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  1. Put down those cigs dude! Glad you made it through this, just take care of yourself now and make sure you come by the COD2 server and say hi to your old buddies sometime
  2. Here is your forum you request
  3. Thought we would start early and get ideas on where to have the US Fest 2018 Post your favorites here Mine would be Nashville Vegas Charleston, South Carolina Tampa Florida New Orleans Denver
  4. This post is only used to post your Tournament scores and results. 1 person from the winning team needs to come and post the score with screen shots to prove the win. Once posted I will update the bracket.
  5. We have 16 teams now. The bracket is officially set. If you still wanna play you can be a sub for one of the teams. I will be sending out another pm to everyone involved with info on the tournament servers and what map you will be playing in the first round. Also to go over all the rules. Good luck everyone!
  6. Wishing you the best my friend! You can beat this
  7. The way it sits right now, we have 14 teams, I don't wanna do a round robin, that would take too long. If it stays at 14 teams we will do a random draw and give 2 teams a bye on the first round. The bracket will look like this
  8. Good point Funky, I will need to figure something out. Will update once I have a solution
  9. Right now we have 13 teams registered, if we could get 1 more team that would be great. If you want to play, find a couple people from this post and setup a team
  10. If you wanna record I don't see why you can't or stream it live on Twitch for everyone to watch. No spectators in the matches, people could give away positions of players There will be 1 map per week, all 3 rounds will be played on the same map No subs mid game If you timeout, then its not your lucky day, nothing will be done about it The clock will start ticking down once the match starts.
  11. Hope all you Floridians stay safe, get out before its too late. This sounds like its gonna be right on the line of taking out the Southeast side of Florida or just missing it. Good luck!
  12. If this is an official team please post it here Thank you
  13. I guess the day before the 1st round starts If you need a team post here
  14. no specing, just get screen shots at the end and post in the dedicated post that will be made later