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  1. Thats the beautiful thing of recording video now Siphi, just ask and you shall receive... Aimbot....lol.
  2. No worries, like i said im just starting to record footage. Makes things very simple, just call out a game i "hacked" and ill upload the video. About the video above, you guys understand that what the spectator sees is not what i see correct? I play on very low settings, disable soft particles, low textures, etc.. so keep in mind if you play on settings greater than low, your gonna spectate more fluff than i see. Go ahead and try it in game. I know calling hacks makes you feel better but i never have hacked. @Daemon : Not suspicious, just dropped 80 kills 3 games after that one. @Siphonic Sugar : You just spectated me drop those 80 kills on a good enemy team. Hacks? Im trying to prevent future bans. Just dont hit me with "the videos are fake", although i wouldn't put it past some of you lol
  3. SIKE. Im Gt-Killa/Rey Palpatine/El nino lindo/Best in Lobby and i play on XI insurgency servers alot. I have been banned,kicked...from XI servers by mods because im a "hacker". I love the XI servers and this is my measly attempt at "clearing" my name so to speak. I was playing Insurgency and some of the guys start saying im hacking, walling, etc. Those guys left early in the game and i assume there gonna bring in a mod to try to get me banned. I turn on OBS and start recording my game just in case. Footage is here I know one video isnt much but to be fair i just started recording today. I will begin recording more footage and it hopefully helps some of you guys to stop banning me. I do take a framerate hit from recording and playing so i wont be recording all the time. TLDR... >I check corners >I sometimes pre shoot noob corners >I dont hack >I have way too many hours on this game >Check video at time 10:20, when my aim is on point like that please dont accuse of hacks. Thank you to some of the leadership here at XI for unbanning me. Love the XI servers, glad you guys are back on top in Insurgency. [EDIT] - Watch video on youtube. I have the timestamps of all the kills and skip through all the zooming crap.
  4. GT-KiLLa

    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What game did you get banned from?: Insurgency What server were you banned from?: both xtremeidiots servers 1 and 2 . When did you get banned?: December 3, 2017 What was your in-game name?: GT-KiLLa What is your game GUID (if known): Why do you think you were banned?: No idea why I was banned, just playing as I always do. Sucks only two servers I play anymore. I was playing #1 at the time yet I get banned from both, wasn't even doing good don't know why I was banned. Please look over and see what happened .