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  • mp_oran By Schenk

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    I have now again a map Desert Town ready In there map is a underground with 2 elevators and 2 teleporter the teleporter are between the houses that you must find. The teleporter switch you in the tower         Mods compatibility: Extreme Mod 2.4 Extreme Mod 2.5 Extreme Mod 2.6 Extreme Mod 2.7 Extreme Mod 2.8 Extreme Mod 2.9 awe mod Map Version                  : Final 1.0 Author                            : Schenk Date of Release            
  • mp_tehaleh By dawgy

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    first map for cod4... remake of my favorite map i made for cod2 hope you all like it..
  • CryServ Client By Sitting-Duc

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    CryServ Client Download - This is the CryServ client required to play on our Crysis Wars servers.   - The CryServ client requires that you have the 1.5 patch freshly installed.    https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/file/2138-%7B%3F%7D/   - When installing make sure it is pointing to the path that YOUR Crysis Wars is installed to.   - There will be four icons on your desktop after install, we recommend using the cryserv-client 64bit icon as this wil
  • XI Demo Manager By Sitting-Duc

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    This is the XI Demo Manager. It is for the Call of Duty series and allows the sharing of Demos between players and admins. Within the program you can easily create key-binds to facilitate the in-game recording and playback controls after. You are able to view, play and upload local demos and also view and download remote demos. To use the application you will need to login to the XI Portal with your website account to access your demo manager authorisation key: https://portal.xtremeidi



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