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    happy b day
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  4. He's usually the test account I go to.. banning people is fun
  5. WldPenguin

    @Sammy, let's connect sometime soon, on TS perhaps - you, me and Loco. He and I have been testing maps in order to revise some of the rotations.
  6. Ruggerxi

    XtremeIdiots would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. UpChuck (36)_Sniper_ (56)Helio --
  7. Duc banned Rugger recently. Not like it doesn't happen.
  8. Ohhhh look at you telling on yourself again. Stop it
  9. Streetcleaner

  10. Sammy

    I guess it would be like you are single, but could no longer use condoms, and it would likely put a crimp on your lifestyle. 😱
  11. TBB

    Wait till your new boss finds out you're an >IDIOT<
  12. Thank you very much Sharpe, have a nice day I will try
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hey Cacius, The teamspeak ip is, password = crappy. Your nickname should be "caciusclay" or something similar.
  15. Dewalt

    A step in the right direction given the already very long spawn protection potential in my opinion.
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