happy birthday Pete !
  20. Happy birthday Jim !
  21. VPN

    I had to buy a vpn service today. Lately, if I sign into my chat on Steam and go in-game, I get hit by a ddos attack. When playing Team Fortress 2, my ping will go from 25 to 750. When I play cod4, my ping goes from 40 to 140. Not sure why someone is targeting me, but I did a quick search on youtube and apparently you can get someone's IP address through their Steam account. Does anyone else use a vpn? I have not had any issues today since I have been using it.
  22. Atleast that was his story after being shot up
  23. You ate your own nuggets. Eeewww
  24. COD2 Pure

    Version 2.0


    This program is used to clear your Call of Duty 2 "main" folder to its pure state.. As always make a back up of your main 1st and keep in a safe location on your PC
  25. A joke that stemmed from me eating chicken nuggets while having a few games of CoD2 and a good laugh with BD and a few others.
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