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  1. po11ard90

    Thanks everyone and yes purr you are right she’s the ultimate crab killer lol if any of you catch me on TS before 7 usually I’ve my youngest on my knee watching me game with a toy shotgun shooting dinos on ark gotta love her
  2. Sweeeeeeeet :thumbup:

  3. po11ard90

    Hi everyone po11ard90 here but call me jack, jp or pollard which ever is good with me. I’m 27 from sunny England (not). I’m a father of 2 and love gaming. I mainly play ark with various other people and XI members. i also play rocket league and boundless. My other love is photography and would love to take it full time someday. On a side note I do stream on twitch sometimes (hoping to do it abit more) so if I’m on feel free to come in just look up po11ard90 on twitch. Anything else just give me a message or look out for me on TS have a good day po11ard90
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