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  2. i am looking for a new cpu i have a 1090 t amd i need faster cpu my board is am3+ fx 8350 is best pm me ok if you have a cpu faster then mine
  3. Alright expanding my tips again... Tip #1 - If you squad up, don't let @Texas OR @bazza drive. Very important! (UPDATED) Tip #2 - Learn how to go further/control your parachute on the initial jump. Tip #3 - Take your shoes off. ADDED: Tip #4 - Holding control while moving makes you slower, yet quieter. Tip #5 - Learn to loot fast before I loot all the good shit....or so I've been told. Tip #6 - Don't shoot people at a distance without a suppressor when you're in a squad...chance are you'll miss, but you'll give away our position and get us killed. Tip #7 - Don't use a vehicle in the smaller circles unless absolutely necessary because you'll just draw everyone's attention to you. Tip #8 - When firing at a distance, use single shot instead of burst/auto. Rapid click instead...more accurate, less recoil. Tip #9 - Don't carsurf w/ @bazza...and don't give him a Sickle either.
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  5. Hot chicks doing Zeppelin....who could ask for anything more?
  6. This is for StromCrow hope you like it!
  7. some Metal right back at ya !! Enjoy !
  8. Very nice...must sound Awesome!
  9. The ban was in place more for us to try and understand what exactly happened and if there was an issue with the system. From my side there is no "mod grudge" I was simply enforcing the rules. You know exactly why you were kicked and temp banned. We have been discussing it today and are going to lift your ban. Don't let us catch you spawnkilling again.
  10. for the love off my life
  11. Also GMO I don't know where you come up with the fact I was previously warned? I was Sec Forces: Recon class, hadn't used explosives; and you dropped the IED after I killed you in legal play for me, picked up IED and chucked it where you came from. I understand how to plant an IED, I've seen many people abuse it for hours at a time. I understand you saw it as rule breaking, maybe only killed you. Maybe it was chucked a little to deep. You did not send out a warning to me previously or upon kicking. Seriously not trying to fight ya but I'd rather not get banned from the only servers I play on for something so petty. Played here to long to look away I guess, as well as played on / respected other XI games/serves.
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  13. just for my mom ..... love you 4 ever R.I.P
  14. Dunno how i rejoined and I was joking when I rejoined, ALSO did apologize when I was back on and continued to play with you for another 30 minutes or so. For real though, I waited 5 minutes, tried to rejoin and was let in. No foul play there if that's what you guys are wondering. Mishap in the system maybe. Okay I came back with a smart remark I guess? Wasn't thinking, because I didn't even know what happened. So I said something to the effect of "someone helped me out" or some crap. GMO never stated why the kick nor the temp ban. I mean if having a mod grudge is gunna prevent me from, playing here than that's okay I guess. And TBH, GMO has tried to accuse me of hacking before? Not trying to call you out dude but I've never butted heads with anyone on here. Nor would I like to with you.. Wasn't wanting to start anything but it obviously must be disheartening to players who put time into the server, communicate with others and have class/respect, yet just get slapped with an all server ban. I mean I can go elsewhere, just the only place I play / have people I play with.
  15. nice mate now sing me a song
  16. hahaha yes I see James as a country singer!!lolol
  17. well ill get him this one i have for now at least he will have something so we can shoot him and tell him FU!!lololthen he can do
  18. L!ckALotAPus
  19. WOOO HOOOOO!!!!! I did a live video on Facebook last night of me fucking around on it playing 3 Monster Truck songs. The lead guitarist of Monster Truck rocks a SG also.... he just liked my video!!! Hes been on my friends list a couple years now, gotta love when the creator of the riffage is liking you rocking it out!!!!! Got musical boner right now!!!!
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