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  1. Duc_Lucius

    Thanks got Crimson Rights and loged out and back in and it was there . TY
  2. Is any one aware of a for sure way or path to unlocking the Eldrich tab ? I have quite abit of warp and insanity but cant make a checker to see how bad it is or the salts to bring it down. The messages where neat at first but now becoming annoying.
  3. Duc_Lucius

    Magic crops Wither seeds and Experience seeds dont seem to be listed as banned items. When I try to craft Either my client crashes. Is this an issue with the pacl or are they actually banned ? Also found same issue with Thaumium seeds
  4. Duc_Lucius

    Any game that lets me blast another persons face off, stab em in the back, or hust bash their face in. Any thing with Warhammer in the title. Any thing with Xcom in the title Stellaris when played multiplayer Modded Minecraft



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