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  1. QuiKSilvR615

    Steam had a sale on it a few days back. it was only 2.50 and like 6.50(ish) for a 4 pack. I ended up buying it for em and a few friends. It's pretty fun! I suck ass at it though.. lol
  2. QuiKSilvR615

    It was good playing COD4 with some of you guys Friday! Took a while to get everything installed and configured, but I'm good to go for next time.
  3. QuiKSilvR615

    Thanks everyone! Downloading COD4 right now!
  4. QuiKSilvR615

    Thanks guys!
  5. QuiKSilvR615

    Hey guys! Name's Quik. I'm a 26 yr old dude from Texas. I've been dabbling a bit in some console gaming (PS4) but am starting to miss my first love of PC gaming. I played countless hours or COD2 when it was released with a clan (even did some TWL ladders) and I love the older Call of Duty's (4 and 5) along with BF1942 and BF2. I tried playing the new ones on PS4 (COD:BO3/BF4) here recently and idk how people do it.. My thumbs do not work like that! Anyways thinking about switching back over to some PC gaming and playing alone sucks. So hope to see you around! Of the games you guys support I own.. COD2, COD4, COD5, BFBC2, SC2, TF2 Looking to play.. Any of the Call of Duty's or Battlefields.. Maybe Overwatch when it comes out.. Also been playing some Heroes and Generals (free FPS/MMO-ish with a COD2 feel to it.. Really fun!).. Oh and PlanetSide 2 is pretty awesome.. Questions: What games would you say are most popular for you guys right now? When are the peak times when people are on playing those games? Do you guys have planned game nights? (e.g. Tuesdays @ 7:30cst COD2) or something to that effect?
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