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  1. Yesterday
  2. TBB

    Have a GREAT birthday!!
  3. TBB

    But - is it beer??
  4. TBB

    WELCOME to the Forums!!
  5. TBB

    Obvious comment - check all connections - a loose one could cause intermittent problems
  6. KaptCrunch

    not work on 64bit OS
  7. Great points! I just have to imagine that Activision could figure out how to profit on active, loyal gaming clans like XI that want to play the old titles. I find it surprising that Activision is just not clever enough how to market this angle is all or that they have deemed it a "not profitable enough" effort.
  8. FunStick

    Howdy Roody!
  9. KaptCrunch

    if a laptop remove battery and use power brick Roody its helpful if we know your OS / hardware etc laptop, tower, brand model of computer or motherboard and Rev # of it. if an older unit, microcode needs updating this why i ask for info to see if your are current with drivers
  10. Shadow

    I love late 70's and early 80's rock. Been to several shows, But the best I ever seen was Heart, in 2019 (I think) They were absolutely amazing! I drove about 4 hours to see them, and I would do it again 1000 times.
  11. SgT.Chris

    that can also be a possibility out of curiosity how powerful is the power supply installed in the computer also the brand i have had problems before with under powered computers which meet the technical specifications until heat and load is applied
  12. Roody

    Checked the temperature during COD4: It's about 39 oC. That's cold as ice. All other values are good too. Found another Topic on other Forum. They say it's a problem after they installed a Win10-Update and GPU-Update came along. One user fixed the Problem by using an old driver-version. I'll try this and report...
  13. Yes, and we'll be posting it again as it gets closer to the next one.
  14. BlackRose

    well only 2 women this may not happen!!!
  15. Roody

    OK, thank's for your recommendation. I'll try this... Report tomorrow
  16. SgT.Chris

    strongly recommend afterburner i've built about 7 computers for people in the clan and friends/ people i play with on the servers and i can't recommend them enough setup a good profile and set it to start with windows most of the time this resolves all issues with cards (only had 1 die so far and i sent a replacement the same day no problems since) even if temperature isn't a problem the capacitors and such can also get hot but to be sure play a game for a bit with this running in the background gives a better idea of whats going on https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html
  17. Roody

    Thx for your hints. The temperature is really not the Problem.
  18. Roody

    No, this games do not freeze on my old Notebook on Win10 Pro. So i think this can not be the Problem?!?
  19. MikZzona

    Now THAT'S music !
  20. Yes this is a new computer my other one is home...I am traveling at the moment but anyone can and could do the same thing...All it takes is someone willing to help someone else out...I use WeTransfer which is free to share large files via email...You or anyone could send theirs which I know would be bigger...You are laughing at my attempt to help someone else while you do nothing
  21. Power!

    Hi Roody willkommen im Forum
  22. BlackRose

    at heart im a disco queen!!!!..lololo
  23. BlackRose

  24. Wait only 10.4 gigs,,,hahahaha
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