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    good new, bad news, then good news

    Okay, so the first good news is more about why I've not been on my favs, COD2 & COD5 much lately. Besides our short summers here in Michigan, the time had come to overhaul the house, 20 plus years after adding on to it. Roof needed replaced from all the abuse it gets from the sometimes harsh winters and winds we get. So, we opted to "get the red out", you might says, so once roof was done (by others, too steep for me these days) I replaced a lot of wood siding and trim, following by staining both garage and home. Watched a lot of beautiful days roll by, but busted ass for about 4 weeks around day job to get done. Need a few more touchups and accents replaced, but here's a few before and afters:
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    XI Fest 2017

    Here's some pics from the weekend Roxy's friend Ally, Dragon Slayer, Angus, Wild Penguin, Ramistar's wife Roxy Angus and Yaccster Wild Penguin and Hoth Wild Penguin and GG (Hoth and Hunter in background) Hunter Wildthing SittingDuc Bmurda and Chris Stormcrow and Angus Stormcrow and Angus Merlin Larsin Hoth and Wild Penguin Ramistar Roxy Yaccster Olive Wildthing PitbullPete Bosun and Angus UnChileno Spinpuppy The girls and Chile Bosun, Olive, Stormcrow, Roxy Angus, Wildthing, Larsin, Yaccster Wild Penguin and Angus
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    My trip to fest 2017

    First off I just want to take a quick moment before the picks to say something about this trip.. I have been fortunate to travel places and meet people from all over the world and not much excites me like it used or gets me where I like damn that was cool. But this weekend did just that....I spent the weekend with some very amazing people who in their own way made it one the funnest, amazing ,memorable trips I've done in a long time.. Something I will always remember.. I have played with so many of you for years and as we all know gotten to know a lot of you very well and to finally put a face and a laugh and a hand shake or a hug with it made it very cool. I could say somethings crazy and great about everyone of you, And im sure i wont mention everyone one, But those I don't know I have a story about you as well . First off Thanks to @WildPenguin ( Mine and @Gatorgirl Dirty Bird )for being such a beautiful host in her home the night before and the day and night after, Taking us to great food and fun downtown Cleveland. For @Roxy!and her friend form making the room next to ours a wild fun and crazy experience and glad I could help get you there For @YACCster being generous and helping out concertedly on gun shoot day.For @1lkysob making a special trip down town to find us on club night and hang before going on vaca himself... For @Hoth helping me babysit on dance night with girls And for @StormCrowand wife working on putting things together at the beginning and getting us all fired up about going.. And to @wildthing for helping on mist day... And I want to thank the local law enforcement for holding my bourbon while I parked... You know who you are ..And a few more that made a lasting impression, @Bosun and Mrs Bosun and Bosunette for making sure I had a drinking partner and some one for a good laugh all weekend. Great folks!! Point is i could go on forever about each and every one that came and how super exciting it was to see each and every one in person!! Any way, Thank you to all and thank you Canada for a great trip!!
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    good new, bad news, then good news

    After even more test of lymph nodes in the lungs (as well as outside, tested previously) she appears to be cancer free! We will be celebrating at XI Fest, for sure!!
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    Back from the XI fest whith a few pics

    First my favourite pic i think this is a good introduction to the 2017 XI fest . It was great meeting some of you again and some of you for the first time. Special thanks to Stormcrow and whife for the work on the organisation and to the bosum's family who not only got married in the occasion of their trip to the US but spent most of their honeymoon hanging around whith idiots.It will be hard to beat that in terms of commitment to XI lol. I wanted to say i'm sorry to the poor guys ( you know who you are) who crossed the US border whith me when going to the gun range and where detained almost an hour just because there was a guy holding a French passeport in the car A big FU to the one putting a AK47 shell casing in my bag and who almost sent me in jail when crossing security at the Montreal airport lol Vid: pics:
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    So.. our place pales in comparison to many beautiful homes on a large all sports lake. But at least the view is the same as my neighbrs!: Unfortunately, due to the above work and the bad news I have not had much "play" time, other than an occassional couple rounds. Parallel to the work, as some of you know from FB, my wife of 24 years, Debra was diagnosed with lung cancer. Having lost her dad 69 yrs old) and brother (45 yrs old) to it, this was not good news. She has just went through a right upper lobectomy, not an easy surgery. After seven (beautiful) days in the hospital, she is home recovering. All went well with the surgery. And, fortunately, the good news.....
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    XI Fest Niagara Falls Canada 2017

