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    Madée Ise Tecla was born on the 4th of June. Never been more proud of anything in my life and now I'm officialy a dad! Be prepared cause she will be in the servers soon, camping and owning!
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    10 years

    As of yesterday I have been an IDIOT for 10 years, just wanna say a Big Thank you @Ruggerxi and everyone for making XI what it is today!!
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    What Blackjack has taught me

    Before we got this game I had honestly never gambled in a casino, I have learnt :- 1/. That apparently I can't count 2/. I can't gamble 3/. In real life these nice people who own casinos take a terrible risk with their own money, I don't know how they sleep thinking we might bankrupt them any time, to make it worse my friends tell me they give away free food and drink too, they have to be Philanthropists? 4/. That no matter how many times you draw 20, the dealer ALWAYS draws 21 5/. You make lots of buddies, also losers, down on their luck but soon they'll be millionaires. 6/. James Bond and Maverick were liars 7/. Even little piggies can go bankrupt 8/. It is not fixed, I am just unlucky 9/. When down it's hard to get up 10/. Soon I too will be a millionaire, guaranteed Thank you XI
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    33 years and I'm done!

    After 33 years of being a police officer, 8 years patrol, 25 years as departmental Polygraph examiner and hostage negotiator, detective and finally Patrol Division Supervisor, I have RETIRED!!!!! I have turned in my badge for a RETIRED officer's badge. I will now have more time to play on the servers and help everyone's scores by being killed! LOL Be well idiots, DiRTy
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    I would like to thank everyone who is doing their part to minimize the risk during this time. Working in healthcare sucks even when the risk in my area is low, but things can change lightning fast. I appreciate all who are going their part. And for those nay-sayers, go fuck yourself... see you in ER soon enough.
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    Sammy is taking a break from working on the mod so I will be trying to take over. I would like to remind you that I have no modding experience so I will break things more than fix them Only post issues with the mod, DO NOT POST WANTS For example the care package reroll wasn't working, every time you knifed the packed it would blow up and kill you. I have fixed this so if you knife it once it will reroll, if you knife it twice it will explode and kill you. There was a couple weapon red line/FX issues that I believe are all fixed now I would love videos or pictures of the issues so I can better understand what the problem is. Again I don't wanna hear about the wants, just the problems with the current issues. If there is a want posted it will be deleted. We will do the wants at a later time.
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    Hi Bori here.

    My name is Edgar or “Eddie” but all my friends call me Bori since I was born in Puerto Rico and we are called Boricuas. I was raised in Homestead, Florida in the late 70's and I live in Broward county Florida. I’m an IT system engineer and work as a Supervisor for IT at a local government office for over 30 years. I was the co-owner of the TRF clan for many years but really only played with them for less than 2 since they don’t play COD4. I found this server “XI” I believe over 5 years ago when playing with RoseBlack and Chris at ESC servers. This is the only place I play to relax and have fun, since you guys are fun and make me laugh even on a bad day. Well thank you and it was great playing with all of you.
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    Got my kitty from Piglo

    YAY I got my kitty from Piglo , Thank you so much! I think we look a lot alike!
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    Hello peoples!

    I've been on the XI site for 7 years and I'm finally getting to the intro. My real name is Duffy, so I get confused sometimes when playing with Duffy>XI<. I'm also 55 years old and love whiskey, so I just get confused sometimes anyway. I live in SC with my family and work as a developer - primarily web dev, but work in VR and other technologies. I was a member of DPG clan until recently. I left the clan because I hadn't played on their servers or participated actively in 5 or 6 years. As soon as I discovered Freeze-Tag servers in COD4 (F4H and a couple others before I found XI), that was where I played. It's always been my preferred mod for FPS (years ago, I was a member of a MOHAA Freeze-Tag clan, BUR). This game and this server are all I play now. Don't have a lot of time for gaming and I'm a Mac user, so not a lot of options either. I guess that's all I got for now. See you in game (or likely not, which is why I get killed often)!
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    12 Year Anniversary

    Well, how time goes by. My beautiful wife and I have made it to 12 great years and many more to come. We look back and can't believe how small they were, now there in their 20s and moved out. Cheers all. Chilling with wine on the deck.
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    What Blackjack has taught me

