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  2. Keeping in mind that there are still servers that play 'only' stock maps this rotation is just a nice diversion from all the custom ones.
  3. Just a wee update : Server at its highest rank for the month, it seems the masses have spoken Gamer!
  4. congratz . you know u talk to much
  5. Today
  6. I could help ya Johnny that will suck not having you there ...PM me the problem please I have a few work arounds for ya
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday!
  9. very interesting!
  10. The thought alone that I reach my 1000th post AND be able to let it be a reply to the 'FU Wardogs thread' keeps me up at night. Bucketlist updated!
  11. Saint Vitus's a band from the past... WOW
  12. Welcome mate!
  13. Here is a video on how big this game actually is, this fella who is reviewing it says the game gets repetitive and yes i suppose it does...but doesn't every game out there, he is just being ultra picky i think, but watch the whole video he is very positive about it overall......anyway i fucking love it.
  14. There you go m8, hope you can run it, it is the best looking game i have ever seen, i thought BF1 was a fantastic looking game but this game takes the biscuit for it's beauty, really good game too, i have clocked up 104 hours in just 5 weeks, if you had to drive around the whole map i am sure it would take you a full day, i'm sure it is the size of Bolivia where the game is set lol....massive game and no breaks in the game to load other areas of map when you move about...great stuff.
  15. Was thinking to buy it but not sure if my pc can run it :/
  16. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet - he's off his meds again
  17. My COD 2 won't load I have the original on discs and I also bought it on STEAM and the FN game won't load multi player.I give up.It's a very old game anyway.Have fun guys.
  18. Cough Cough bullshit lol
  19. would have to agree with that. Lets change sniper to a dm2 server. They want a low gravity server like I ran for T day.
  20. Lets hope mine dont stop like Rainbow6 Siege.
  21. Should be interesting last election everyone hated McGuinty and the Liberals and they won a majority government.
  22. I've got it also.
  23. I've just got that DLC mate
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