    Some Pix from the Buffalo Niagra Gun Range IMG_0726.m4v
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    XI Fest Niagara Falls Canada 2017

    My wife told me she loved our neighbours at the fest,Mr.Spinpuppy and his wife.Now I know why they call this guy SpinPuppy,I tell you by Saturday afternoon this guy could spin perfect doobies and almost with one hand.Great Job Mr and Mrs Spinpuppy.And Jim tell your wife I'm Johnny Dos not Johnny Dog,but I was liking that name by Saturday and you were good at sniffing me out early in the morning.You liked that aroma I see.
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    Meaning of Karma 101

    Like some of you know..I found a wallet last month with $1.300 cash in it..Looked at Id , it was my neighbor..I gave it back and he was happy a pig in mud. I felt good as I knew it was the right thing to do..Now.. I lost my Android phone Saturday, with ALL my contacts and kids pictures..Went to Mall and realize it was gone, when we got back to car..I asked wife to call my cell, someone answer it. I was like...You found my phone eh..He says yes sir, Can I get it back please?. Of course..Who is this? , It was my other neighbor. in front of me. He says to me..I was smoking a cigarette out the window and saw it on the grass... SAME spot I found the wallet.. He was like..I saw pictures and knew it was you..I HAD to give it back. Moral of the story.. Do good and it will come back to you.. Karma 101..
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    What is worth living for?

    Hey.. I'm not even going to pretend to know your situation and pretend I have all the answers. But Ill be the first to give you my thoughts without rambling.. First off, Screw the loans, Those will take care of themselves.. Second Your right this generation including my very own son which I love very much doesn't have a grip on what they should be concentrating on ( he's 19 so I get it , But I had a path at his age, I think more should at younger ages instead of floating for ever.).. Worry about your world and whats in front of you, Not things you can't control. If you want to control more then set yourself in that direction and make changes in the world the right way. With intelligence and compassion. I trust every one till I'm screwed over, Then I leave them behind, Do the same, life is easier that way and it pays off for you in the long run.. So now is it worth living for...? Yes ,But only if you make it.. No one else will. Crazy example, This weekend, XI fest. You could have come and meet wonder people from all over the world..You could make new friends , New contacts for work maybe or just meet someone that maybe when you needed that one person to talk to make the day right ... Start with yourself. Get a new hobby, Like me when i was younger. I did everything I could get my hands. Your a very bright young man,That evident from being a engineer. So do something that takes those skills, Build rc planes or boats or helicopters and join a club like a did in Orlando.. Join a indoor soccer league.. Anything you like.. Point is start with yourself.. Once you do the rest will come easy cause people will see a new you and want to know you.. The real Randall.. So is it worth it...? Yes cause young men like you will be the men of that help the next generation proceed and make it.. Make your self count and make a difference people see.. Yes lifes a bitch some times , More and more every day cause of the world we live in... But make a difference in yourself, Then make a difference in the world and it will count!! and yes... As you asked, Worth it.... Were here for you more ways then you might realize, I met a wonder group idiots this weekend that I know would move heaven and earth if asked of them.. And yes you can laugh at my spelling and grammar skills
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    Thanks For Cumming!!!

