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  1. Currier

    Also GMO I don't know where you come up with the fact I was previously warned? I was Sec Forces: Recon class, hadn't used explosives; and you dropped the IED after I killed you in legal play for me, picked up IED and chucked it where you came from. I understand how to plant an IED, I've seen many people abuse it for hours at a time. I understand you saw it as rule breaking, maybe so..it only killed you. Maybe it was chucked a little to deep. You did not send out a warning to me previously or upon kicking. Seriously not trying to fight ya but I'd rather not get banned from the only servers I play on for something so petty. Played here to long to look away I guess, as well as played on / respected other XI games/serves.
  2. Currier

    Dunno how i rejoined and I was joking when I rejoined, ALSO did apologize when I was back on and continued to play with you for another 30 minutes or so. For real though, I waited 5 minutes, tried to rejoin and was let in. No foul play there if that's what you guys are wondering. Mishap in the system maybe. Okay I came back with a smart remark I guess? Wasn't thinking, because I didn't even know what happened. So I said something to the effect of "someone helped me out" or some crap. GMO never stated why the kick nor the temp ban. I mean if having a mod grudge is gunna prevent me from, playing here than that's okay I guess. And TBH, GMO has tried to accuse me of hacking before? Not trying to call you out dude but I've never butted heads with anyone on here. Nor would I like to with you.. Wasn't wanting to start anything but it obviously must be disheartening to players who put time into the server, communicate with others and have class/respect, yet just get slapped with an all server ban. I mean I can go elsewhere, just the only place I play / have people I play with.
  3. Currier

    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What game did you get banned from?: Insurgency What server were you banned from?: >XI< Xtremeidiots.com #2 When did you get banned?: 2/15/17 What was your in-game name?: Currier What is your game GUID (if known): N/A Why do you think you were banned?: I was banned for replying to mod after timing me out for a "spawn kill". I'm not in disagreement with the rules in place on the server and abide my them as well as I can. I can understand why there was reason for action from the mod.. ( The only one that the ied killed ) .. but the mod just kicked me immediately. I have seen instances of spawn killing go unnoticed at times, and the rule unenforced. That being said i still try to abide by it. I do come to fault for the ban.. which the mod said was for and hour after i rejoined. But now I come back a day later and I am permanently banned from both servers? I have normally seen warnings for most Moderators; even after multiple cases of spawn kills from a player. Did i deserve punishment? Yes. Did I get a time limited ban, Yes. So I'm questioning why I'm banned completely now after a run in with a particular mod. I have played me hours with XI and I have my account on the top 200 of both of the Insurgency servers. I'm just really hoping I can continue playing with this group. I know alot of other players and Moderators within the game and just hope I'm given a second chance on what wasn't a perma ban offense really. :/ Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope to join the Insurgency XI Community again. Thanks, Currier.



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