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    Show us your pets!!

    I'm a bit of an animal lover and after seeing @VHS2's recent cat post I felt inspired to find a place where we can all show off pet pictures. Couldn't find one so here I am starting one. A nice, happy, positive topic to take our minds off the craziness around us. So show us your pets, past and present, and tell us about them! I'll start; This is Syko, mine and @SgT.Chris's cat, She's 1 next month so she's still a baby. Very mischievous, often playful, a proper daddy's girl. I'm sure she only really cares about food, and will come running at the sound of a cupboard or the fridge opening.
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    Show us your pets!!

    Meh buddy:
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    Bumble Bee

    Introducing Myself

    Hey everyone, ive been playing the cod4 freezetag servers for a bit and figured it was time to properly introduce myself. Some of you may know me as BumbleXBee but my name is Jeremy and im 20 years old from small town WV, Gump61 (like a second dad to me) and Zombie (best friend/ brother since day 1) introduced me to the clan and it seems to be a great community that I would love to be a part of . Hope everyone has a blessed night!!!! Hope to see everyone in the servers soon!!!
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    Sexual Harassment

    Now that got your attention lol ! I am not XI's number one snowflake for nothing, I am being killed far too often by our lady members who seem to take great pleasure in doing it. Now be nice to old Rob, I love pussies and doggies ( as long as they are not cooked too long), so be nice to me, just before you pull the trigger think 'Am I hurting Robs feelings?', my pride is in tatters, I can no longer hold my head up in public ( had a problem doing that with another part for years ) so ease off, let me live, you would not sleep by making Rob cry ? The main culprits are : Vietnam ftag Mazda, Dot and Essssieeee ftag mw Roxy, Giggs, Pink and Pia mwdm Shiny and in the forums Queenie and now even Rosie who give me fu's Think leave in peace, Think Rob, you know it makes sense Thank you for your time Sorry I forgot Budman
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    behold my stupid mug around @ShinyAbsol house wearing her headphones (i claim partial ownership as apparently they make me look cute)
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    Sexual Harassment

    Re. "Sexual Harassment," I am currently available. Here's a photo of me...
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    Do you believe that governments should do nothing to try to slow the spread? For most people, yes, it will probably be mild and nothing to worry about, but when ICUs are getting overrun and they are having to choose one person over another to have access to ventilation, I imagine that is an awful scenario for medical personnel to go through. The US isn't there yet, but this is what looks like is happening Italy, and what governments are trying to prevent elsewhere.
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    Where is my golden dildo?

    Oh so you're a creep as well as a dickhead? Interesting.
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    Show us your pets!!

    my fur babies
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    I Do Not Concent !!!!!!!

    I do not concent... to learning how to spell.
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    News Fash

    FLDMARSHAL: As Almighty God, I greet you. I speak My Holy Words directly to you through my son, Harry Weezer. Yes, it is true. I shall destroy the people of the world just as I did 1,656 years after I Created the universe. I shall do so with a great meteor strike, bringing fire and brimstone upon the world to rid it of sinners and while I'm at it, the coronavirus. I do this because most of the people have lost faith in me, all but members of XI, who continue to worship the one and only true God. And so I will use you to reward them. And for this, you, FLDMASHAL, will sit at my right hand when all is but dust in the world. I command you to sell all that you own, even thine computer, even thine car and thine abode, and to send all of this money to Rugger, who will then distribute it to all the members of XI in mine Holy Name. I further command you to rob, to steal, to pilfer, at gunpoint and any other means, to add to these presents that I give my worshippers in XI. I shall delay my holy meteor strike until you have done these things, and until the members of XI take what pleasures they will from my Holy gift to them. These things you will do in My Holy Name or the shit will hittith the fan. Sincerely, God
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    Looking at that language, you encountered some bubba's sneaking up on your behind as well quite some times. And no I do not remember you...geez what a loss huh?
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    Oh wow that's so pretty!!! I want to build a million snowmen 😂😂 I haven't seen a decent snowfall here in the UK for ages 😭 I love snow!
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    Stay Home...

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    Show us your pets!!

    My kitty, he's about 8 months old. Really playful but also loves cuddles! And my mom's dogs, a cavalier and a golden retriever
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    COD5 Zombies is back

    So spectate when you join. Can't join till the game is over. I have 3 things to try so it will take 3 reboots. So let me know if anybody see's this get fixed (if I can't get in after a test change) . The name changing got me stumped . I do not see how one can have anything to do with the other. Totally different mods on different server ip's . I do know that the clan tag's getting dropped does happen from time to time. But I do not know why it happens. I've upped the speed and am trying to get the jump height increased but its fighting me damm covid 19 zombies have some sort of control over gravity Maybe the virus with its little pointed feet have stuck us to the ground
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    OK this is an oldie but a goodie... thought folks would like this -->
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    Covid 19 No Bullshit

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    I went to med school for 2 years before realizing that my true passion was pol science and economics. I dont know much, but have the privilege to have some great doctors in the family. I've sent them your post and they all agree with you 100%. Some are Canadians, other Italians and even Brazilians. This is a pandemic, not a political movement trying to conquer the world, so we should stick strictly to science, rather than trying to "solve" health issues by decrees.
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    Yea I think we have a little something for everybody. Don't go in the political forum even HXTR could not handle it.
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    I think everybody needs to buy this specially @Tron
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    Might come to it.