    Wanted to toss a thanks out to all who made their way up to our lovely country this year!!! it was amazing to meet you all and put faces to names and check out the different real life vs online persona's! This was my 1st XI fest due to reasons ya's all heard enough about by now LOL. Hope we can get another one going in the future up north of the border! Wanted to toss out a huge thank you to you all for making my wife feel so at home and part of things! She was worried and leery before coming, the only XI she had met was @Chris so honestly, who could blame her! She had a wonderful time and damn you @Angus and your accent, my wife says to Angus as we are walking to dinner the 1st night "I love your accent" he lays it on extra thick with a "How you doing tonight Mama" and ya could hear the puddles form in her panties LOL!!! Everything was great jokes. Wish I could have got it a bit tighter organized but with a town such as Niagara Falls where there is soooooooooo fucking much to do it is tough pleasing everyone. We tried getting everyone hooked up for 1 or 2 group things a day. Friday day we managed to get most of us on Maid Of The Mist and I had my very special moment with Angus that I shall always cherish!, then dinner was a bit hectic as well 30+ idiots converging on a diner is enough to toss any place into a bit of a tail spin! Friday night was random drinking and wandering around LOL, I ended up hitting up the haunted house with @pitbullpete and @Unchileno That was a fucking hoot and @DragonSlayer got to meet Petey! Saturday day we managed to get a group off to the jet boat and another group off to the Fort and Niagara on the Lake. Then a few went casino hopping and group met for Lunch. Dinner was loosey goosey as every one ate at a few different places, I maxed out at lunch buffett so just chillaxed for a while. Then we got 15 of us together for the Escape room that was sooooooooo much fun!!! We got random split into two groups, and I somehow ended up getting handcuffed to @WildPenguin #BONER!!!!!! Team Winner (Myself, Dirty Bird-Penguin, Rami and his Wife, Yaccster, Roxy GG and Wildthings wife) beat Team Banana (Angus, Yaccsters Wife, My Wife, Roxys friend Alie, Dragon Slayer, Wildthing and Chris) by a score of 200 to 180 with 2 COMPLETE Escapes!!!! WTG Team Winner!!! and hell, even if we lost, I had won from the beginning with the handcuffs LOL After the Escape room we ended up with about 15 or more of us at some sports bar for a quick bite to eat and drinks then back to the main hotel area. I puffed a few joints around 130am and put in my ear buds and passed out... would love to hear what happened afterwards LOL, apparently according to the girl at the front desk whomever from the hotel that came out that night around 2 or 3 am ended up getting a written warning for whatever transpired LOL Sunday was a quick breakfast with a few before people were heading out, and damn it was a good freaking breaky!!! The whatsApp thing was a huge help with the fest on getting MOST of the people organized and shit, only thing I would suggest for the WhatsApp for future besides @YACCster Idea, but Ill let him own that one, is a seperate group for only event planning and timing talk, I have a feeling some may have missed out on things in the midst of 279+ new messages if you happened to leave your phone while you went poop!! Either way, I had a fucking blast of a time and feel like I bonded even more with so many of you over the 2 days I was there (Im looking at you DB). It was very surreal at times and I found myself on more than one occasion just sitting back with a smile looking out at you all and feeling very content! Thank you all!!! much love from me and the Mrs to each and every one of you!!!
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    XI Fest Niagara Falls Canada 2017

    An image burned in my mind I may need therapy for :0
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    XI Fest Niagara Falls Canada 2017

    Some Pix
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    Some fun pics

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    spoke with him his response is Yes thank you darling doing good waiting for the power to come back on otherwise I am fine
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    The Legal-ish Weed Topic

    Here's a little bud porn from my tent... 47 days into flowering (two three weeks until harvest):
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    2 man teams for freezetag would not be very fun...... you'd spend the whole time trying to thaw......3 or 4 are best for a freezetag tourney, imo. If one player is frozen, 2 v 3 is a lot better than 1 v 2.
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    XI Fest Niagara Falls Canada 2017

    Some very short unprofessional videos.But I tried.Ha ha.I'm sure mon ami OLIVE will have some spectacular pictures and maybe movies.
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    Vape, Smoke, Or not?

