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  • CryServ Client By Sitting-Duc

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    CryServ Client Download - This is the CryServ client required to play on our Crysis Wars servers.   - The CryServ client requires that you have the 1.5 patch freshly installed.    https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/file/2138-%7B%3F%7D/   - When installing make sure it is pointing to the path that YOUR Crysis Wars is installed to.   - There will be four icons on your desktop after install, we recommend using the cryserv-client 64bit icon as this will allow dx10 stuff to show when the server gets setup for that.   - After going to multiplayer then internet game a console should show up. You just type in join 16 or whichever # server you want to join.
  • XI Downloader By Sitting-Duc

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    If you have a version lower than installed you can uninstall it as versions greater than that are installed in a difefrent location.   The purpose of this software is to periodically connect to the XI Redirect server and download any required map of mod files.
  • mp_oran By Schenk

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    I have now again a map Desert Town ready In there map is a underground with 2 elevators and 2 teleporter the teleporter are between the houses that you must find.
    The teleporter switch you in the tower         Mods compatibility: Extreme Mod 2.4
    Extreme Mod 2.5
    Extreme Mod 2.6
    Extreme Mod 2.7
    Extreme Mod 2.8 Extreme Mod 2.9 awe mod

    Map Version                  : Final 1.0
    Author                            : Schenk
    Date of Release             : 27.12.2013

    Supported Gametype       : Deathmatch
                                             : Team Deathmatch
                                             : Search & Destroy
                                             : Capture the Flag
  • mp_tehaleh By dawgy

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    first map for cod4... remake of my favorite map i made for cod2 hope you all like it..