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  1. spetsnaz89

    Ok @loaderXI i tried to check every map, i set in the search "france" and "normandy" because the french song in radio, but i haven't found anything =( Sadly i saw there are a tons of maps, but there aren't others, like "mp_normandy" and "mp_chelm" (this last is a map i played very very time in past) Thank's for all!
  2. spetsnaz89

    Hi @loaderXI thank's for suggest and support!!
  3. spetsnaz89

    Thank's so much!!
  4. spetsnaz89

    Hi! Sadly there are too much maps, and it's impossible to me remember the map without see that details.
  5. Good evening, i'm an old COD 2 player, i play to it from 14 years. After all this time, i'm searching a name of a map i played too many years ago. This is similar to "Normandie" map, there is a big house in the middle, near to it there is the grass and the sky is blue. In the house to the first or second floor there is a radio that was playing a song, and in the same room there is a teddy bear! I'm not sure but i think near before the grass the was a trench. Thank's a lot!
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