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  1. Xmeagol

    Also i fixed your gunner seat problem with a simple flowgraph
  2. Xmeagol

    Thank you oh great leader of the XI clan! You're all lovable idiots!
  3. Xmeagol

    If you can find me any build i'd appreaciate because if you don't happen to have it, then i lost my map forever I will contact you on xfire, i think i still have it lying around somewhere.. also lol @ Blackops, you almost got me lol
  4. Hey man, i had no way to contact you since i haven't seen your on msn for months (that i know of) Remember when i made this car racing map like in 2009 it was on your server and all. I know it's been a while but could you search the forums or your content servers for it? Please Heres the Crymod thread of reference: http://crymod.com/thread.php?threadid=42662



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