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  1. I understand, and thank you for all the assistance with how troublesome this was.
  2. Ah ha!
  3. If I knew how to embed it I would =/
  4. About to upload my attempt at joining as a youtube video, along with my guid listed.
  5. It makes one slight attempt to connect, then immediately goes to the "you have been permanently banned from this server" screen.
  6. =( well damn.
  7. Yes, that is the correct server IP.
  8. CoD 4 Freezetag 146 If I use google to search, instead of looking at my internet connection, it pulls this up as my IP. 2001:558:6022:6f:45ec:ffcb:d451:7bd
  10. I just tried. Still banned =/ Could it be possible my CD key got leaked?
  11. I checked using /pb_myguid in console. That is the correct way to obtain it right?
  12. Yes, I just double checked it. What other locations was it used?
  13. So the person unbanned would be the guid that matches Gengar, not my guid since mine is not located? Well we might as well give that a try. If mine isnt listed, how could it be banned?
  14. Are you referring to the guid I listed, or the one listed for gengar?
  15. Hey there, just wondering how the ban discussion is going.