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    Vidya, Art and Design, History nerd, MISFITS, and music. Reptiles, amphibians and bugs are cool too.

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    DrPunk, Rob0tGutz

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  1. RobotGutz

    Damn what size condoms you use for a magnum dong like that ?? a giants intestine?
  2. RobotGutz

    Lmao it's gonna have more things around it, and the crop area isn't done. This is just the tower as of rn. Everything else will have its own space elsewhere, this towers mostly for basic things like chests, tables, machines, etc. More of an all purpose home. I may go back in time to pre reset and make some floatin' islands for thaum/blood circles and setups.
  3. So despite me having had played Minecraft for a long ass time, I'm shite at building. I built this thing(?) of a mage tower and I'm kind of proud of it, but I'd like some tips on how I can improve it and make it look better. Any tips or useful critique is welcome! It currently has about 8 floors and I'll probably add more as I start more mods and such, but I've got the bare necessities as of now.
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