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  1. Shartnado

    I cleared my Google Chrome cache and still get that same message. Am I on some bad person list Dadda? Here is a screenshot.
  2. Shartnado

    I've downloaded 100 or more maps months ago. Now all downloads are unavailable. I'll try clearing my cache.
  3. Shartnado

    Every download shows the same statement, even if I try to download the XI Downloader.
  4. Shartnado

    Sorry to bother you guys. We have a couple of COD2 map makers at the OHMY server (yes, there are still a few around). I have actually made 4 maps in the past 2 months. I was hoping to download some prefabs from your download section but I get a message Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file. Has something changed? I used to download maps all the time from here. Thanks for your time. !OHMY! Shartnado
  5. Shartnado

    It is strange. We are thinking it is a Windows 10 issue that may be causing this. BTW, you guys at XI rock. Great website, good communication in your forums, and good players too.
  6. I'm curious if anyone here has had any recent issues with their mouse acting up in the middle of the game. We've had several players at our server complain that their mouse "all of a sudden moves their guy" without them moving the mouse. I'd love any ideas/support you may have. Thank you! Shartnado
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