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  2. lTplkey336

    Still stealing from the government I see. i
  3. Icequeen

    I dont give a poo. Whatever happens happens.
  4. KaptCrunch

    pitch a tent fest ........LoL camp out and enjoy the air. out of my realm for 10 hour drive, Rugger can we do dual fest for Canadian boarder is closed for non vax. Tent fest one north and one south ?
  5. Ricko

    @BUDMAN hahaha if u get it
  6. Yesterday
  7. WldPenguin

    We were looking at Branson, MO in 2020, then COVID came along. When searching for houses for 2021, it's been difficult finding ones that don't cost a fortune now. Most "larger" city areas are very expensive currently, with most having a very strict refund policy. Given the late timing in the year already, mixed with these other issues, a house on a lake with the ability to rent boats was the criteria we used to search. Next year, if all goes well, we'll be able to plan a full-blown "normal" XI Fest once again.
  8. Lady Asylumn

    there is some activities we can do in paducah ky there is atomic city family fun center which has go karts, Lazer tag and some more gun stuff . there is vertical jump. they are about 45 minutes away from cardz ky.
  9. rexbowan

    Sorry, prior commitments.
  10. rexbowan

    Happy Birthday all! Have a great day.
  11. Phoenix911

    Granted I'm in the east now but even that won't get me to drive 9 hrs for a weekend at the cabin lol. Hopefully next year will be somewhere with a bit more appeal.
  12. rexbowan

    So I guess your buying the beer! lol
  13. Lady Asylumn

    us too we live in lacenter ky
  14. TBB

    OK OK - I'm saving up
  15. Icequeen

    For that kind of money I'd even tickle them.
  16. Elvis9

    Exactly, it is always somewhere in the east, there are members west of the Mississippi
  17. TBB

    Have a GREAT birthday all!!!
  18. TBB

    NOT MINE!!! I'm saving them for you - yeah I know - I dream alot!!!
  19. TBB

    NICE!! I'm on my way over with the beer!!!

    If I'm back in the US by then, I'll be there.

  22. ShadyBrady

    This is for @babyback. We were chatting about oven baked wings and I mentioned the baking powder method Kenji uses. Instead of frying in oil, he coats them in baking powder and bakes them in the oven, replicating the same crispy skin you'd get using the frying method. There's also John from Food Wishes who does it along with a few spices to make a rub. His video is the 6 min TL:DR of Kenji's. For all the other food nerds and home cooks out there, Kenji's channel is great. No studio setting with over-the-top production, just a GoPro on his forehead (yes, strapped to his forehead!) and mayb
  23. Icequeen

    I would definitely have to find someone to pick me up from the airport or ride with someone from there. And I'd have to know before hand which hotel were staying at so I can book. I think I'll bring my son. Also in the midst of trying to buy a house. Rawr.
  24. ShadyBrady

    Man you could put a whole body in that big mf'er!
  25. ShadyBrady

    Damn I wish I could go... I wanna sip on bourbon and get shitfaced with @ANGU5 in his backyard!
  26. I sent in a recording of a 'regular' player using something to make his single shot guns automatic. I'm pretty sure he was on the chopping block anyway, but he was banned within a couple of days. (May Kyniek[PL] rot in peace.) I don't like cheaters getting much of a 2nd chance and maybe nobody in the chat told Mandinko to stop his BS, but at least hes out of our hair for 30 days. Being Admin is tough, so I don't mind them taking a bit of time to get something done right. Temp banning players that have been reported by members might be a good tool to buy time to review decisions as well.
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