    If you look up on the top left it tells you what you have. Also I'm pretty sure the dealer is in cahoots with Rugger and stealing all of my points. So FU @Ruggerxi and 5 million to that terrible cheating asshole of a dealer. Okay rant over.
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    The Blackjack fool

    As I said previously I wasn't a gambler, and our blackjack has sure shown me why, but I find myself drawn to try on the tables every time I get enough points to squander. So having tossed it all away again I'm lying here wondering why I do it, the game has shown me enough times I won't win, so why do we go back? I have an interest in psychology, which is leading to psychiatry dealing with you fckrs, but thats for later, so why ? Boredom?, yes this plays a part, it certainly livens up the day, smashing the house up, kicking the dog and screaming at the wife fill in a few minutes. Competitiveness ?, of course, this is why we play games, but we like to win occasionally, I even kill Sharpe occasionally (bit more often than he likes now fckr), but the f....g dealer just pushes in the knife then twists, every time, perhaps I'm a closet masochist, must get Chris to give me some tips.? Thinking I'll win?, this is it, like a drug addict wanting to go clean, this will be the last fix, I'll kick his arse then retire to idiots island, free amazon gift cards and as many free tries on rock paper scissors as you want. Stupidity?, I don't want to face it, but I suspect this may be the truth, would I put my hand in a fire - no!, would I kick a grizzly in the nuts - no!, so why oh why do I keep on trying? then it struck me GAMBLIING IS FOR IDIOTS, and that's what we are IDIOTS
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    My Sister who is a Senior Staff Nurse in Leicester City Royal Hospital is just recovering from it. She is super fit with no underlying health Issues but it still knocked her for six for 3 weeks she suffered really bad and had to spend a week in ICU. She knows of 2 other nurses that were not so lucky and passed away, and 3 other nurses that who she works with had it with very little symptoms. Doctors do not know why it affects people differently some of her patients did have other issues but some did not but still ended up in ICU. Her Advice to everyone.... what harm does it do to take precautions if wearing a mask saves just one person is it not worth it ????????? And remember you may get it and have no symptoms but you will still pass it on. So in my opinion its selfish not to take precautions.
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    Timmah!>XI<'s Random Postings

    What the hell are you doing breaking into that Barber Shop at 12:25am? Maybe you should rename this thread Timmah!>XI<‘s crime blog.
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    XI Critter

    Got my critter in today. Thanks @piglo.
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    Daughters 16th

    Hi all, just giving ya heads up, me and Aussiegirl will be incapable of playing COD tomorrow night, we r gonna be drinking for my daughters 16th..LOL...🤣😜🥴
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    i knew this game felt so familiar lol
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    Gaming Chairs!

    introducing the Gamer Throne or https://fadingred.org/gaming-chair-with-speakers/
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    I really hate the way the world is going right now. Full of whinny babies that need slapped out.
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    What Blackjack has taught me

    Hmm lets count 10 fingers 10 toes ah maybe the dealers got a penis and you don't 🙂
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    Modell Builder

    Hi are there any Modell Builder here in the Forum no matter wich Scale I Build Racing Cars and RWB Porsches + Scale Cars of Friends In moment im Looking for Some Cars From US Indy cars NASCAR´s
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    Need Points? Post here!

    Ooink all the way home cus lost all his points.
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    I tested positive for Covid-19 in late March after feeling icky and a close co-worker testing positive as well as 5 other staff at that same time. It took 12 days to get my test results back even though the POS was saying anyone who wanted a test could get one and the test was very uncomfortable which it wasn't. 6 weeks later I developed a secondary lung infection and was given 10 days of antibiotics which gave me a allergic reaction that is causing my skin to itch all over like red ants are biting me all the time. Beginning of June I was in the ER with chest pains hand very high blood pressure and since I had a Heart Attack 3 years ago they put me on Heparin overnight as well as meds to lower my BP and the following day I had another Angiogram which revealed a large blockage in the bottom of my Heart that is to dangerous to stent so more meds to insure that area of the muscle isn't damaged more. Plus the entire time since I got sick I have been suffering from fatigue everyday which leaves me beat so I work, eat, shower and sleep. I even take a nap during my lunch hour to get through the day. The Dr's I have seen have very little they can do for what I am going through and no idea when it will go away like someone in DC promised when it got hot. We stay home and when out we all wear quality masks to protect our fellow human beings. The worst part of this is the depression that has been building for the past 4 months that won't go away and the people I have had to stop communicating with because I learned they have zero empathy for others. I have no time these days for Cov-idiots, no offense to my Xtreme Idiots friends.
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    The Blackjack fool

