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  2. George :)

    Thanks I just downloaded it, interesting my zone folder doesn't have carentan in it, i just put downloaded one in there see how we go.
  3. George :)

    I have Original Mac disk version.
  4. George :)

    Hey Snuller good to put a face to the name
  5. 24oz

    Happy Birthday
  6. Mule

    I still have the same boxers dont make them like they used too!
  7. AthenA

    Happy Birthday guys !
  8. J3st3r

  9. I remember it well! Good times!
  10. Yesterday
  11. TBB

    One thing I always teach when conducting a class - ALWAYS check any firearm that is handed to you even if it has been checked - assume it is loaded and never point it at anything you don't intend to shoot or put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot - but of course the Hollywood elites who hate guns don't treat them with respect - just complain about the rest of us who handle them properly.
  12. Timmah!

    It was a low-budget movie; the well-qualified gun handler declined the job because they wouldn't provide for a second assistant. The guy who they did hire had a history of negligent, dangerous behaviour. Alec Baldwin was demonstrating how he was going to draw the gun for the scene & it accidentally discharged. From what I hear, it had a live round in it or something else dangerous loaded when it shouldn't have. Although the handler is responsible for the safe use of a prop gun, I would consider Baldwin partially responsible, because it's, in my opinion, a person's responsibility to personally check a firearm before handling it.
  13. Icequeen

    So I've been watching this and I guess I'm just confused as to how he killed a camera person? Was he supposed to be shooting at another actor. ..or? Maybe I'm just not getting it.
  14. TBB

    Hurts even more when you watch it twice!!!!
  15. TBB

    Gave a GREAT birthday everyone!!!!
  16. lazymarcky

    Happy Birthday!
  17. Krackennutz

    THIS IS FOR AMD Motherboards:::::::First go into to bios and see if you have TPM on AMD it shows as Ftpm if that shows you will not need the module,my mb has place for the module but its all ready on the board> also check if motherboard has a Bios Win 11 update mine has and the board is 4 yrs old...first down load W11 iso and pop it on a usb stick Now this bugged me for weeks caused endless problems crashes wanted to throw PC out the window!!!,on Amd boards you have to disable CSM, set from legacy drive to UEFI,you will notice you lose all hardrives etc showing,you can then enable secure boot save and exit,pop usb stick in,go through setup process chose upgrade[ ie keep[existing files}, it will then copy W11 and keep all your games etc it will automatically change your hard drive to UEFI. Now the bummer part maybe just happened to me but if you have any secondary drives it will not show the contents as the re not uefi,BUT if your motherboard bios supports it [mine did not] some bios lets you have both Legacy/Uefi dual mode mine didnt
  18. loaderXI

    This file is in his "zone" folder
  19. Labob

    So stuiped hurts .
  20. 2_MANY_BEERS

    Stock maps don't show up in your map folder, so you can't delete them. There is how ever a non stock map called carentan. So if this map is put in a rotation, what map are we actually running?
  21. loaderXI

    It is stock and the file must come from someone as you can not download it...I tried to upload here but it did not work so here is a sharable link from google drive Here is the link for it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cGYq7pj4mdsOeQ_pJjvRomMb20ncQzUN/view?usp=sharing
  22. Sammy

    Unfortunately carentan is also a stock map name and there can be potential conflicts. Be careful renaming stock maps if you truly dont need to. Certainly dont delete them.
  23. BoomSlang

    Also if your HD format is mbr it will not work either. That is my problem not going to do a new install.
  24. SnullerDk

    welcome George
  25. loaderXI

    Open your Cod4 folder and search mp.carentan.ff ...Mine is located in the "zone" folder...I would just right click and rename OLDmp.carentan.ff temporary then download... this is the location of mine but I use Steam C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 4\zone\english I attached the one I have to this thread download it and you can put it in there
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