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  1. This user has created an appeal with the following information. Sent by: _Ruvik Sent on: 15 June 2016 - 03:38 PM Game server: 1.7.10 modpack In-game name: _ruvik Appeal details: I have been banned on the 1.7.10 modded minecraft server. My friend told me that I was banned for duping which sounds ridiculous to me because I've always been against cheating in every game and I find that it takes out the fun of the game. Especially in such a simple game like minecraft. I asked my friend what thing that was used to dupe that I was banned for and he said it was the open blocks filing cabinet. This confuses me because we had that block there for absolutely no reason since we only used it when we first got our ME and since you can only have 63 different items per ME Drive and when we didnt have much resources the filing cabinet allowed us to store items which would take one whole item slot out of the 63 in one me drive. So I saw that openblocks had an item for that purpose. But since we got so many materials as gifts and payments for doing witchery death protection poppets and helping people build their machines we grew and we just kept it there with no more use. I dont even see what we would have duped. A staff member once called me out for having so much iron but that was because of our ore quintupler which I had to remake and move and refurbish because we just werent getting enough brine. I hope you can find the trust in me that im really not that smart enough to figure out how to even come across such a glitch and then abuse it without having the iky feeling that I didnt get anything legitly. Thank you for reading this for I would love to continue playing on your server and continue to make more allies and have fun. Sincerely _Ruvik.