    I actually quit smoking exactly 4 weeks ago. What helps me is to vape though I don't do it as often (I wasn't a big smoker either). I'll quit vaping though probably this winter as it's just to help me when I get in a bad mood lol
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    There it is...[emoji106]
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    Meaning of Karma 101

    Nice! so $1300 Canadian, is that like $50 U.S.?
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    Where to have >XI< US Fest 2018

    3-5 days stuck on a boat with @wildthing hmmmm?
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    So Proud of my Son a Marine

    Is now a Staff Sergeant! 6 Years in.
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    Two weekends ago..

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    If men had a Vagina for a day.

    It's true.
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    Meaning of Karma 101

    Then again if you kept the wallet and let your neighbour keep your phone, you could have bought another phone and had money left over lol.
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    tsw 8.5

    mixed emotions

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    XI Fest 2017

    I felt him tense up at one moment, thought it might be apprehension, nervous being the 1st time with a Canadian and all...
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    XI Fest Pictures & Videos

    Ok, this is for all XI Fest 2017 attendees........I generally don't take many pictures, but I do love putting them together in memorable albums, and I'd say I have a bit of a knack for being creative in that way. If you are interested, please send me your photos and/or videos, and after compiling them all, I can create a very fun album through one of the photo websites that I work with that will surely be a great keepsake of our awesome time in Niagara. Depending on how many pics/vids you have, we'll have to determine the best way to get them to me. I will then sort them by days, events, etc. and put together an album that can be printed and bound for anyone that wants one. Depending on the site I use, I can also incorporate videos into QR codes that can be scanned by any cell phone with a QR reader app and watched right on the phone. You'll only need to pay for the cost of the album, which can probably be ordered individually once I have it completed on the design site. Let's first see how many would be interested by replying here before you start sending me pics...........thanks all for a wonderful weekend!
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    XI Fest Niagara Falls Canada 2017

    As if the weekend in Niagara wasn't awesome enough, I had the honor of showing two of my favoritist people my town, and touring the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with them....... love you Angus & GG!
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    @FRENCHI Loves Cock

    @FRENCHI told me he always likes the taste of Cock in his mouth.
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    Vape, Smoke, Or not?

    I used a vape for about 6 months to kick a 30 year smoking habit.now been smoke and vape free for 2 and 1/2 years.congrats on quitting smoking.
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    4 vs 4 is really good - more to thaw for me
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    I suggest "Two Chicks and A Dick" for your team Sassy. FU @ANGU5
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    Darkness with a 360 degree sunset Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    The final word in the title should be Great news. Place looks great and the news of your wife beating the cancer is even better. Now take the time to sit out back with her and enjoy that buetiful view till winter arrives
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    Grapefruit Sex??

    One has to wonder what you were looking for when you found this.............lol
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    XI Fest 2017

    I was so violated !!!! OMG!!!
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    My trip to fest 2017

    Nice pictures Angus,but who wouldn't be happy,YOU had all the chicks and more than enough for yourself seeing that you brought your pretty wife,and I don't know how this balcony in front of mine and Spinpuppys rooms got to end up being the party place from about 4:30 pm Thursday afternoon. All 3 days and afternoons and nights.Great times,I'll tell all of you >XI< guys I've been to all of them except last years which I wish I could've attended.You should really try to make it to one of these events.I know it's very hard to do cause of work schedule or baby sitters for kids but mainly the cash to get and stay at the hotel and eat and then the entertainment part.But if we know early enough of time,location and prices you might be able to take one of these festivals in.Storm Crow and his wife did a pretty good job setting this up considering it was our first time holding one in Canada.
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    My trip to fest 2017

    One of the best times I've had.......EVER!
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    My 2017 BattleStation

