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  2. Big match Friday, pal. Let's go ORANJE!!!
  3. Today
  4. Damn that brings back soooo many memories, Thanks Beer you put a smile on my face while reading your post.
  5. You just need to pull out the "Weeds", that's all....
  6. Thanks all for the messages really appreciated
  7. Sorry to hear Hatch get well soon hopefully rapid recovery and when you can join me spawn camping as Totty says i do Yeah Right good luck Hatch wish you well
  8. Happy Birthday to you both.
  9. Happy Birthday and have a great day
  10. Me & drag pipes have parted company. My hearing is shot, & tinnitus is a constant reminder of hill climbs on screaming Elsinores & trips down the strip @ Cordova. Bone stock is lovely, quiet, & you can rip through the gears in town w/o drawing attention. Not to mention dodging the brain dead on their phones. I loved all pushrod twins. Beemers, BSAs, Nortons, Triumphs, owed & rode them all. Gas soaked hands from Amal ticklers, setting three sets of points on Tridents, & the monthly feeler gauge ritual for valve clearance. If I feel like it, I might scan some pics of my younger rides, but it's a little painful being reminded of everyone that's gone.
  12. You need COD4 , MWw is the mod. You might also need to install COD4X to be able to access our servers, it just works out easier than trying to revert steam versions to patch 1.7
  13. Ok I wasn't totally paying attention there and had a dumb dumb moment. I am gonna have to buy the game(MW1) again lol.
  14. XtremeIdiots would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Hunter1948 (76)inciuciuna (55)
  15. Working on it brother! Btw any issue with me keeping my tag? Ok I still have MW2 on Steam lol I am installing now!
  16. Thank you for sharing. Time will be your friend. Thoughts and prayers to you, your daughter and her family.
  17. They look great, well done @Timmah!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Oh Beer, You will be happy with an Evolution. No fucking leaking like the shovels, and pan heads. I have two Evo's and they are great. I love the panheads as the old 50's scooters. Hard to ride my scooters these days with so much bullshit with texting, and peeps that should not be driving. My 1987 low rider is stock as a stove, with low miles, blue and sliver. I punched out the pipes, and I love it. Loud pipes saves lives. The 1988 sportster is modifed, slamed to the ground (lowered), and I powder coated some of the accessories, all black and orange. Gotta love Harleys, as it's music to my ears.
  20. Texas? Texas who? LOL - hey welcome back man!
  21. oh my,,yes take time to recover,,just come in server and yell at ppl!!hahahahahaha
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