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  2. FUNky

    Happy Birthday @Killapat
  3. bds1961

    Made it in for a few games both Saturday and Sunday. Great job Loader. It was a great time seeing a lot of new faces and some that come in every now and then on COD2. The map selection was great. But have to admit all I did on Saturday during the bash match was provide points for who ever wanted to bash me. I look forward to the next memorial weekend. I just pray the name list of our friends does not grow durable no the next year. It’s hard enough with what we have lost already.
  4. Streetcleaner

    Merry Metal Christmas !!
  5. Today
  6. X-RayXI

    That been said, I had the server open on my laptop. Once my internet was up again, refreshed the page of https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ and a Teamspeak one. I have to say that @loaderXIyou are the man, man. Controlling the servers and so much time spend on them, that I was wondering if you even slept this weekend. You were always there and mostly on AFK because, you had a thought of changing it up again and listening to the players. Saw DM mixed up and LIB, KTF, CTF and more. You were are still, rocking that server. @RuggerxiGreat job and thank you. The freedom you give us to the servers and you leading these Idiots pure heart. I had some fun too and that is because you kept them all organized and in place. I hope this goes on forever. I bet it does without a doubt. @Anyone , Hey I missed out a lot more game with you. Thanks for being there for us all and our friends and guests, for the fun. Some know me and some don't and that is ok. All about >XI< and chestnuts/idiots.
  7. X-RayXI

    I totally agree with you @Labob great post by the way. To be busy with irritation or a grudge in this weekend is absurd. Mature, childish or other nature, does not matter. It is nothing about this 'shit' or to even spend time on, geez, think about it. We have lost so many friends and Yeah! We don't all like all of us, but have the head to what is the best for our >XI<! Check the responses on Facebook. I copied/pasted @loaderXI 's Web-post about this weekend there. Look how many people were Shocked and join our Weekend, to think about them and what we stand for. Personally, I don't hate anyone. Dislike a few, but that doesn't stop me for playing on not to join that server, but this is. Been thinking about for one full 1 minute, why? Because I'm an idiot and could have watched some 'nature' movies instead. I don't waste time on this. That was my weekend, thank you. Two games of COD2.
  8. JoeCamel

  9. JoeCamel

    Welcome HotRod55...although a little belated.
  10. Congrats and Welcome to the team
  11. JoeCamel

    Hi OB1...Nice to shoot you...er I mean meet you. Truth be told I think you have put quite a few rounds in me already.
  12. Labob

    This event is about remembering our lost members not about our dislike of some people. Lets focus please also let try to remember its Christmas a time to forgive just for a few weeks please.
  13. Welcome to the team guys!
  14. Yesterday
  15. hxtr

    Even Pman didn't say that Bart. It being brought up in the first play is plain childish. If Pman did not like me Tea Bagging him in game.. maybe next time he should be excited to see me... I never mentioned that pussy but he made sure to post this after my post on the second page. So.. Tel Pman to shut his mouth and I will ignore his ass like I do already.
  16. By the nine divines...who tf authorized this?!?? I demand to speak to the idiot who invited them inmediatly!!! Lol, good job my children, congrats ❤️
  17. Appreciate it very much! I love helping out on the Insurgency server.
  18. Blackbart

    P-Man didn't say he was personally attacked that was my mistake, he felt that because you two are not friends or on friendly terms that you calling out his name is provocative...I asked as a personal favor for you not to mention him, I never told you not to talk in game...
  19. RobMc

    The CTF was great, every time I return I forget how much I loved this game, by the way fu hxtr you were awesome
  20. mp_xmas_blood mp_chateau_xmas mp_downtown2 mp_hunt_xmas mp_kiev mp_lapatrouille mp_pavlov_h mp_warlord mp_powcamp_n mp_railyrd_xmas mp_ratsbedroom mp_nachtzug_2 mp_backwoods_5 mp_winter_crash mp_rhinevalleygits mp_rocket mp_rostov mp_db_snowypark mp_burma I know we just played some of these but there are only so many winter/xmas maps. If you want something else just holler.
  21. hxtr

    But it was fun while it lasted. Well done Loader. I enjoyed it till I was told to read my PM mid playing. Someone will have to remind someone who care what I said that scared Pman so bad. I did know I was that scary. Must be my penis. It scares me too.
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