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    This is cobrabites oldest son uh I posted this already but just in case my dad passed away tonight at 9:40 pm he was a great dad to me and one hell of a man I love you dad and you will be missed big guy
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    To all Idiots everywhere, I apologize for my absence. Life has a way of being difficult. I lost the ability to play on any of our servers almost 2 years ago. Time flies, but it just doesn't seem that long since I've played. I only have satellite internet at this time, and the latency is too high to even log on to a server, much less play. Some good news, Atlantic Broad Band tells me that they will provide me with cable service soon. I sincerely hope they do, and I can get back on Freezetag and Acemod servers for some fun. In the last 60 days or so, I have lost my Father and my Mother. My grandfather, who is 97, was also admitted to a retirement home due to failing health. I have been very busy, and it has been tough. Everything, however, is going to be OK. The future is bright. However, the time has come for me to step down from my position as Senior Admin with the clan. I have enjoyed the time that I have been able to serve as Senior Admin. It has been a pleasure to serve XI and I know I will miss the job. Life situations, however, dictate that I step aside and allow a spot for someone who has the time, desire, and energy for the job. I am not leaving XI, I will be around. I hope to be helpful in any capacity that XI needs. Thank you to Rugger, for giving me the chance to serve. I also want to thank all of the Admin team for the countless hours spent making this the best gaming community in the universe. If I can be of any help, to any of you, do not hesitate to call on me. XI till I die, -Bama
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    Just for a starters.... Berlin defenately knows we are here!!!
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    As title says. Had a blast!!! Sorry for the people that couldn`t make it. You really missed something!
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    I have to toss a HUGE shout out and a even bigger Thank You to JohnnyNashville!! He hooked me up with a ticket to go see my grandfather in Florida. I had to bump the trip up QUICKLY to leave out this past Friday instead of this coming Thursday. I made it to the Hospice Center in Melbourne, Florida... was with my grandfather for 15 minutes and he passed as I was holding his hand. He waited for me to get there before he went to be with God. I was the only family even remotely close and it's all thanks to Johnny!! Thank You so much!! It meant everything to me to be able to see him one last time
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    I was able to meet him at one of the >XI< Fests, he was a great man and will be a huge loss to this world. He was one of the most dedicated members of the clan we had when he was healthy and didn't have some personal issues to deal with. He was also a very good player and would piss a lot of people off with his bunny hoppin ass skills. He was a great admin also and always wanted the best for >XI<, there will be a huge void in the clan without him around. RIP Cobra Bites. He will be forever remembered in our fallen members section on the website.
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    I want to thank all the idiots here for the nice condolences and remembering my father AH1 (David Brick). I would like to thank Crash also for starting a post in remembrance of his ex father in law. I am formal member of XI where issues arose with prior funds raised for a great member here. I still struggle to resolve that prior issue due to finances. One day I do hope to take care of that matter. I am only using his computer and internet to give you information. XI has always been great for me many years ago and for my father AH1 up to his passing. This XI family definitely helped me, my father and many others through some hard battles in life. Thank You all for supporting AH1 and gaming many many hours with him. Thank You So Much, Jason Brick P.S. - My father passed peacefully and in no pain in his home. I will leave some information here and pictures and also pictures from just 2 weeks ago of his surprise b-day party: http://www.gjfuneral.com/notices/David-Brick
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    Just heard MR Cobrabites is been taking out of life support in Hospital..GREAT guy who deserved better..If you Believe..Please PRAY for him... God Bless you my man..You will be missed...
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    Good day friends, I know there are many of you who wonder what BlackBart looks like. I've done some digging and finally found this photo. This was taken pre war (Whiskey Rebellion). Bart was on the side of the Frontier Tax Protestors until it was rumored that he lost an eye. After that he switched sides and fought with our brothers for the United States of America.
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    Very sad news.I had the privilege to meet your dad at a XI fest and he was a realy nice guy.My condolences to all his family. A few pics of him from the fest .
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    @2_Many_Beer and I were lounging in his pool this afternoon . We noticed a bald eagle soaring above us BUT we noticed that there was possibly a chem trail concentrated behind him as he was flying low looking for beers mean ass cat that bit me last night. So we were also wondering if hxtr could shed some light on this for us...thats me pointing to the chemtrail. Help us Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Congrats Johnny on being chosen as the MOTM for July 2017. I have personally met Johnny at last years Fest and he loves >XI< as much as he loves his Captain Morgan lol. Johnny did something last month for a member that shows >XI< is way more than just a video game clan. He bought Light Hammer a place ticket to go see his grandfather in hospice before he passed away (https://www.xtremeidiots.com/forums/topic/68387-thank-you-johnnynashville/#comment-738177). Johnny you are a great clan member and an outstanding human being. Thanks for the love and support over the years.
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    2017 Harley Wide Glide! Pipes, Extended Front Controls, Bags and Seat on order!! johnny
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    glad it was a sunny day or else we wouldn't have been able to see it......we were 5 miles from the crater
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    Ok. The entire group!!! And not even a funny face in this picture!!! (Names later)
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    I think people left because that map sucks. If people leave because 1 guy shoots them then they are only hurting all the others who want to play a good game. take your death, get thawed and just play. I hear enough Bitching from people at work, i play COD to relax.
