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  1. Ruggerxi

    If you want someone banned, all you have to do is show proof, and that is easily done by going to spectate and taking a video of their gameplay. Or have an admin spectate them, but they also just need a simple video of them doing it and they are banned. We ban people all the time with video evidence from admins or players, so just take a quick video of them hacking and we will ban them right away
  2. Ruggerxi

    Happy birthday!
  3. Ruggerxi

    Happy birthday!!
  4. Is there a reason why we want to put it on? Is there something happening on the server that this would address?
  5. Ruggerxi

    Server has been upgraded and the game servers are moving over this morning.
  6. Wildthing has finally! uploaded all his pictures so we can all see his pictures from the Fests. If you want him to upload your pictures to his site get in contact with him via pm. Here is the site with a lot of great memories! https://ericswan.smugmug.com/
  7. Ruggerxi

    Happy 50th buddy!
  8. Ruggerxi

    Labob thanks for that great explanation, and I fully back what he stated here. "I always wonder at why people stick knives in the back of peoples who do the shit jobs for you" I wanna highlight this quote, we don't just do shit to fuck with people. We are doing it for a reason, the admin team came to a majority decision and that's the way we do things here.
  9. Ruggerxi

    I will be upgrading our server from E3-1270v3:A Haswell-based machine with plenty of RAM and an SSD in addition to a regular drive Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 processor (four physical 3.5ghz cores on QPI + hyperthreading + turbo->3.9ghz) 32 GB DDR3-1600 ECC memory 240 GB SSD and 2000 GB, 7200 RPM SATA hard drive 36000 GB of bandwidth transfer to E3-1275v6:The latest from Intel: Kaby Lake, with maximum memory, a large SSD, and Intel P630 graphics Intel Xeon E3-1275v6 processor (four physical 3.8ghz cores on QPI + hyperthreading + turbo->4.2ghz) 64 GB DDR4-2400 ECC memory 1000 GB SSD 40000 GB of bandwidth transfer This upgrade will cost $40 more a month, but its a 300mhz processor speed bump and 3 generations newer and 32gb more of memory which isn't an issue right now. IP's for all the servers will stay the same and there will be very minimal downtime.
  10. Ruggerxi

    I will ask them about that option 👍
  11. Ruggerxi

    I will remove it. Thanks If anyone thinks we should keep any of these servers that I have deleted please just let me know
  12. Ruggerxi

    Just an update on some things going on with >XI< 1. We now have 2 servers Insurgency Sandstorm and the Insurgency admin team is doing a great job already on getting the servers populated. Find the details for the servers on our gametracker server list on the front page. 2. Battlefield V has just been released and we have a large group playing together in Teamspeak so if you wanna join in you can find the Teamspeak server details on the gametracker server list on the front page. The password to get into it is crappy 3. We are having a memorial event for a member that passed away that played in the COD4 Ace mod server his name was Male, the event will be held on Dec. 1 and 2, for all the details please see this post https://www.xtremeidiots.com/forums/topic/73827-us-male-tribute-dec-1st-2nd-cod4-ace-mod/ 4. Our current dedicated server that is hosting all our gameservers is getting to its max. So we have 2 options, #1 we rent another dedicated server which will increase our monthly donation goal by about $130, #2 we start getting rid of some old servers that are either not being used or not being used enough to justify keeping them running. I wanna try option #2 first, I already shut down some old COD4 servers that are not being used anymore along with an Insurgency server that wasn't getting populated. I am also shutting down the COD4 ROTU Zombie server, this server constantly has 50 zombies connected to it and it's using CPU that we need for other servers that are more popular. We will see if this changes any of the issues we are having with lag on the servers for the next couple months. If it doesn't help we will have to look at getting another dedicated server, but that means we will need more monthly donations. 5. There has been some compliants lately about there being a lack of admin coverage for the servers during certain parts of the day. I have worked with the Head Admin teams for each game and we have some changes that I hope will help with the admin coverage on the servers. Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day here at >XI<
  13. The head admins and myself have evaluated the COD5 admin team and made the following changes KaptCrunch, Monkie and 2_Many_Beers have been moved to admin We are getting rid of the moderator position in the COD5 admin team, so Athena and XXSnoopXX are no longer part of the admin team at this time
  14. Ruggerxi

    @KingStinger! @NostradewmusXI @Daxx68 @blackthijs0 @LadyIngvild @Slackernet @TattooGamer
  15. Ruggerxi

    You should be able to add yourself to any club that is open, like all the game clubs