    It's been 3 whole hours @RobMc having withdrawal yet?
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to PC gaming, and came here under recommendation of my daughter @ShinyAbsol. I normally play Nintendo games but play other consoles. Some of my favourite games are Halo, Gears of War, Pokemon (I play this with Shiny a lot). My hobbies include reading, cross-stitch, crochet and of course, playing video games. I'm looking forward to joining the ARK community here, and possibly exploring the other games you all play here. Anyone who knows Shiny and her sense of humour should know that I'm far worse than her, she gets it from me!
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    I fixed it. 25+ Years of IT work gave me this silly idea I tell my customers. "Did you try rebooting?" /facepalm
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    Post your drone and photos here

    Testing on my new drone
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    COD4 MW2 Freezetag issues post not wants

    I want the dealer killed 😂
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    Harvested my garlic today. Long live garlic!!
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    Wife and I spent the past couple of days out on our boat up in Washington D.C. for the July 4th military flyover and fireworks. Little did we know that when we anchored the boat, we would literally be directly under the flight path of the aircraft. While this made for an amazing experience, it also made for challenging photographs. It's really hard to get exposures correct when you are shooting straight into a bright sky. Anyway I am pretty pleased with the results, hope you are too. Oh, one more thing.... 'MERICA!
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    Got my >XI< Critter today

    Mine came in today thanks @piglo
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    Need Points? Post here!

    Oinks for points baby!!!! 🐷🐽
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    Need Points? Post here!

    Oh man i was actually doing pretty good on blackjack.... won a couple hands.... couple of blackjacks... upped the bet.... Yeah it didn't do so well it's gone. Oinks!
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    Need Points? Post here!

    i need points, i lost it all on blackjack
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    Need Points? Post here!

    Oinks for points ! lol
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    Need Points? Post here!

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    Need Points? Post here!

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    Need Points? Post here!

    I just had this happen, always wondered what would happen in this situation... Now I know! Oink!
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    New Raffle$150 Amazon Gift Card

    Raffle Winners LordRaiden *** Clan Members 36 Joined in Raffle June 2 Tickets 2 Odds 0.19% Joined November 11, 2012 Content Count 93 Details from Prize 1 Find Content  
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    New way to charge cellphones

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    What Blackjack has taught me

    But are you having any fun ? lol
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    need points post here

    Yes I'm tired of that dealer. I always need points. I apparently have a BJ addiction. I meant blackjack.
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    Need Points? Post here!

    Some people will remember 2020 as the year when the coronavirus hit. Others will remember the Australian bushfires. Some may mention the murder hornets. But this fkn dealer is definitely going down as the most terrible calamity of the year. Oink.
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    Sex with a blind Woman

    If your ever in bed with a beautiful Blind woman and she says you have the biggest dick she had ever wrapper her hand around. There is a very good chance She is just pulling your leg.🥁
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    Gun Range Today

    Went to the gun range today with the kid and had a great time! It was a little crowded but, it was sunny and very nice. Shot my Glock 26 which apparently I really need to clean. Shot my 380 that I always carry and fired out the rounds that I have always left in there and they all fired just fine. Finally we went over and shot my Sig AR-15 at 100 yards and had a great time. I am thinking about buying some kind of optics for my AR I am just not sure what I should step up to from the iron sights. I never shoot further than 100 yards. I didn't take any pictures at the range but here is my sweet Sig.
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    I am leaving XI

    I don't know about you, but this life is a limited-time offer, & I'm not wasting one minute of it concerned in any way about what someone said to me the other day... or the other year.
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    What Blackjack has taught me

    Yes he does. He's having to fight rugger for them lol.



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