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  1. I will be sending out a mass pm also when the time gets closer so everyone knows about it.
  2. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we are trying out a new server, its the same mod as the MW2 Freezetag server but will be playing TDM. If you love the mod but want a change of pace from Freezetag give it a try. Server name - Aabsolute >XI< MW2 TDM IP - For the admins the rcon password is the same as the MW2 Freezetag server, and I will be adding it to your NFO profiles also.
  3. @Barron3000 Can you help this guy out with getting a membership app started
  4. Server is created just need some info from @Stringer to get things going
  5. I will get this server added shortly
  6. @Sitting-Duc how to give medals out
  7. I just got the email last night that they are not allowing the weed shirts to be sold Sorry guys
  8. Congratulations on the new job and thank you for the many years you served as an admin.
  9. Dates should be finalized in the next couple weeks
  10. Congrats on winning and thanks to everyone that played. I'll contact the winners about how to get the prizes.
  11. News about the store will be coming out soon......
  12. $trEEcLe@ner has wanted to be a clan member for a very long time and I know him. He would be a good part of >XI< he's been here longer then most of our members please look at him $trEEcLe@ner! good dude !

  13. That's the plan but getting it to work properly is the tough part
  14. They make carbide tooling, for anything from medical devices to machine guns