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  1. If you have a minute, take this survey for a good friend of the clan. Thanks
  2. There will be a lot more details about this event coming up in the next couple months, stay tuned to the website
  3. Welcome to the insane asylum Now don't make me look bad lol
  4. I can sticky it but it won't be at the top of the recent post box on the front page but I will sticky it to the forum you posted it in
  5. I'm in and yes this site is 100% legit. Thanks for doing the giveaway @ucjohn
  6. If you guys want another server just let me know and I will get it going for you
  7. wow i dont thing i ever did

  8. There was a great turnout for both events. Thank you for supporting these events and look forward to many more small events like this throughout the year.
  9. If your not too hung over, there will be a couple small events happening on New Years day(That's January 1st for those that don't know) at >XI<. We just had the COD2 event for the memorial event so we are gonna do COD4 and COD5 this time around. We have a couple new servers for each of these games and I think it would be fun to get a large group on these servers and start off the new year with something new. The events will be open to everyone to come and celebrate New years. Below are the times and server IP addresses Noon Central Time will be the COD4 event. 6pm GMT I bumped up the slots to 48, its running the same mod as the Freezetag server. This is TDM with all the killstreaks so it should get pretty crazy in there. You can play as long as you like but it would be nice to get a large group there at Noon central time Aabsolute >XI< MW2 TDM 2pm Central Time will be the COD5 event. 8pm GMT This is a DM server with the gravity lowered so you can fly around and kill as many people as you can, same as the COD4, play as long as you would like but lets try to get a large group there at 2pm central >XI< DM Ace Mod Low Gravity Hope you all can make an appearance and start off the new year with a bang. Thanks for reading and enjoy your next year here at >XI<
  10. Just a reminder I’m leaving today and won’t be back till Christmas. Merry Christmas all
  11. Thanks for the love guys and gals. Merry Christmas to you all
  12. PB has been fixed and you won't have any issues with it anymore. Welcome back to the Idiots server
  13. I'm leaving next week for a week to see my dad for Christmas I'll be gone the 19th - 26th.
  14. Might have to do with the class or weapon your using, maybe your heavier with certain classes. Or you just need to find that sweet spot on jumping to get you the height.