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  • CryServ Client By Sitting-Duc

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    CryServ Client Download - This is the CryServ client required to play on our Crysis Wars servers.   - The CryServ client requires that you have the 1.5 patch freshly installed.   - When installing make sure it is pointing to the path that YOUR Crysis Wars is installed to.   - There will be four icons on your desktop after install, we recommend using the cryserv-client 64bit icon as this will allow dx10 stuff to show when the server gets setup for that.   - After going to multiplayer then internet game a console should show up. You just type in join 16 or whichever # server you want to join.
  • mp_4hisglory.rar By Boomer

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    A medium to small map I'd say, it's only 25 grids in size.   Heli paths included, breakable windows some God Rays and a little fire & smoke.   Gametypes Include: TDM, DM, SAB, DOM, SD, HQ, CTF & CTFB   There is a little roof top access, heavy overgrown wooded area and a small pond.   I thank God for the ability to do this and have fun while I do it!   Peace   update 1.1 includes: removing bad spawn point from allied side, making it impossible to lay under water in pond & adding bushes down the church side of the map!
  • mp_pb4ia1 By UndeadClown

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    My first map -

    Medium sized paintball oriented map fit with TDM, SD, SAB, DOM (and possibly CTF, hasn't been tested)

    For any suggestions or quarrels you can contact me here or at my clans webpage
  • XI Downloader By Sitting-Duc

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    If you have a version lower than installed you can uninstall it as versions greater than that are installed in a difefrent location.   The purpose of this software is to periodically connect to the XI Redirect server and download any required map of mod files.