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    I don't believe I have ever played this server before, maybe I have in the past but honestly the idea of freezetag in cod is new too me so I don't believe that could be possible, but could you give me some more info on how long ago this ban happened and the reason, sorry if I'm missing the obvious I would just like some clarification on the matter.
  2. Pooh

    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What server were you banned from?: XI MW2 FTAGWhen did you get banned?: Not sure I was playing this morning till I had to leave for work at 1, just got home and it says I'm permanently banned.What was your in-game name?: PoohWhat is your game GUID (if known): Not sure will get if neededWhy do you think you were banned?: Not sure, I recently just came back to cod4 and found this server, I have been having tons of fun playing it, considering its not the same old boring promod. I fell in love with this server as soon as I joined, I enjoy this community from the callouts to the sleazy humor. Reminds me of promod scrims back in the day. Anyways over the last few days I had people "joke" that I was cheating like sgt steel or mib (something) or even (the girl sorry idk your names) but it always seems to be a issue when I am on the opposing team, Hence why I figure people are just mad and or are joking around so I have never defended myself or felt the need too or been confronted over voice chat and I would go as far to say no one on my team has ever said anything to me related to the issue at hand. I have had chris join after again sorry (the girl) went to spectator since she was gonna wait for a admin to join, once Chris joined I assume he watched me play for a bit or maybe he did not, I was not paying close attention but he had told me that I was making the opposing team mad and to kindly leave to let >Xi< members on which I obliged to and logged off. I just want to put it out there I do not cheat and I completely understand if you guys don't like my play style that's 100% fine I don't wanna impose on anyone's fun at the end of the day. So if I have to stop strafing around then that's fine but I really don't think I should be banned for a play style. Thanks for tuning into my ted talk xoxo
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