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  1. NecessaryEvil

    ok thx, plz remind me on xfire or i might forget like i did with the practice lol
  2. NecessaryEvil

    what time is this thing happening tomorrow?
  3. NecessaryEvil

    will there be cool new maps?
  4. NecessaryEvil

    Feel free to suggest a map too...XI always has the best taste in custom maps
  5. NecessaryEvil

    yea half hour left and haven't heard from anyone...my guess is that it's off better luck next time Edit: Just checked in the XI conquest 64 server and nobody really seemed to know if/when the scrim was going down. Cygon said St33l said we might have to do it after Christmas.
  6. NecessaryEvil

    That sounds good
  7. NecessaryEvil

    Why so little interest this time around? We had an awesome turnout last time 12v12. Someone please move this topic to the BF3 section.
  8. NecessaryEvil

    We have six confirmed players so far for Sunday the 18th at 5pm CST.
  9. NecessaryEvil

    How about the same time as the last one except on Sunday this time? So December 18th 5pm central standard time. Y'all pick the map.
  10. NecessaryEvil

    Lets try for the 18th cuz chachi_wan can't do the 17th.
  11. NecessaryEvil

    Shall we aim for the 17th?
  12. NecessaryEvil

    Heffalump Thanks to you and your guys Necessary Evil, it was fun, interesting and a tad bit scary, lol, as that was our first Scrim, so a bit disorganised hehe. You can tell OSF play regularly together in scrims etc., you worked really well. May I ask, when you have your squads set up, do you have seprate talk channels for each squad, or all in 1 channel? Haha you killed me enough to make it scary for me too. It's funny you ask about squad communication, as we hadn't considered it until minutes before the game was about to begin. It was our first scrim as well and I thought only 5 of us were coming, so when 12 showed up we were a bit overwhelmed in terms of who was doing what. The squads were 100% random and we broke into different TS channels based upon the squads chosen by the game. I was and still am against the idea of TS segregation, as I had no idea what the other 2/3rds of the team was doing. What about you guys? Were you all in one channel?
  13. NecessaryEvil

    Really fun playin with yall...lookin forward to doing it again. Next time we'll try to get a more accurate player count. Great turnout though
  14. NecessaryEvil

    So far we have 5 definite players, so pick your best and be prepared to bench the rest...but I'm hoping for a good turnout and all will be able to play GL
  15. NecessaryEvil

    sounds great...looking forward to this saturday 5c http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=BF3+OSF+VS+XI&iso=20111119T17&p1=64
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