    I ended up blowing all my tax return money last year on a fresh build for this year, it took a lot of careful planning and it turned out pretty nice. Check out more pictures on my Imgur Album Specs: Case: Phanteks Evolv ATX CPU: Intel i7 6700k Mobo: Asus Maximus Hero VIII GPU: EVGA 980ti Hydro Copper RAM: Hyper Furty DDR4 16gb 8x2 SSD: OCZ 256GB PSU: EVGA 600W Power Supply Storage: Seagate 3tb HDD Remote Starter On/Off Switch Cablemod Red Cable Management Cooling System: CPU Block: EK Supremacy EVO Pump: EK D5 Revo PWM Reservoir: 150mm X3 Radiator: EK Coolstream PE Solutions 360mm Frans: Thermaltake RGB Riing Series Piping: 16mm Acrylic tubing custom bent Fittings: Bitspower premium adabpters and mini drain valve Bitspower C89 Multi link and thermaltake 16mm compression fittings Inputs: Keyboard: Corsair Lux K70 Rapid Fire Mouse: Asus ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse 36" Extended Overwatch Mousepad Outputs: 3 DELL S2415H-8 Monitors
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    The Legal-ish Weed Topic

    Montana has medical but not recreational. I signed a petition last year to get legalization on the ballot and they had enough signatures but it never made it to the voters for some reason. I think somebody dropped the ball and didn't file in time or something like that. Anyway great pics here, you guys put a lot of work into your setups. I started a few seed a couple years ago and then just put the plants out in the vegetable garden and harvested quite a bit.. enough to last me a couple years. (made a bunch of butter). The plants got wayyy too big though and kind of made me nervous. Wasn't sure if I could play the old lady card and say I thought they were tomatoes lol. I didn't plant any this year.. maybe next. Here's a few pics from early on.
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    Four Stages of Orgasm

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    The Legal-ish Weed Topic

    Rick Simpson makes oil for people with cancer. He gives it to them for free. His recipe is in this article. I am going to be making it with my next grow. https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/what-is-rick-simpson-oil These are my 2 plants 4' x 4' tent 1000 watt led lights 100% manure (thank god I have fans) peeeeuuuuuuuu lol
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    P-51 Porn

    Yes it is real. Enjoy
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    Current project

    Hi all, sorry haven't been in game much lately. I've been working on a 57 Bel Air, for my wife's grandmother. Finally painted it today, vintage burgundy base, with a purple to red color shifting pearl midcoat. Just wanted to show it off a lil
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    Current project

    Her gram said she has some old school cloths that'll go good with the car. As soon as the interior is done, I'll get you guys some more pics. Another updated picture
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    Farmer John

    Farmer John Farmer John once lived on a quiet rural highway but as time went by, the traffic slowly built up and eventually got so heavy and so fast that his free range chickens were being run over, at a rate of three to six a week. So Farmer John called the local police station to complain, "You've got to do something about all these people driving so fast and killing all my chickens," he said to the local police officer. "What do you want me to do?" asked the policeman. "I don't care, just do something about those crazy drivers!" So the next day the policeman had the Council erect a sign that said: SCHOOL CROSSING Three days later Farmer John called the policeman and said, "You've still got to do something about these drivers. The school crossing' sign seems to make them go even faster!" So again, they put up a new sign: SLOW: CHILDREN AT PLAY. That really sped them up. So Farmer John called and said, "Your signs are no good. Can I put up my own sign?" In order to get Farmer John off his back said "Sure. Put up your own sign. The phone calls to the Police Station stopped, but curiosity got the better of the Officer, so he called Farmer John, How's the problem with the speeding drivers. did you put up your sign?" "Oh, I sure did and not one chicken has been killed. The policeman was really curious and thought he'd better go out and take a look at the sign. He also thought the sign might be something the Police could use elsewhere, to slow drivers down.. So he drove out to Farmer John's house. His jaw dropped the moment he saw the sign. 'NUDIST COLONY' 'Slow down and watch out for chicks!'
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    Hello from France

    Attention à Frenchi - il est vraiment >idiot<