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  2. WinssloW

    This is very rough news for the community. I have literately no words that can describe how i feel at this very moment. Johnny was all>XI< and above. His attention will be missed so much by so many people. R.I.P Johnny, ❤️❤️❤️ For ever in our hearts.
  3. Merlin007

    Didn't know John well, met him once in Niagara for the fest, and was a pretty decent and funny guy. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends. RIP Johnny
  4. TheHammer

    2020 is Really starting out to be a very bad Year. 1st dadda and now Johnny dos .. I will miss him saying i put a whole clip in him and not a scratch !!!!! or telling me about his martinie fridays he was a great guy and fun to play with all these years . the bf4 Breakfast club was so great to play on every morning with the Gang. i know i will see him Again at Gods Side . God Bless Johnny Dos >XI<
  5. NumNutz

    RIP my friend
  6. Today
  7. Olive

    This is so sad,like many others he was the first member i met one morning on the ace mod server,he was the reason why i kept playing on XI servers and became a member.So many ingame memories and real life memories at the US fests...He was simply the best guy ever ! RIP my friend,you will be missed.
  8. Ov3rKi11

    It’s very sad to know that such a great person like him had to pass away he will be missed very much so
  9. Mazdarati

    Such a wonderful happy funny man , was a pleasure knowing you and calling you my friend , RIP Johnny you will be missed by many , prayers go out to his family ...

    Had some great laughs with him, in The breakfeast club always got me and John Rambo mixed up, but Hey that was Johnny a great guy who will be sadly missed. RIP Johnny you will be missed
  11. SgT.Chris

    Sad to hear he will be missed Rip Johnny
  12. Chris

    He was such a nice man. I spent the day with he and his wife at the fest in Niagra Falls. Rest in peace Johnny.
  13. SnullerDk

    R.I.P Johnny
  14. Crack

    rip johnny dos! i will miss him tremendously ...i never got a chance to get over the river to smoke one with him but we talked about it all the time...fuck this sucks!
  15. Sonovabich

    I am heartbroken, RIP Johnny my best friend in this clan, i will miss you until the day that i die and hope on that day we will meet and continue our friendship and gameplaying on the other side, i know you told me you wanted to survive until March when your new grand daughter was to be born, that wasn't to be old friend but i'm sure she will be told many great things about you, i love you my friend.
  16. TheDrimpXI

    R.I.P my friend Prayers for your family

    Condoléance a la famille et prières et pensées pour notre ami johnny dos , il nous manquera c était l un les xi les plus appréciés xi , un membre de notre grande famille est partis que son âme repose en paix ...😪
  18. daniel

    RIP Johnny, sorry for the loss
  19. PainKiller

    It was good to see you in PMan, We still run snipers on TDM as you saw and DM gets busy in the weekday evenings so be sure to come along to that!
  20. PainKiller

    Such a shock to wake up and find this out! It's surreal. JD put so much into this, his heart and soul. Let's keep him in our hearts and minds and carry on the legacy that he left behind: a kick ass >XI< spirit
  21. Power!

    very sad news😥 I played with him a lot of time he was a good man R.I.P Johny pray for your family
  22. drbakke

    dear JohnnyDOS... your the first guy i meet here at XI in 2007. now youre gone to do the step in the next world. i hope you have there as many friends as here in the XI family. go ahead and do the best. i miss you.........RIP
  23. kleinehexe

    R.i.p. ....never forget him, he was one from the first time we play with him and he was a very good man... We are very said...bakke and hexi
  24. J3st3r

    Damnit. Johnny was an awesome fella. RIP brother
  25. pollenator

    I remember the days we all played battle field together well you see the English lot never really liked me but all the American brothers made me feel welcome especially Johnny rest in peace brother
  26. Unexist

    RIP Johnny... he will be missed!
  27. JAYsus_NL

    Sad days..... He was one of our BF4 breakfast club members and i have spend hours with him on the servers and in TS. Always had a laugh with him... He will truly be missed. RIP Johnny!!!
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