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  1. Ruggerxi

    I'll follow the group and get it
  2. Do we have 100% confirmation that there will be dedicated servers to rent yet, last I heard there was no news on dedicated servers
  3. weird i cant add you to steam lol.

  4. I will make sure to setup one in the coming months.
  5. Ruggerxi

  6. Ruggerxi

    I spent it on hookers so its fine
  7. Ruggerxi

    Wow, nice find Markoff! I miss Bud Sr
  8. Ruggerxi

    What he said ☝️
  9. Ruggerxi

    No, the message I sent you was the final vote
  10. Ruggerxi

    The vote ended Tuesday.
  11. Bonjour rugger 

    il y a une publication dans le liens que je n es pas publier

    il s agit de : seanie mo simple and plain  

    ??????? Je n es pas posté cela ... pourquoi cela apparaît t il posté par moi ???

    Pouvez vous supprimez ce que je n es pas posté? 

    1. FRENCHI


      j es modifier mon mot de passe aujourd’hui et je vais vérifier que l on ne poste pas a ma place sur  mon compte  ..

    2. Ruggerxi


      You need to send this to Sitting Duc, he can see what happened. 

    3. FRENCHI


      MERCI  je lui envois un copier coller de notre conversation 

  12. Ruggerxi

    Congrats on the move up, and thank you for doing a great job!
  13. Ruggerxi

    Very sorry to hear your leaving, I hope everything is ok with you. We will be here if you change your mind down the road.