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    OK here's my 1st Boxer Mila (RIP) as an 8 week pup and then grown up. 2nd Boxer Zeffi
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    Talked to him on TS for a couple hours early Tuesday morning last week. It was around 2am EST that he hopped on and we talked for a while. Mostly just BSing. He said he had to go in and have an operation on his "other" foot but he was in good spirits. Through all the bullshit he went through with the EX (QueenCobra) and his health problems he was not one to complain about anything. It was late and BoomBoom popped in the MW2 server for part of a map. He must of been up checking on the little one and decided to stop in for a bit. I still have Cobras voice in my head from him saying "hahahahaha !fu @iboomboom". What a great great person. I'm definitely going to miss the hell out of that Idiot. Rest in piece buddy. @skullDi99er your dad was awesome. Wish my dad was 1/2 as cool as he was. I'm sorry for your loss buddy. J3st3r aka Eric
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    I don't know what to say......he was my best friend in XI. I couldn't have asked for a better friend. we were like partners in crime kicking ass in COD4 and War Thunder. i always looked forward to shootin the breeze with him in TS, talking about anything and everything. he helped train me as an admin, and i could always go to him for advice. when he ended up in the hospital and PT last year, gaming just wasn't fun anymore. you didn't deserve this. i miss you buddy
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    Cobra, You were the a salt of the earth type of guy, thanks for the time you had with all of us, certainly you'll be missed. I'll miss you calling me 'you damn Mac user' Here are a couple of pix from the gallery of the first time we met at XIfest 2012: RIP
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    Special thanks to Southwest Airlines for working with us to make this happen. Glad I could be a part, Johnny
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    Mount Rainier Washington
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    Dear Nigtho, we've all known each other for a long time, I always respect you like one of the good players coming to our servers and a great person. I'm surprised that you're talking to us like this to share your point of view about our server. As in life everything changes and some changes may not please you, but also allow you to evolve, try new things and grow up. We have all played on different servers and we have all tried different styles of game, I understand that this one may not like you as much as us, and as I have seen it in game, may be difficult to you adapt to this style which is frustrating for you or even not interested, but that adaptation is or was for all of us the same. We have always been a clan that we accept new proposals and ideas, even from those who are not part of our family. But as GG said many people put our effort and personal time to achieve a pleasant place and above all fun, and it does not seem fair for us you speak in this way, I hope you reflect on your words and if you have something more interesting to propose than these simple complaints, please bring it up and do it respectfully, we are always ready for new ideas.
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    This will be the new server people are redirected to when the MW2 server is full. Its the oldest version of the mod I could find that I still have all the configs for. This mod will not be fixed so if there is an issue with it then you will just have to live with it. We can make some minor tweaks but for the most part the mod is what it is. Here is the map rotation that will be on the server, this will not be updated every week like the other servers. Maybe once a month or two gametype ftag map mp_outset map mp_road map mp_gvft map mp_hangareturn map mp_78busterville map mp_waldcamp map mp_hillside map mp_hof_junkyard map mp_backlotair_b1 map mp_aosta_valley map mp_remontna map mp_4t4scrap map mp_bacalao map mp_burg map mp_townville map mp_atp map mp_blackrock map mp_powcamp_v2 map mp_jor1 map mp_rebellion map mp_garena map mp_ogjunkyard map mp_ghettostomp map mp_d2c map mp_crownfortv2 map mp_crossroads map mp_compact map mp_inferno map mp_insurgency map mp_caen map mp_invade map mp_isla_volcan map mp_kabul_moh map mp_karachi map mp_summit map mp_karrak map mp_cbble2 map mp_kufah map mp_gb_bunker_b1 map mp_gb_port_b1 map mp_gb_sharqi map mp_graveyard map mp_gridiron map mp_v2_b1 map mp_daybreak map mp_dustcod4 map mp_novoutpost2 map mp_meanstreet2 Server Info Name - MW2 Freezetag Old Version IP -
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    After an extensive search for my lost eye I found it at home in bed,,, It was a "Lazy Eye"...
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    Well he was having a tough time as we all know he was with the divorce and not being able to see us plus all the time he spent in the hospital becuz of his heart and he went back to the hospital for foot surgery again but this time something went wrong he went brain dead the pulled the plug around 4 but gave him pain medication but nothing worked and they "they being the doctor's" announced that he died at 9:40 pm Sorry I couldn't find a shorter way to say it
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    How about someone start a FU Real Eustafa post then you all can get your anger out there. FU Eustafa
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    j en apprend tous les jours avec cette foret sous marine découverte en alabama
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    Shame we never thought this one up.
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    Reminds us that we all are mortal and should strive to live each day to its fullest. Rest In Peace brother until we meet again.
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    I woke up this morning and gone to work. At 09:00 Trekvinger told me what happend to Bites and i could not believe this happend. I have had all day to share my feelings but i have no words that can explain how i feel right now. bites was like a big brother to me, i remember the nights we hang out and talk about his life and his passion for cars and his own cars and have fun with him laughing all night long untill i was so drunk that i fel down to sleep on my keyboard. We recently had a long talk again about all kind of bullshit and i am so happy that we did. Dear Cobrabites, Big brother my friend i will miss you so so much i hope you have it good up there but we will be missing you alot down here. RIP CobraBites>XI< We love you.
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    Meet Bear. This is the worst pug I have ever had establish residence in my home. He's a complete asshole AND he's literally insane. This photo was taken a couple of days after he fell off the couch and landed on his head. I don't think the fall and his mental problems are related. He's originally from Pennsylvania. Do the math. First photo in Jan '16 almost a month after he was drafted; the second in Feb '17 after he went full potato.
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    My pick is the dude in the red hat at the 3.28 mark of this video... enjoy and post yours.... johnny
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    'What does a Canadian girl say when you ask her if she'd like some sex? She says, 'Only if you're having some yourself.''
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    What's up Guys and Gals!! You won't be seeing Shadow and I online or in the servers for a week. We're headed out to Erie for bike week Tuesday!!! It's our one time a year we get away and just spend "us" time together. We will be back, so enjoy the time not getting killed by us.
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    @johnnynashville i agree prince was wayyy under rated as a guitar player He smoked everyone on that stage...
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