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  2. Not that you weren't sure but the update works fine - thanks!!!
  3. MtDeW

    StarLink is on the way then we will test the shit out of it
  4. TBB

    Can't wait!!!
  5. I really miss playing soooooooooooooooo much! Internet coming soon where I live WiFi sucks ! HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW!
  6. StormCrow

    I just got a new system myself, was easy as pie, if your games are on Steam, then download steam, install games, then drop the 1.7 patch file ontop of .exe file in COD folder and all done good to go. Someone more knowing on where the file is located on our website I am sure can pass it along or go to my profile and go to the topic I started called "HEEELLLLPPPP" and someone put it in that discussion
  7. Yesterday
  8. Labob

    You can look in here. https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/
  9. TBB

    The Pew Pew Gun is a reference to the gun from Duck Hunt, especially the sounds and graphics used when shooting ducks. However, the design is a reference from Zapinator from Terraria, which is inspired by the NES Zapper used to play Duck Hunt, as well as Wild Gunmen. https://henrystickmin.fandom.com/wiki/Pew_Pew_Gun
  10. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/discord-throttles-nvidia-gpu-memory-clock-speeds
  11. WeednFeed

    I love her explanation, priceless. To be legal in Canada we have to ask the intruder to stop wait right there until we unlock our guns and then go unlock the shells that are stored in a different place. Can somebody tell what a PEW PEW is?
  12. MtDeW

    i just got my new rig and the only problem i had was installing cod 4 from the dvd i just got it for steam and it works just fine! Windows 11 Home ben downloading for 6 days now almost done
  13. HarryWeezer

    Time for a new system, which I dread due to the hassle of re-installing everything. Didn't we used to have a forum with files for all COD titles and instructions on installing them? Can't find them. ??
  14. RobMc

    This is a good chance to get in that shed with your tenon saw and practice dovetails, keep you warm tight joints, no draughts. Rob your fellow joiner
  15. RobMc

    Yea? only problem is that picture is to scale
  16. TBB

    Says it all!!!
  17. The server is often only half full from 6am your time through to12pm your time. Try to get some hours in then if you can, even if it's at weekends see you in the servers
  18. Snap

    Hello there.
  19. rexbowan

    Happy Birthday Bas!
  20. rexbowan

    Happy Birthday Crusher!
  21. rexbowan

    Welcome to the Forums!
  22. rexbowan

    LOL. Do they do it any different in Canada?
  23. rexbowan

    Happy Birthday GrooVr!
  24. rexbowan

    Happy Birthday folks!
  25. rexbowan

    Fortunately when it gets that cold the sun is usually shining. You should not be surprised by cold when you live in the Arctic Major! lol
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