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  1. SinfulDays

    Haha, I was just joking around with the hole making admins uncomfortable. It was just my way of trying to show I have a fun side, but that's cool.
  2. SinfulDays

    Heya! You may know me from the MC server, having been banned for reasons I'd rather not delve into at the moment. I'm SinfulDays in game, although I play on my brother's account as asproisop. I've been in the community from about Black Friday of 2018 to the present day. Fun fact, I like to make admins uncomfortable by typing into chat things like, '[ADMIN] is so k-kawaii today... >//~//<'. Yep. Anywho, I'm glad to say I've made some wonderful friends and I've started a new, as I've taken a couple of weeks as a break from gaming in general. I hope to get to know you all in the future, but for now bye!
  3. I went to my WITCHERY BASE to grab some things and I'm welcomed back with EVERYTHING being destroyed, I was able to recover only a minuscule amount of items but EVERYTHiNG FOR MILES WAS DESTROYED! AND I MEAN SERIOUSLY, ALL BLOCKS WERE BROKEN AND MY STUFF IS CLAIMED! MY UNDERGROUND TAVERN WAS ALSO DESTROYED! AS WELL AS THE HUGE TOWN NEXT TO MY THINGS! I KNOW THAT MORE THAN 13 PEOPLE LIVE THERE AND THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL THAT ALL THEIR BLOCKS, ITEMS, AND STUFF IS GONE! PLEASE HELP!!! @Slackernet @TattooGamer @KingStinger! @NostradewmusXI @blackthijs0 @Daxx68 @Karnthis @LadyIngvild
  4. Took a bunch of screen shots. Seems as though he tps to people's houses and sets warp pages and goes back? Anyhow, he blatantly admittted that he used my ME and confirmed that he broke my ME security system to use it.
  5. I allowed a guy by the name of UNSC_Warrior_YT to build in my base, only for that. I specified that this was only a construction job and that if he needed mats I'd supply them. I said not to touch anything, including my ME system, only the designated area I showed him. He then proceeded to, while I was afk, mine my ME security system and take mats from my ME. I don't know which mats but he admitted to it in chat logs. He has yet to give me back the stuff I'm sure he's taken. Thanks. @Slackernet @TattooGamer @NostradewmusXI @LadyIngvild
  6. So pretty much I and a guy are going through eldritch and I step into a portal/rift block. I lose damage and die so when I hit /back, I try and grab my stuff but the portal swallows it up! I'm trying to get my things back and I need some help from an admin. I'm thinking you guys could either graciously restore my items, or if it's not possible to restore items lost to the rift help me find ways to do so, please. I'm thinking of using the Witchery Ritual to make a reincarnation of myself which has all my previous items. That's all, as of this moment. Thanks for listening and all the help is appreciated! :D
  7. SinfulDays

    I honestly just wanna play on the server. In the end I just want to have fun and this server does the best job of it. I made this appeal for the purpose of it being an appeal. I don't want an argument or for my ban to be prolonged.
  8. SinfulDays

    Uh, those aren't my friends. They're discussing ways to steal my items. Also, I'd very much like to discuss the ban, I admit I did use an alt, but there's no rule dissaproving using an alt
  9. SinfulDays

    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What server were you banned from?: xtremeidiots MC 1.7.10 When did you get banned?: Jan 4th. 2019 What was your in-game name?: SinfulDays What is your game GUID (if known): Why do you think you were banned?: I'm not entirely sure. SlackerNet banned me for harrassment of another player, SirGilbert, which I think wasn't the case at all. I tried to beckon with Slacker but that progressed it and thus I'm now banned for a month. I decided to investigate and I find out the town I was in is going to try and take all of my stuff and my claims (pic below). Also, I joined the server on an alt and when SirGilbert was questioned he started to BRAG about getting me banned. He said that he had gotten me banned, and he was proud of it. That for me raises some questions, but when I kept playing, I saw something terrifying. The town actually thought they were above all other players. You can check clogs, Henrich or SirGilbert said something along the lines of "State > Players" when I asked why they were expanding into a PLAYER BUILT area. They then said that even if it was a player built area, it was unclaimed so they were allowed to expand their town there. They then claimed a portion of the player built area and MY nearby base. Anyways, I think that this ban was unfair in numerous ways and it sucks that I'll only be able to play in a month. I truly like this server and I have many friends that I cherish. I hope this ban appeal will go through, thanks in advance! Proof ^ Slacker, no offense, but seems like the town and players that you protected from me are going behind your back. I have some more clogs, but this one is the most evident one. Also, Arrowdusk is the one who claimed a portion of my alt's base.



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