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  2. LugNut

    Sooo cute!!
  3. LugNut

    Nice !!
  4. LugNut

    Happy Birthday !!
  5. loaderXI

    Great turn out lots of fun ! Thank you to all who made it happen Sunday CTF seems to work great 👨‍🌾
  6. Poppyseed

    Kid rock - All summer long. Great day in Hawaii. Awesome weather.
  7. Poppyseed

    Happy birthday to you
  8. Yesterday
  9. Scarlett

    Happy Birthday to the two of you. I hope you have a GREAT day!
  10. ReaPeR

    yeah mostly streaming tv videos music cord cutters lol
  11. ReaPeR

    tvzion ,cinema.apk us adblocker get no adds and u use u get every show u want lol .
  12. Sikon

    I have Netflix and hulu and no cable. I haven't tried prime. But I prefer hulu over Netflix. Mainly for the prime time tv shows. Then I have showtime and Starz thru hulu as well.
  13. Hehehaehahhehwaehehahehahahewahhaheheaw!! Buddy, I'm a homo-phobe, but God is teaching me to be more "accepting." You crazy bastige, you!! "Golf season" in Alaska, as you can imagine, is relatively short, compared to the rest of the "Lower 49" states, as we called 'em, in Alaska. I used to take annual leave to play golf, and always kept my clubs in the back of my extended-cab (4x4, mind you . . .) Ford F-150. I played 3 - 4 times per week, and I could drive for show, but couldn't putt my frickin-ass-off for "dough!" (Homer Simpson voice): "Doh!!" Lol. Golf takes skill. My drives and approaches were golden, but I seem to have a penchant for "three-putting." Never broke 90. Hit "90" a few times, just never broke it . . . Sigh. The life and travails of poor "AyaqGuyaq . . ." Lol. Ayaq
  14. That's it, get back to Alaska, you are going to go completely soft down there, ffs golf ??? you'll be shaving off your beard next ( tell me it's still there ). We know the type of people who play golf, it's a short step from golf to joining Greenpeace. I am worried my buddy is losing it, lured by the soft life in the sun, golf ???? please tell me you're not gay? Alaskans are hard men. A very worried Rob, love you buddy in a manly non gay kinda way
  15. I know I'm not Admin, but I do not think it's fair. the newbies who just want to kill to impress


  16. Sharpe, sorry I did not know it was you, you know I have consideration for you, but I think it's cool people who just want to kill and be in the hall of fame, but I still do not understand anything because you had 65 score and now you have 34 ?

  17. Yes thank you very much Ayaq
  18. TattooGamer

    Prime is amazing. I like a few shows that Netflix offers, but the added benefit of extra savings and faster shipping a long with great TV shows is a plus with Prime.
  19. You'll get it "fingered out," Cautious Clay. Ayaq
  20. Hey, c'mon, now!!! The only people that think golf is "boring" are those that don't play the game, and hence, can't appreciate those magnificent shots . . . It's those "magnificent shots" that keep the golfer going back for more. I've got a $2,000 set of golf clubs in Alaska that I'm going to send for--as soon as I find an apartment. And, I think I just did that, yesterday. Gonna "stink up" some golf courses down here . . . lol. Ayaq
  21. TattooGamer

    Very nice guide, exceptionally detailed for those who are just starting with Thaumcraft. Thank you for this guide.
  22. Chips Ahoy

    Dark glasses make anyone look handsome
  23. Icequeen

    I have netflix and hulu. Use them as I dont watch much tv anyways.
  24. NeroxTheNoFace

    Nice idea, good to know what enderio enderman heads work
  25. Sammy

    These boxes basically only look like streamers for nas and tv. Maybe some web browsing. Is that right? I could use something like this but have some requirements that, I think, could only be done by a nuc or one of the competitors. They are a bit on the pricey side of course.
  26. window

    Just a quick reminder that we are trying to get some players in for some COD 2 CTF tonight (Sunday) at 6:00 PM ET. Jump in and join us if you can. Server info listed below.
  27. they may have Landed where i live, but bet they did not stay, not improved much since 1066 lol
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