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  • XI Downloader By Sitting-Duc

    • 3,452
    If you have a version lower than installed you can uninstall it as versions greater than that are installed in a difefrent location.   The purpose of this software is to periodically connect to the XI Redirect server and download any required map of mod files.
  • mp_oran By Schenk

    • 426
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    I have now again a map Desert Town ready In there map is a underground with 2 elevators and 2 teleporter the teleporter are between the houses that you must find. The teleporter switch you in the tower         Mods compatibility: Extreme Mod 2.4 Extreme Mod 2.5 Extreme Mod 2.6 Extreme Mod 2.7 Extreme Mod 2.8 Extreme Mod 2.9 awe mod Map Version                  : Final 1.0 Author                            : Schenk Date of Release            
  • mp_tehaleh By dawgy

    • 301
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    first map for cod4... remake of my favorite map i made for cod2 hope you all like it..
  • mp_pb4ia1 By UndeadClown

    • 345
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    My first map - Medium sized paintball oriented map fit with TDM, SD, SAB, DOM (and possibly CTF, hasn't been tested) For any suggestions or quarrels you can contact me here or at my clans webpage elitesnipercorps.com

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