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    ...I don't envy Mrs. FUNky one bit .
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    Cool Free shit. I'm gona play the hell out of that when I have time. Any word on system requirements yet? My spare PC is a little slow in the GPU department but it's hooked to a 55" TV. Battle Royal on a big screen is epic fun.
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    for everyone

    hey everyone im gonna stay in lag not in XI im sorry.
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    Hello XI friends, This is Twinklestorm...! I am usually kicking your butts but the odd time it's the other way around. Hope y'all are doing well and staying healthy during this crazy time!
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    Boy - you guys from the other side of the Pond are whacked out
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    Lewis wants to be adopted btw...😂😂
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    Where is my golden dildo?

    What a lady ?, she lies dormant all week, then like a bear one key word brings her out of hibernation 🤣 Dildo
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    XLRSTATS problem

    Nope - I had a power cut which is why XlrStats stopped working. And I couldn't be arsed to get out of bed and resolve it when the power came back on. Duc
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    I'm Canadian I used to love snow! Now I'm SICK OF IT! Here is a picture of me trying to clear the driveway a few years ago.
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    ok girls lets do the headphone shots!!!!! it an old one but,,,
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    Just tested Positive for Covid19

    Hang in there P-man - wait till the virus finds out your an >IDIOT< - instant cure. Prayers your way
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    freeze tag 1 map rotation

    Rotation #7a 19 maps Put in 03 26 20 by Pengy map mp_abandoned_zoo map mp_argel map mp_blackair_v2 map mp_inv map mp_kufah map mp_novoutpost2 map mp_nvabase2008_final map mp_pic map mp_pow_rld map mp_sc_hangar map mp_southfrance map mp_printery map mp_remontna map mp_fr_hv2 map mp_tigertown_v2 map mp_v2_b1 map mp_vukovar map mp_pb_vantive map mp_sand_dogs Server restarted at 12:05 a.m. EDT by Pengy Enjoy!
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    Another Blunderbuss youtube video

    https://youtu.be/pAzOM8I-QQ8 Here's another CoD WW2 video I made. On the road to 10,000 Blunderbuss kills. Thanks in advance if you watch this.
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    Good music to listen to while riding during the outbreak!
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    Oh En Gee I pissed maself laughing hahahahhahhahahahhaha LOL fly.mp4
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    **Mr and Mrs Blackbart >XI<**

    Love ya Bart !!!
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    Show us your pets!!

    My pet Groot. He loves bath time, makes his fur grown beautifully. He does not like getting petted all the time but he loves when you talk to him. He does talk but can only say I am Groot for some reason.
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    Youtube channel

    I can't upload videos to twitch yet until I am an affiliate or partner, so I uploaded today's video to my youtube channel. You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0dpIcL6KzE Sorry to make you sign in, I put an age restriction to 18+ This is a one-hour video of one map in the MW2 Freezetag rotation. For some reason, the SD version of the video when I uploaded it was 360p, so it's kind of crappy.
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    Ha! You wish 😂😂
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    Might have Chinese again tonight...something in the air making me want it 😂😂😂
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    You did, and it was appreciated believe me, however you then began to rant and rave to everyones replies, you are a long time idiot and should know there would be disagreements and joking, that is our nature. You are a nice well meaning bloke, it's water under the bridge, but give us some credit and enter into non insulting discourse with us, we still like you don't worry. I have monitored the statistics myself since your post, they may not be accurate as I can only use numbers in the news. What I see, in Europe at the moment, is a death rate of around 4%, 3.7- 3.9 UK and others, 4.6% Italy, we'll see how it pans out over the next week, no pun intended. Talk to us nicely and we can have a discussion not a fight, we appreciate your concerns believe me.
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    This just in. Earth has been cancelled. Thanks for playing.
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    The End of the WORLD!!!

    Lets see. The last time this country was shut down was 9/11. And this is no 9/11.
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    Sammy might be onto something, after all it's still cold, perhaps you need to make a pussy cover until the weather turns. To calm it down try putting alcohol in it's milk or tea, I once saw a t shirt saying 'Heaven is a tight pussy', this also applies periodically when pussies become aggressive and tearful. Don't worry it may be whinging now, but come the summer when it goes to the beach it will thank you. Whilst other idiots may be computer experts, car experts or gun experts you can always rely on Rob for advice on how to deal with pussies.
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    Eye Test, How many 3's...

    33, no 10...19. fuck IDK
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    New familymember

    Are you like 'Breaking Bad' ? Coke or Meth ? you could keep the dog outside, they bark when the police come.
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